6 Things You Can Do This Summer With Little Money

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Summer has already started and we are all starting to make plans to enjoy these days a little more lazily. The weather is good enough to do outdoor activities or refresh ourselves by taking a dip. However, most of the things we can do in summer cost money. And, after a very difficult year, many will have to give up their long-awaited summer vacations.

But that doesn’t mean we stay home and give up the summer fun without a proper fight. There are a lot of things we can do this summer without spending money. Here we give you some ideas to enjoy this year’s summer season alone or in the company.

What things can you do in summer spending little money?

We tend to think that we have to take out our wallets to have fun. But there are many fun plans that we can do without spending much money. The only thing stopping you is your own creativity. If you have, in fact, run out of ideas; use this list for inspiration!

1. Some cold beverages with friends

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Is there something more appealing in summer than sitting outside on the terrace of a bar to have a drink in the company of friends? We have spent many months without being able to see each other, and now is an ideal time to recover those meetings that were in limbo and to give to our health. If the cost of sitting at a bar is too high (and to be fair, some do overprice their drinks), buy a few cold ones in the store and choose the ideal place for your hang-out.

If you’re allowed to drink in public areas, choose a nice shaded park or a spot near water, anywhere where you can people watch as a part of the entertainment.

2. A day at the pool

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Many autonomous communities continue to discourage bathing in rivers, lakes, and indoor pools due to the coronavirus pandemic. But we will always have the outdoor pools and our great beaches!

If we do not have enough money to go for a dip in the sea, we can opt for the municipal swimming pool in our neighborhood. Tickets are usually affordable and we can spend a whole day (or the whole afternoon) soaking. Just make sure to hydrate and don’t forget the sun lotion!

3. A picnic in the country

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Outdoor activities are the safest, as the chances of getting COVID-19 are slim. Therefore, a snack in a park or the field can be an ideal plan to regain contact with those family members whom we have not been able to see in so many months.

And there is no need to spend a lot of money. Just bring salads, snacks and fruits. Better yet, make the gathering a pot-luck fest with your closest of friends and/or family! With a pot-luck, everyone brings a dish or two to the picnic and you all share the dishes that are brought. Isn’t this a great way to ensure that you taste your aunt’s favourite pie again?

Also, there is nothing that says “summer” like a fresh watermelon. In any case, what matters is the company!

4. Enjoy a good read

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Reading a good book does not involve spending money. But if we don’t want to take a book from the library until the pandemic has passed, we can always borrow ebooks from the virtual municipal library in our neighborhood. Not all facilities provide this service, but if we have an electronic book with Wi-Fi connection, the process is usually quick and easy.

The next step is to find that ultimate spot where you are comfortable but also feel like it’s something extra. You can read on your sofa any day of the year but since it’s summer, pick a spot outside! Use your balcony, terrace or yard. Make a cozy spot where you have shade but can still feel that summer breeze. Maybe take a soft blanket and pillow with you and lie in the grass in a nearby park?

If you’re really lucky you have access to a hammock where you can lazily lie while reading your awesome book in your favourite genre.

5. A movie in a summer cinema

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Movie theaters have already reopened their doors wide. And, to attract audiences, they are offering reruns of classic movies and juicy promotions.

But if we have a summer cinema or a drive-in nearby, we can take advantage of these days to do something different. And on top of that, the tickets are usually cheaper, and we can even take food from home, so the expense will be minimal.

If you have a new fling that you would like to take out, wouldn’t this be a great way to cozy up to him or her? It’s just something extra watching a movie outdoors.

6. Free games!

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Did you know that some digital video game platforms give away games frequently? For example, on Steam or Epic Games we can download free games every week. In addition, most of these video games have multiplayer functions, so we can take advantage of our free time by playing a game with our friends from a distance.

This, of course, is something you can do both inside and out but since it is summer then make sure to enjoy it by doing everything you can outside.

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