3 Dos and Don’ts of Cryptocurrency Management

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The business of cryptocurrencies is a complex and intricate one for numerous reasons. This has not really changed much in terms of difficulties and challenges over the last decade and it is getting increasingly harder each year. While most of the work was done through mining in the first few years, nowadays it is the trading and making smart business moves that counts the most. If you are looking to get into the digital currency game and have a career in this exciting industry, there are quite a few things to know.

In order to help you, we decided to write this article in the form of a guide that will contain all the dos and the don’ts of managing a career in cryptocurrencies. You will have the chance to learn exactly what to do and what not to do. In case you are looking to find out extra information on the matter after the article, make sure to check out 1k-daily-profits.com/login.

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The Don’ts

We will start things off with a collection of bad practices you should definitely avoid at all costs, as they will ruin every chance you have at a successful career in digital currency.

1. Trade without a plan

Starting things off without a clear and concise plan is usually a road to disaster. You would never travel or shop without a plan, or even prepare a meal. Why should you then do it with something as important as digital currencies? Newcomers to the industry tend to make the mistake of going in blindly and just doing things on the fly. This is hardly the way to do business at all, let alone in a successful and profitable way. Before purchasing and trading your initial cryptocurrency balance, there should be some kind of strategy in place with objectives clearly pointed out. This will give you a better chance of completing them along the way and remaining on the plus side.

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2. Choose unfamiliar currencies

There are more than 2,000 virtual currencies in existence today, each of them with their strengths, shortcomings, and purpose. This means that you have nearly limitless options to combine them and invest. What you should absolutely never do is start to invest in new currencies on the market, or those that are new to you, without knowing a single thing about them. Not having researched a digital currency and putting your money down for investment in it is never a good strategy. You do not want to back up something with your hard earned money and risk your savings on an unproven, suspicious currency that nobody else is sure about. There are plenty of good options out there for you to focus on instead on going with something you know nothing about.

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3. Believe the hype

The hype has a bad name on the web and the general modern culture for a reason. Whenever something is overly hyped, be it a new summer blockbuster or a brand new, revolutionizing video game, things usually end up bad and people feel disappointed and betrayed. The same goes with new additions and new trends on the market. Do not always go with the hype and be careful what and who you believe. Herd mentality is dangerous and it is often better to be among the few who trusted their instincts, gut feelings, and smart business knowledge. Do not fall for the sweet words of hyping surrounding the best potential trade move or a new chance at investment. If you do not feel like it, you should definitely not do it. It is as simple as that.

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The Dos

Let us not get to things that you should always do in the digital currency market if you meant to be successful.

1. Diversify your portfolio

This is the golden rule of investment as a whole, not just the digital-currency game. Diversifying your assets and investing in more than one thing is smart because then you have a chance to react quicker in case some of the cryptos rises or falls in favor of the others. Having all of your eggs in one basket is all good and well until the basket breaks. If you have assets in the form of a few strong digital currencies, you will never really have a bad day because there will always be something to do with at least one of them. Most people invest in bitcoin, a few of the other popular ones from the very top, and at least one new currency on the rise. This approach ensures a more stable future and gives you cushions to fall back on if one tanks completely.

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2. Have limits

This has to deal both with the risks involved and the investment money you are ready to part with. Without limits on certain things, you will always behave like you have nothing to lose when in reality you have everything. Putting limitations on the amount of risks you take is important because fluctuations of prices and their volatility are quite infamous with cryptocurrencies. The same goes with buying too many cryptos. Remember that you have to make limits and have some traditional money left to live normally and without sacrificing your wellbeing. Paying bills and putting food on the table should not suffer because you bought cryptocurrency with all the money you have. It is healthy to have rules and limits.

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3. Research

By this we mean all kind of research, all the time. You should educate yourself on the history of the digital currencies you are buying and selling, and examine their trend over the years. It has always been difficult to predict what moves certain crypto will take and which direction it will go in. And it always will. However, its track-record can teach you a lot and better prepare you for a sudden rise or fall in worth. It is always good to be prepared. Also, constantly staying informed on all things related to the industry cannot hurt, which is why you should follow the changes in price several times per day and read the news and predictions of the experts and large investors. They will make good moves more often than the bad ones so make sure to follow close by.