How Energy Efficient Are Designer Radiators

Depending on the country where you live, as well as the overall climate, chances are, you need heating at least three months during the year. There are many different options when it comes to heating, and nowadays, as technology advances, you don’t have to stick with the traditional options. For the people who want to live the high-end and luxury style, there are a lot of designer options that will help you stay warm in the cold months while adding a luxurious touch to your space. Designer radiators have been a thing for more than a few years, and they offer comfort, elegance, and additional beauty to your home.

However, no one wants to spend thousands of dollars every month just because they wanted to keep their house warm, and this begs the question – are these radiators going to spike your electricity bill? In this article, we are going to try and answer that question, and give you more information on how energy efficient are designer radiators. So, continue reading if you want to learn if it is better to stick with the traditional options, or if you should invest in something that will help you preserve energy while adding a lux touch into your home.


What are designer radiators?

Before we delve into anything else, let’s first talk about these units, what they are, and how you can benefit from them. The designer radiators are heating units that are made differently from the traditional devices.

They are made to complement every style, and they use high-quality materials to add a special touch of functionality and looks to your home. You can choose between different materials, and nowadays, the most popular types are aluminum heaters and stainless steel units.

These devices can be used as focal points in any room, they will provide a sense of luxury, and the different types of models let you reflect your personal style and taste. Note that some of them come with dual purposes, so they can act like a décor item, a mirror, memo boards, and much more, depending on your needs.


Do they have to be expensive?

Many people think that when they get a designer radiator, that they have to spend a small fortune just for one unit. In reality, that does not have to be the case. There are a lot of companies that manufacture or sell amazing heating units that are affordable, easy to install, and easy to maintain.

According to, these units are preferred by many because they offer quality like nothing else on the market, and they are really durable. With them, you are free to explore different styles, and the most popular models are the vertical ones. If you don’t have enough room for a vertical unit, or if you think that your space could use something different, you can go with the horizontal ones.

The best thing about them is that they will add a contemporary style to your space, and you can play around with shapes, sizes, and forms. Note that if you want, you are also free to purchase a device that has additional features, and that will act as a décor item. The price of the units depends on their size, material, model, and the brand you have chosen.

Source: HomeServe

Are they energy efficient?

Now let’s talk about the most important question – are these devices the right choice when it comes to lowering your electricity bill? Well, there is no exact answer, and it all depends on the type of model you get and the materials used.

However, studies have shown that because of their design and the way they are made, most of the designer units you can find on the market are energy-efficient, and they are also eco-friendly. With them, you will be able to lower your electricity bill, and you will preserve energy.

Note that it also depends on your insulation, so if you want to spend less money, and if you want to keep your space warm, you need to make sure everything is insulated. In addition to this, you should know that the latest models use a different type of technology that lets them heat faster and preserve that heat for a long time without you having to turn them on again. They also come with smart tech and you can connect some of them with your smart device and regulate the temperature remotely.

Source: Build It Magazine

How should I choose the right one?

The last thing we are going to talk about is how you can choose your preferred heating method and your designer radiator.

Well, before you do anything else, you need to know your budget. These units can go with extremely budget-friendly price tags, but they can also cost thousands of dollars. So, you need to know how much you are willing to invest in one unit.

After you have an idea of what you want to spend, you should check out different websites that sell them. Find trustworthy retailers and places that offer warranties, and if possible, free delivery and installation.

Think about your space and the size of it, and consider how many units you’d need per room. Note that in some cases, you will be able to heat up a huge room with just one radiator, and in others, you may need to install more than two.

Lastly, you should think about your style, and what you want to get out of the unit. Nowadays, there are so many different options and possibilities, so it is good if you narrow your options. Think about the material, color, size, and if you want something that will be completely unique and the focal point of the room, or if you want a device that easily blends in.

As you can see, these heaters are a great addition to every house, and the only thing you need to do is choose the right one depending on your personal style. They are energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and extremely durable. Make sure you choose the right company that sells them and take your time exploring the different models. With them, you can even save on some space, and use them for different purposes.