Are You Driving To Your Passover Hotel, Or Flying?


A deatiled review – Pros & Cons of the options one have to get to his Pesach hotel
Passover is a religious holiday that celebrates freedom from slavery and oppression. The majority of Jewish people observe this holiday with a vacation and experiences for the family unit. It is a fabulous time each year, the weather is fantastic because of the spring season, it is a chance to shake off the doldrums of winter and embrace the beauty and elegance of the world God created.

You cannot go on a Passover vacation without a method of transportation to your destination. If you are staying in-country then you can drive your own vehicle, or rent a vehicle, and see the country at your pace and privately. Many people prefer this kind of travel, especially after such a hectic time with the pandemic, restrictions, worries about health and such.

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Road tripping


Road tripping by car is one of the favorite ways to travel across the United States. You and your family head out to your Passover program location in your own vehicle. You know that you are protected from being exposed to illnesses like the Covid 19 virus because you know your travel companions.

Using your own car, or renting a car, allows your schedule to be more flexible. You set the travel time, you decide how fast or slow you will go, and if you see something along the way that interests you then you have the ability to stop and check things out.

You can pack more clothes and essentials with you when you travel by car. The airline baggage fees can really add up fast. Most people who travel by air to their Passover destinations for their vacation are limited to taking only what they can fit into one suitcase weighing less than 50 pounds, and a possible carry-on bag. When you travel in a car your suitcase limit is increased because there are no travel charges for your bags.

If you are traveling with a group of three or more people you are most likely going to save a significant amount of money. If you are traveling as independent adults, you can share the cost of gas and things so your expenses stay low. You will not have baggage costs or cancellation fees to be concerned with.

Many flights are currently being canceled or delayed at the last minute because airlines do not have enough personnel to man the flights. A lot of people are not warned that the flights they have booked have been canceled or delayed until the day they arrive at the airport. If your flight is delayed it can cut into your vacation time or make you miss your check-in time at the Passover program resort you have booked. When you drive you to determine departure time and you are in total control.



Flying to your Passover destination will allow you to arrive in a shorter amount of time so you may have longer to stay at your destination. There is more planning involved in flying because you have to book a flight, make arrangements according to covid protocols, and make arrangements on how you will get from the airport to your resort.

Flying will probably cost you more and will restrict the amount of luggage you can carry. Be sure to check with the airline about their carry-on luggage restrictions, and any mask mandates they may have before you arrive.

You will want to arrive at the airport a couple of hours before your departure time so you can get checked in, and be sure that your flight is not delayed or canceled, In case of a delay or cancellation you will want to have the opportunity to reschedule or find an alternative flight.

Be sure to check all regulations and restrictions concerning flying with small children or pets before you book your flight.

Comparing Driving and Flying

If you have the option to travel by car, or travel by plane, the hardest thing you have to do may be deciding how e, the hardest thing you have to do may be deciding how you want to travel. Consider the following pros and cons may help you in making up your mind.

By Car



  • You are not confined with strangers who could be sick with the covid 19 or other viruses
  • You do not have to wear a mask while in the car
  • You do not have to deal with cancellations or flight delays
  • The cost of travel may be significantly less
  • You can possibly carry a greater amount of clothing and essentials without extra baggage costs
  • It is easier if you are bringing a pet


  • The travel time may be significantly longer than flying
  • You have to pay for meals while traveling and have to find kosher alternatives to the ordinary fast-food items offered on the road
  • The wear and tear on your vehicle is great, so you may want to rent a vehicle for travel
  • Traveling with children can be tedious as children tend to tire easily, need to make frequent stops to stretch their legs and use the bathroom, and children are often noisy, get car sick, and they ask a million questions

By plane



  • You arrive at your destination in a fraction of the time it would take to arrive by car
  • You are not tired or stressed from driving for hours on end
  • You will not get lost while traveling
  • You book your plane ahead of time and all you have to do is arrive on time for check-in


  • The travel will cost more
  • You will have to have a method of travel decided for when you arrive at your Passover program destination and rental vehicles are currently hard to locate and more expensive than ever
  • Airlines are experiencing personnel problems so your flight may be delayed or canceled with little or no notice

Deciding to drive or to fly is a personal consideration, but it is recommended that you look into both options before you make your final travel plans.