What Are Egypt Tours Packages From USA?

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One of the most beautiful places in Sahara, located in the valley of the river Nile is certainly Egypt. Whether you are a tourist, an archaeologist, scientist, or an artist, Egypt is an irresistibly appealing place. The pyramids, the Valley of the Kings, and the Nile itself are some of the charms of this ancient city that has been attracting tourists from all over the world for years.

If you want a real adventure and a completely different vacation, this is the ideal place. Experience the ancient Egyptian civilization and walk the paths where the pharaohs once walked. Traveling from the USA to Egypt is a special opportunity to do something unforgettable for yourself. As unreal as it sounds to you, why not turn this fairy tale into reality with a little amount of money. Today, we have a large number of travel agencies that offer unforgettable packages from the USA to Egypt, and you will be surprised that this tour will not cost more than some you have already had, and even less. One such agency that has really tried to bring you closer to the charms of this ancient city in the best and cheapest way is www.pyramidsland.com. We have consulted them and in this little guide we point out the most attractive packages for you if you have definitely decided to ride camels and feel the hot sand of the Sahara under your feet.

1. A two-day trip to Cairo

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You should find more information to see why people are crazy about Cairo. This city and its surroundings hide so many magical places that you could not even dream of. A two-day tour will be enough for you to get acquainted with the main sights of this city.

This two-day package begins with a tour of Giza, the pyramid located in the heart of the city. There are also Khufu, Khafre, Queens Pyramids and Menkaure. Not only will you be able to see these amazing buildings from the outside, but each of them has tunnels that allow you to peek inside. We suggest that you visit as early as possible because the waiting lines know to belong and huge. Not far from Giza is the famous Great Sphinx. I don’t know if you knew but she is one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world.

That’s not all. Just keep going the Sakkara route and you will have a chance to see the Step Pyramid of king Zoser. The spirit of ancient Egypt will be completed by the pyramid of Teti with the Pyramid Texts which is written on the inner walls of this famous building. You will see a noble tomb and you will be completely enchanted by the everyday life of the ancient Egyptians.

To complete and round out the story, there are more Dahs and the 2 pyramids of King Snefra. The Red Pyramid and the Bent Pyramid are next in line. After all this, let the impressions subside a bit, wait until it gets dark and then gets ready for another spectacle. A rhapsody of sound and light is created in front of the Sphinx and Giza. Don’t miss that.

If the first day is dedicated to the pyramids, start the second day by visiting the museum in Cairo. Here you can see over 160,000 relics of ancient Egypt. Take as much time as you need, just don’t miss the ride on a felucca. It is a traditional sailboat that you can sail on the Nile River. There is also Hanging Church, which has amazing Coptic architecture. As night falls, hurry up and see the Saladin Citadel from where you can see the beautiful Cairo. Experience the spirit of Cairo on a night cruise on the Nile with traditional dancing and food.

In these two days, you will see all the popular places in Cairo, and without a doubt, you will have an adventure that you will remember.

2. 3 days in Cairo, special package

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This tour is really something special. A 3-day package in this beautiful ancient country is an experience worth spending a few dollars more on. Choose this package if you want special attention and a personal guide. Here is a paid 5-star hotel and all the tickets you need. You would visit the locations from the previous package, but also much more. In addition to Cairo, you will visit Alexandria and the famous churches and mosques. Just relax because you will be driven by a private air-conditioned car.

This is a really perfect package that you can find at super affordable prices and the enjoyment is really huge.

3. An amazing 11 days in Egypt

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If you are really an adventurer and want not only to see the sights of one area but also to feel what it is like to live there and feel the spirit of the locals, this package is right for you. This journey could change your perception of travel forever.

During this period you can visit Cairo, Luxor, and Alexandria. These cities that are amazing in their buildings also have amazing nature, including beaches and mountains. You will fall in love with Cairo and all its charms. Alexandria is just a story unto itself. You will not be able to move the view from the masterpiece and sights of this city. The Catacombs, the famous library, Kitab, and Pompey’s pillar, this is truly fairy tale. After Alexandria be sure to stay in Luxor. It is a city where the west coast and the Hurghada desert meet. This place has spectacular locations that you will never forget.

As we said, if you decide to take this path, we are sure it will change your life. If you can set aside 11 days for yourself, decide to give yourself a treatment like this.

If you have really decided to visit immortal Egypt, do not hesitate much. In the holiday bag, pack only basic things and be sure to use sunscreen. This is a country with a pleasant climate, so very warm but with low humidity. The temperature rarely drops below 20 degrees. Plan how many days off you have and choose a package according to your possibilities. Whichever package you choose, there are no mistakes.

Do a little research before embarking on this journey. Check how things are with the Egyptian pound. You can exchange money literally everywhere, in a hotel, ATM-s. Another thing you need to know is that water in Egypt is by no means drinkable, even avoid consuming ice in your drinks. Just in case, take the probiotic in your bag and no worries.