3 Simple Steps to Eliminate Tile Joints in Your Bathroom

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Even though a vast majority of individuals across the world still use tiles for bathroom tiling, the fact is that the approach might not be as optimal as they believe. Namely, we do not say that tiles are the worst selection of building material you can find on the market. On the other hand, we do not want to pretend as we were unaware of numerous benefits alternative solutions potentiate. Therefore, read the following lines to find out about simple steps on how to eliminate tile joints in your bathroom and bring it to another level.

Standard Issues

Source: realhomes.com

Bathrooms are humid places by default, so dealing with unnecessary moisture is a must unless you want to use it as a sauna. The first thing on your “to-do” list should be to install an appropriate ventilation system or attempt to ventilate the space in any other fashion you find effective.

Now, the catch lies between the tiles! Jokes aside, tile joints represent ideal surfaces not only for moisture accumulation but also for consequent bacteria reproduction and mold forming. Besides that, the overall appearance of a poorly ventilated bath is everything but a pleasant sight to watch. Unfortunately, the issues with improperly designed bathrooms will not fix on their own. Moreover, you will have to carefully plan the renovation to avoid dealing with the same problems all over again.

Arranging the bathroom space is everything but an inexpensive endeavor, so the fact that people rather opt for tiles than alternative solutions does not surprise us that much. Still, the ones who carefully invest their money know that some ventures take time to make an impact on your budget, so they choose to spend a few bucks more initially than to spend a small fortune in the long run on fixing the damage.

Seamless Bathrooms

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By definition, seamless bathrooms serve the same purpose as the standard ones, but in a better way. Namely, you would not have to deal with issues characteristic of tiled settings since there would be no space between the tiles to cause the trouble.

Even though seamless bathrooms might appear as if they were crafted in one piece, you will have to handle one surface at a time to deliver achieve the desired effect. For example, you, or the craftsman you hire, will have to attend to joints between the floor and walls to secure hard-to-reach spots that are ideal for impurities accumulation.

In a nutshell, flat surfaces are more convenient both for maintenance and sanitary reasons. Surely, you will have to make sure the ventilation works well and that you swipe up the surplus water after a shower, but the point is that the seamless bathrooms deliver more than alternative tiled settings. Add the visual impression and additional features such as longevity and cost-effectiveness in the long run to the equation, and you will come closer to realizing why you should get rid of the old tiles from your lavatory. Additional information on the subject awaits you at Dusche-und-bad.de.

1. Make a Plan

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Even though opting for a seamless bathroom unravels numerous opportunities, it still requires detailed planning. Considering the tiles won’t trouble you anymore, you can either present your idea to the interior architect and consult with them about the details, or try to do it as a DIY project.

Considering they are experienced, we advise you to leave the details to the ones who know their craft and feed them with ideas for the most optimal result. Namely, working on your own steam might imply unplanned expenses and breaking deadlines, which is a practice you can avoid by funding the venture and watching as it happens from a safe distance while others do the work.

2. To Break or Not to Break

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To get rid of tedious tile joints you can choose between removing the joints, or the tiles. Namely, the point of seamless bathrooms is to provide a bump-free environment, so the tiles should be modified to fit the standard.

To make yourself useful but also to save up some cash, you can get rid of the tiles on your own steam. If this sounds like a good deal, we advise you to find your hammer and carefully remove the unnecessary. Surely, you can always reach out to qualified professionals and leave the hard work to them…

On the other hand, if you do not feel like smashing your tiles just yet, you can use alternative techniques, such as filling gaps with epoxy resin, to achieve your goals. We should mention that you should not experiment if you do not feel confident about doing it by yourself since you could cause more harm than good if you have no experience in performing similar procedures. Call the pross and expose your case, and they will introduce you to further details.

3. Material Picking

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Specific materials will make your bathroom seamless, but they might not work as optimally as you would like. For example, a wooden seamless floor might appear flawless once you install it, but it could easily deteriorate in time if you do not wipe it up as soon as some water drops on it. Surely, there are ways to insulate wooden surfaces, but they will squeeze some more money out of your pocket than alternative methods, which is a practice we reckon you want to avoid.

On the other hand, picking micro-topping as your favorite could deliver a similar effect as the aforementioned, but with numerous benefits otherwise unachievable. Namely, micro cement is a wear-resistant material that comes in different colors, so you should not experience difficulties finding the shade that fits you perfectly. On the other hand, the ease of maintenance and endurance put it in front of numerous alternative solutions. Yet again, you can apply it on your own if you have the skill, or you should seek professional help, but we advise you to lay back and watch as the magic happens while you give the instructions as you monitor the works.

Source: capitoldesignbuild.com

Surely, the aforementioned materials are not the only ones you can choose. Thus, we advise you to focus on waterproof ones not to complicate your life consult your contractor before making your decision.

Hopefully, the aforementioned pieces of information will help you end up with the seamless bathroom of your dreams. Just make sure you do your homework and assess your options before you make a move. Crafting this type of bathroom requires skill, so leave the job to the pros if you do not have what it takes to do it on your own.