Does Hair Transplant Work? Effectiveness and Side Effects 2024

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Losing your hair is never a pleasant feeling, but for some people, it can be the worst nightmare. At the beginning of this process, people are trying everything they could to stop it. There are so many shampoos and other medical supplies that guarantee helping your hair to grow back, or to stop falling, but in most cases, that is not effective at all.

The breaking point for all people is when they get aware that their hair is not growing back, and at that point, the next obvious solution is a hair transplant. That is a big step, and you should know more about it before you decide to go with that method, but it is good to know that EstePera Hair Clinic can help you with that.

There are some crucial things you should be familiar with regarding hair transplant:

  • What is a hair transplant?

Hair transplants represent a method of adding hair to bald or thicken areas for a natural look. The most common is to transplant hair to a scalp, but it is also possible on the other body parts. This method is evolving every day, and today it is possible to transplant a larger amount of hair at once. This method is not entirely painless, but local anesthetics are helping with that and keeping discomfort on a minimum level. It is crucial to know that transplants can’t protect you from future hair loss, but the good thing is the natural look they are providing.

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  • Does this treatment work?

There are no many studies on this subject, but some smaller ones are showing good results for this method. Patients are satisfied with their hair or beard after a few years of transplant and feeling happier. But, it is essential to know that this method is not adequate for every person, and it can depend on many different factors. That is not some magical solution, and it is necessary to be positive that it is going to work for you, and maybe even more important is to find a great doctor and award winning hair transplant clinic’s like before you choose to go ahead with this.  

  • Side effects

Every medical procedure always has side effects, and one of the toughest things is to learn about them and be aware of them since every person is happier to know only positive things about everything. Learning about side effects can help you with your recovery and save your mental and health in general. It is always better to prepare yourself for any possible result and try to stay calm. Some of the side effects that you should know more about are:

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1. Bleeding or infection

This method is aggressive, and it is possible to get to infection or bleeding. The surgeon is making small cuts, and sometimes the recovery is not going in the right way, so it is crucial to prepare yourself for that. There is no space for panic, and if you notice blood, the best thing you can do is to call your doctor as soon as you can.

2. Scarring

Scars could be something very unpleasant, especially if they are in the visible space. Our head is something exposed all the time, and it can be hard to hide scars if you have them. New procedures are becoming better and better, and the scars are much smaller than before, but there is always a possibility of getting one.

3. Swelling, itching, and pain

Some people can experience those unpleasant feelings after this procedure. That could be the result of skin healing, but it can also indicate some bigger issues, and the best thing is to call your doctor if you have any of those symptoms. In most cases, that is the natural healing process, but it is always better to be sure of that.

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4. Folliculitis

Folliculitis or inflammation of hair follicles represents a hair condition that can remind you of acne or rush. It can affect one follicle, or many of them, and causes very unpleasant itching feeling. The skin on the affected area is dry, and it is swelling and pus, and it is not possible not to notice this condition. If you doubt you have it, the best thing is to cure as soon as you can to avoid nuisances.

5. Sensation losing

Sometimes, there is a possibility of losing sensations around the treated area, and that could be a pretty scary feeling for everyone. That never can be a good sign, and that means that something went wrong, so the best you can do is to go to your doctor and try to figure out what it is.

6. Areas that are not matching

It is not rare to see a bad hair transplant where transplanted areas are a different color or much ticker than the rest of the hair. The good thing that this is not something to worry about since it is not that hard to fix this problem if you have a great doctor.

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7. Continuing to lose hair

As mentioned before, a hair transplant is not a magical solution, and there is a possibility of continuing loosing hair after the treatment. It depends on many different factors and can’t be assured is that going to happen or not. It is different for every person since there are no two same persons in this world.

Like every medical procedure, this method also has its good and bad sides, and you need to be positive that you are aware of any of them. Once you learn about every side effect and every positive thing, you need to think about is the positive things more influential than the negative ones in your situation.

Inform yourself properly before you decide to try this, and be aware of any risk and positive things also. Think about the recovery, and are you able to handle that. And, maybe the best thing is to talk to someone who has already done that treatment successfully but always have in your mind that there are no two same persons in this world.