Email Marketing: Should You Still Do It?

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In the fast-paced modern business world, trends come and go. One minute LinkedIn is the place to be. Then the next, everyone is jumping on the Quora adverts bandwagon.

Some trends, such as the presence and success of Google, are constant, but it can be hard to identify longstanding marketing activities against a sea of new trends.

One of the trends that are showing its age is using emails to market products and services to customers. Email marketing is one of the oldest tricks in the digital marketing book.

Direct marketing by mail – the origin of email marketing – has been the cornerstone of many marketing campaigns since the 50s. Naturally, there are other marketing instruments available to small and medium businesses today.

The big question remains: should email marketing be a part of your digital marketing efforts? There are several reasons why the answer to that question is a big YES, and we are going to review them in this article.

Improved Personalization Options

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One of the reasons why email marketing is so effective in engaging the recipients – your customers – is the personal feel customers get when receiving emails. You are communicating with customers through their inbox, which is considered very personal space.

Even though these emails are mass-mailed to a vast email list, they can be tailored to seem unique and personalized to the recipient using the latest, cutting-edge email marketing solutions. First, get emails using an email finder tool like Wiza. Then personalize using name, company and more.

This is because, thanks to new technology and innovation, the email marketing tools of today let you personalize every part of your emails. You can use strings and values to make the wording of your emails more targeted and personalized. You can also use content funnels and grouping to optimize email content based on interests and other factors.

Other personalization options let you take things a couple of steps further. For instance, you can personalize when emails are sent to specific recipients based on the way they interact with your site or other digital assets. This approach will make recipients feel like they have a dialogue with your company.

High Conversion Rate

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When emails are personalized and highly targeted, you can expect a higher engagement rate in general. A higher engagement rate leads to higher conversion rates, as well. Add valuable content to the mix, and you have a way of building a genuine relationship with the audience.

Recipients don’t just read emails; they act on them. When you place headlines strategically, you can boost traffic to individual articles or pages on your site significantly. The same is valid for when you add product thumbnails or details to the email.

While conversion rates is a metric worth tracking, converting recipients to sales should not be your primary objective. That brings us to the third reason.

Builds Brand Authority And Recognition

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With so many companies competing for the same customer base, it pays to have your name on the tip of everyone’s tongues. The best way to achieve this is to build brand authority and create a strong presence that means everyone knows your company and feels that they can trust it.

Email marketing is the ideal way to get your brand out there and establish it as an authoritative, experienced source of expert news and updates. Regular emails appearing in their inbox will reinforce your brand’s message to customers and potential clients alike. If you focus on providing relevant, insightful emails that aren’t just sales messages, then you’ll eventually build up a strong following of interested readers.

More Objectives to Achieve

The first step to take when planning an email marketing campaign is setting objectives. You have to be very clear and targeted about the kind of goals you want to achieve with the campaign. That said, awareness and conversions aren’t the only objectives to aim for.

You can, for instance, use email marketing as part of a remarketing campaign. This means your primary objective is bringing back – and maintaining – customers who are on the edge of making a purchase. In another situation, your objective could be delivering more value to customers who purchased your products and services.

Similar to personalization, you have tools you can use to automate the process. Every small business email marketing campaign can benefit from automation, better targeting, data-driven campaign formulation, and other features offered by modern email automation tools. For more information about this topic, you can read this article.

Easily Achievable

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Many marketing and promotional techniques require a lot of investment, both time and money. Email marketing, however, is cheaper, easier, and more effective than many other solutions out there.

After all, if your company produces any newsletter or regular content, then this can easily be repurposed to create an effective, influential newsletter. Building lists require a website and an active client list, which most companies already have at their disposal.

Then, all that is required is an email marketing platform, and the time to answer any queries you may receive in response to your email marketing strategy. This effort might seem like a lot, mainly if you’re not already investing time into promoting your organization, but the results will be well worth the hard work. Results may take time to develop, but in the future, you’ll see that the time you invested in your email marketing strategy has paid off and raised your firm’s profile.


So, in all, is email marketing an instrument to use? As we have explored in this article, the answer to that question is a big YES indeed. All you need to do now is explore how your small business can benefit from using emails as your communications channel.

It takes time, effort, and skill to create a successful email marketing campaign, but as this article shows in detail, the hard work will eventually pay off. Email marketing is crucial for any business that wants to grow in today’s competitive corporate market; if you know a business leader who disagrees, then show them this article, and they will see the benefits of this crucial technique.