How DIY Decor is Good for Your Place?

Are you looking for ways to décor your house in a completely new way? Are you afraid of the cost? Decorating your home is not a big deal. It is not important to shop for expensive glassware and crystal decoration pieces. Be original when you decorate your apartments. The best way to make it stand out and look the best and also different at the same time is decorating which that stuff which is dear to you.

Rushing to the designer stores or exhibitions to get hold of the best home décor pieces? Why not use ideas from your brains to give your apartment a standout look which resembles no one? The best idea which is brought forth is using the newspaper in your home décor. None of us have thought about it. It’s going to be a daring task but you are definitely going to be thankful for being creative.

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Use Newspaper for home decoration

Newspapers are great for reading. Its use however does not end there. You need to recycle and reuse it to get the maximum from it. Home decoration with newspapers is one best idea. Covering the walls with newspaper- instead of purchasing the expensive wallpapers, why not use the old newspapers to cover the walls of the house. Yes, all the walls. It is a bold decision and we bet you will not regret taking it.

If you are not a fan of colors but like flower wreaths, then the best for you is to make flower wreaths from newspapers. They are of neutral colors and can be used to décor all throughout the year. There are various shapes and not mandatory that you can make only roses. There are various DIY videos to make different kinds of flowers out of the old newspapers.

Did not get time to purchase a side table for the bedroom? Use old newspaper stack instead and place the table lamp on it. It is definitely going to add a whole lot of surprise to the look of the room. This has been previously done with books; therefore, newspapers are going to be a hit.

Make DIY Lamp Shade

Giving the lampshade a new look- instead of having floral prints or solid colour on the lampshade, cover it with a newspaper.

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Wall hangings

Wall hangings are common but they add an extra charm to the house- instead of purchasing the new papers hangings on the wall, you can hand your favorite newspaper article by framing it.

There are various innovative ways of making the best use of newspapers in the apartments. Using the crafty bug and checking out a few tutorial videos will fill your ideas which you never thought could be used in your house. All you need to set your house in a different look are few newspapers, scissors, glue, and some ideas.


Pictures you clicked serve the best way to decorate your apartment- with high-quality mobile phone cameras and DSLRs with most of us clicking photos is very common. Decorate your house with the moments which you have clicked.  Framing photos or hanging them with clips from ropes you have various options to decorate your apartment.

Source: A World to Travel.

Make Foam toys

Toys get neglected but they are the best way to decorate your house- whether you have played with them or your children using them as home decoration pieces make the decor priceless.

Pick some shells from the beach

Beach vacations are common among most families. Picking up sand and shells are not uncommon. Decorate the bathroom shelves with the shells and jars containing sand to give the bathroom a different look.

Source: Touch of Class

Paste Greeting Cards on the wall

Greeting cards have become outdated with the rise of the internet. Using greeting cards are home decoration ideas are cool. It will remind of Christmas, Birthday Parties, Anniversaries, Graduations, and promotions and there cannot be anything better than that.

Drawing and paintings which your children had done and which generally parents throw away are great sources of decoration for your home. Frame them and hang them in the study area or even the drawing-room to recall the childhood days.

Vintage style items

Vintage music players or even the old telephone which your grandfather had used is another source of home decoration. The gramophone in the sitting room or the telephone in the drawing-room can add to the grandeur of the apartment.


Color scheme

The color scheme is very important for a living room. If you live alone you can easily experiment with the color scheme or even select the furniture, rugs, drapes, carpet and even paint. In case you share your apartment with anyone or you live alone these things can be different and somehow even difficult. When living with a family especially with children white couch can get dirty very easily. Try selecting a color that does not get dirty easily like gray, black, or blue. These colors go almost with every color and are still pleasing to look at.

Easy décor

For easy decor try getting marble products or plastic products. They do not break easily and do not get damaged by heat and intense light. Select plants of your choice, in case you think it is difficult for you to maintain plants you can use cactus. You can even hang some plants on your balcony.

Source: Love The Garden

Personalize decor

Try to personalize décor as much as possible. Add things that have an emotional connection or sentimental value to you. They portray your personality and emotions. Paint the walls according to your choice you can add photo frames, quotes, and even your favorite movie or TV-series character. It is not essential to add a poster you can even add your favorite dialogue, this shows your interests and hobbies. Enjoy decorating your home and get ideas on DIY et deco.

Home decoration is essential to add beauty and attraction to your home. You must learn some DIY ways to make your space unique and attractive.