6 Emerging Trends in E-learning That Are Shaping the Future

The Covid-19 pandemic managed to change a lot of things in our world. One of the most significant changes was indeed in the education department. Going to school is not like it once was. Nowadays, classes are held online. Sure, in some countries, things are back to regular once again, but that’s quite rare and there are only a few examples of such places. To the ones that managed to do it, we have to take an example from them. A worthy mention is New Zealand.

Anyways, since most of us are already used to e-learning, and we know for a fact that it’s here to stay for a while, we decided to talk about e-learning trends in today’s article.

It’s a very interesting subject and there’s a lot to learn from it. These trends are followed by every student in these modern times and they’re for sure going to re-shape the future. Whether this is a good thing or not is still arguable, because some people think that things won’t ever be the same after it ends, if it ever does. Let’s take a look.

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1. Smartphones as the main “modern teacher” for everyone

It started with desktop computers, then laptops, and now we’re at smartphones. Everyone has a smartphone and our world is slowly transitioning towards making these devices our main life companion. Through mobile phones we can discover new things, attend classes and do our research for any sphere of life. It’s safe to say that smartphones are our modern teachers.

The usage of mobile phone for class attendance and other similar things is a rising trend on itself, and it’s definitely going to re-shape the future. People are slowly optimizing all their apps and everything else for mobile access. This means that smartphone manufacturers will keep these things in mind whenever they plan on creating a new device.

2. Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR & VR)

Back in the day we could only hear about how animals are living in biology or science class, and if we wanted to picture all that we would have to use our imagination. But, nowadays it’s a completely different story. Students are slowly starting to see increased usage of augmented and virtual reality systems in school and universities. This is probably the biggest and most interesting trend that’s going to keep growing and reshape the future. A few years ago it sounded like something impossible, but nowadays it’s slowly becoming a trend.

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3. Animated and interactive videos instead of books

Instead of reading books, and don’t get us wrong, that’s the most productive thing a person can do, students nowadays can watch interactive videos and presentations during their online classes, which is guaranteed to have more effect on their education levels. Why? Because it’s much more appealing to anyone. Those who love reading will keep on reading despite this, but those who didn’t find reading appealing before can now learn and not stagnate in a more interesting way.

4. Increased efficiency and more time to learn

Students no longer have to spend hours on public transport to get to school and back home. It’s an old-fashioned thing that drastically smites down the productivity levels and all the possibilities for more knowledge acquirement. Those who want to learn will remain focused on the class even from home. They don’t have to be physically present in the school. Gooroo Courses is a website where you can learn more about such presentations and high-quality content educational videos of any sphere. It’s a glimpse of how the future will look like, and a great way to become a productive and successful individual.

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5. A proof that this method can function like the traditional one

To all of those who doubted the online studying methods, well, this is just proof that it can function as good as every other. The traditional method is currently dangerous to practice. Physical presence at schools is considered a safety hazard, and not something that we need at the moment. But, because of the pandemic, governments may start reconsidering education as a whole. After all, it saves costs for students and it makes things a lot more efficient. Will this become the “main” way of “going to school” in the near future? We have a strong feeling that it will.

6. Increased sense of simplicity and convenience in all students

Last but not least it’s important to note that students will now get a better sense of simplicity. If you are wondering why, well, the answer is presentations. For some reason, all the presentations we have now during our online classes are concise and much simpler than some of the books we had in the past. Tutors are giving their best to package the matter into a simple slideshow or a video that’s going to help everyone learn as quickly as possible, instead of overcomplicating things in order to fill time. Staying eight hours at school and doing nothing fifty percent of the time was seriously something that spoke inefficiency in its own way. Now? Things seem to be much simpler and more convenient for everyone, both the students and the professors.

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It’s not a secret that many trends in the educational system changed and they will most certainly keep on changing as time goes by. If you want to be informed about all the latest trends and be a part of the revolutionary movement and modernization, feel free to check out the content we provided above.

In this article we gave our best to clearly explain all of the new e-learning trends that are currently on the rise and reshaping the future. Adapt to them as soon as possible in order to achieve maximal productivity and success in the future. The covid-19 global pandemic might’ve been a negative thing for our social lives and all that, but there are definitely positive sides to it as well, one of them being more interactive and more interesting education for our young ones.