How to Earn Bitcoins on Android in 5 Easy Steps

Is this a question you asked yourself? If you haven’t, then the time is right now. Why? Well, all of us are using smartphones that run on the Android platform. This is not all. Bitcoin has been on the market for more than a decade now, and it has proved itself as a valuable investment. Its popularity is still growing, and you’re not too late to ride the train. When we consider the connection this digital currency has with the Android platform and smartphones, the idea seems even better. If you didn’t know, many apps are offering free BTC, which is called Satoshi. The reason they’re free is that it holds little value.

While you might get disappointed by the small amount, you shouldn’t be. Even the slightest traces of BTC combined could amount to something nice. Using the Android platform, you can add up bit by bit and make a fine earning on the way. The part you’re going to like is that it’s super easy. You won’t find an easier way to earn some Bitcoin for yourself. Of course, you need to be aware that there are many spam apps, which should be avoided at all costs. Once you enter this market, you’ll be able to tell the difference between the right ones and the wrong ones. Anyway, let’s get to the point. Below you have explained how to earn Bitcoins on android in five easy steps.


1. Free Bitcoin

As its name suggests, you won’t find many better solutions for earning BTC while doing it via an app. The offer that comes with Free Bitcoin stands at 240,000 Satoshi for transactions that occur within one hour. This sum is what goes for the regular week. On weekends this number can reach 1 million Satoshi. Once you gather enough, you are free to put them into a wallet and start your journey towards collecting a BTC coin. The app is not hard to comprehend, as it has one primary condition – play games to earn this digital currency. The redemption of Bitcoin in this scenario is possible only when you reach 20 thousand Satoshi. If you have an Android version 2.3 or any of the latest versions, this app can be downloaded on your device.


2. Free Bitcoins

While similar in the name and the function to the one above, they’re different apps. They’re the same in the way they offer you free coins in exchange for playing games. If you opt to use this app, you’ll be able to reach your first BTC with enough hard work. In addition to gaming, through this application, you’ll get other means of attaining cryptocurrencies. One of the most straightforward options is offering the app to your friends, which can result in receiving many prizes. There’s also a lottery involved, which is opened for all players that play on this app.

Besides what we already told you, you’ll be able to chase the cryptocurrency through a game called HI-LO. This game is based on principles of mathematics and cryptography. If you are the one which involved other people in playing, you can claim up to 50% of what the person you brought wins. The minimum offered is the same as above, and it stands at 20 thousand Satoshi. In order to log onto this one, you’ll need at least Android 4.1.


3. Storm Play

If you opt for this game, you’ll be awarded BTC and other goods and services that it carries with itself. This game decided not to focus only on the biggest of cryptocurrencies, so in addition to BTC, it also offers rewards in Ethereum. The goal is to earn the storm, and there are three ways you can do this. The primary one revolves around truing out games and other products on their platform. If you are a buyer of services or goods, you’re also eligible to earn the storm. The third way and the one that requires the most effort is based on doing various chores, including a lot of freelancing, P2P tasks, machine learning, and QA tests. This app can only run if you have a 4.0.3 android platform when installing it.

Source: Bitcoinist

4. Blockchain game

If this game is your poison, you’ll have a good chance of being rewarded with a valid BTC. The number of coins you can earn is without a limit, as you’re required to build blockchains via game playing. The redeemed amount of Satoshi stands at 20 thousand, which is similar to other apps on this list. When you’re playing this game, you can reach a specific limit, which signals a payment. You can collect your BTC every Tuesday before continuing playing. The starting Android version for the Blockchain game needs to be 3.0.

Source: NewsBeezer

5. OX Universe

If you are a fan of space games, you’re going to love this one. It offers a lot of content that is aimed at entertaining the players. This space game offers you entertainment through building ships, travel space, and exploring new planets. All of this is made possible through various tasks that lead you from one place to another. We must compliment the game’s graphics, as they’re high-end. To build a ship, you need parts, which can be gathered through playing. In addition to finding and exploring new planets, you also have an offer of buying them. All are designed with great detail, and this is why you can’t travel if you don’t have a rocket. Once you have it, you need to pay for launching. The game revolves around strategy, and you need to be entirely focused on playing it the right way.

In addition to all of this, you also need to obey the game’s creators’ rules. On the first contact with this game, you’ll notice how it was built with care and quality in mind, which is why it’s not free. Before you start playing, you’ll need to invest a little bit. In the end, it can pay off as the game offers rewards in cryptocurrency. If crypto is what you want as a reward, but it isn’t your cup of tea, you can find other ways which you can see if you click here.