7 Energy Saving Tips for a More Eco-Friendly Home

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Are you thinking about making your home more eco-friendly? Millennials worldwide see the potential benefit in green energy and how it can impact not only the environment but their wallets as well.

The ability to save money on energy will carry you nicely out of 2024. As this year is quite possibly the worst one we’ve seen in a long time, it’s safe to say that millions of Americans are looking at energy-saving tips.

And what better way to save money on energy than to live in an eco-friendly home. So, because of that, here are our 7 tips on how to achieve exactly that.

1. Get Some LED Lighting

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LED is touted as the future of lighting and for good reasons. Not only is LED affordable but it’s also ver,y cost-effective. And to top it off, it provides excellent lighting.

We’ve seen quite a lot of technological discoveries over the years when it comes to lighting.

But LED is consistently being upgraded into the best possible version.

On average, incandescent bulbs produce a lot of heat; anything between 80 to 90 % of their energy. LED produces close to 0! Also, LED will last you a lot longer than incandescent lighting. On average, an LED lightbulb will provide 20,000 hours of lighting, while incandescent lights will live close to 1,000 hours.

2. Replace Old Windows

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Replacing your old windows with new ones is quite possibly the investment to make in 2024.

Old windows are very cost-ineffective as they’re very faulty and will release air. This can come in a time when you’re heating and need hot air to stay inside, or when you’re air conditioning.

But regardless, air will escape with old windows. This makes your home very cost-ineffective because you’ll spend more money on air conditioning or heating to maintain temperature levels.

And a great way to solve this issue is to get new windows that won’t release air.

3. More Plants

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Plants are amazing when it comes to producing fresh air. But plants also provide health benefits to residents. They’re excellent stress relievers and even better for living an eco-friendly life.

There are also other benefits when it comes to indoor gardening, and it would be a shame not to reap the rewards from it.

So, if you want to replace your CO2 with some O2 then do consider indoor gardening.

4. Water Plants With Used Water

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What better way to live an eco-friendly life than to reuse whatever you can? And since we’ve planted a few plants, then a great way to lower the water bill is to water the plants using used water.

Since we use water for literary everything in the kitchen, you can reuse from a previous task by simply doing it in a bucket. Then, simply use the water in the bucket for your plants. This is completely safe for your plants as long as there is no detergent in the water.

Also, you can take that bucket and place it outside when it rains to get free water for watering.

5. Solar Energy

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Solar is the future; make no mistake about it. What better way to live an eco-friendly life than to harness the power of the sun. Seeing as the sun provides free lighting and energy, it would work only in our favor if we could use it.

And luckily, we can. Solar energy is touted as the future when it comes to producing electricity. The technology has advanced so much that we can even store what we don’t use.

All you have to do to harness the power of the sun is simply place a few panels on the roof of your home and you’re good to go. While doing that, you’ll also want to get a solar battery or a power station for storing energy.

There are some excellent gadgets out that that allow just that. Some are designed to act as portable power stations and generators for your everyday needs outside the home.

So, if you’re interested in that, make sure to visit bluetti.com.

6. Recycle

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This isn’t an energy-saving tip, but one that will drastically improve your goal to achieve eco-friendliness in your home.

Recycling is yet another thing that asks literary nothing of us but provides so much to the planet.

A lot of people make it their life’s work to change the way we throw trash. Instead of throwing everything in a single bin or trash can, we can specifically throw materials in specially designed bins for recycling.

This is something that even world governments are doing and something that you can do at home.

Whenever you need to throw trash, why don’t you create a recycling system where you’ll throw specific materials into a 3-compartment bin? This is very easy to pull off as all you have to do is to simply buy one.

This 3-compartment recycling bin uses one compartment for general trash, the other for plastic, and the last one is designed for cans.

This way, you’re not only recycling and saving the planet, but living an eco-friendly lifestyle.

7. Run the Dishwasher In the Middle Of the Night

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This is yet another tip for energy-saving that asks very little of us but provides too much more to our monthly energy bill. Namely, a dishwasher uses both electricity and water to wash our dishes. And because of that, this makes it a very demanding household appliance.

But a dishwasher is a necessity to own. This is especially the case if mom is a career woman. With no one home to wash the dishes after a meal, simply throwing them in the dishwasher seems like a smart thing to do.

And most people do that in the middle of the day. Unfortunately, this isn’t a smart thing to do if you’re looking to save money on energy and achieve eco-friendliness.

The more you use the dishwasher during the day, the more the electricity bill will grow. Instead of washing during the day, only do it in the middle of the night during off-peak hours.