5 Ways to Have a Perfect Entertained Valentine’s Day at Home


Aside from anniversaries, Valentine’s Day is well-celebrated by couples worldwide. Couples maximize this day as an opportunity to become sweeter to their partners and give them gifts. This time of the year also encourages couples to think outside of the box to surprise their significant others.

Planning for the perfect Valentine’s Day date is easier said than done, especially if you’ve been with your partner for years. Fortunately, you don’t have to work on your own as this article will provide you with tips. Take note of the information below, so you and your partner can have the most memorable Valentine’s Day at home.

1. Cook Your Partner’s Favorite Dish

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You don’t need to be a chef to surprise your special someone with flavorful dishes. Instead of ordering take-out from your favorite restaurant, roll up your sleeves and cook a dish for your partner on Valentine’s Day.

You know your partner better than anyone else, so you won’t have any problems figuring out what their favorite dish is. Learn the ingredients of the dish and order from online sources. Make your Valentine’s dinner date even more special. You may complement your dish with Hampers of Distinction Wine Duo Gift Box at £35.00, which you can find at a discount under Argos catalog 2024, which you can visit here. Morrisons, Lidl, and Costco also offer other food ingredients that can help you in your meal choice, wine options, and a wide variety of other products for your loved one.

If you want your partner to join the fun, have them prepare your favorite dish, as well. Exchange dishes on Valentine’s Day and judge each other’s work!

2. Have a Video Game Marathon

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Video games are often played by kids, but this doesn’t mean that you and your partner can’t have a go on this fun activity. If the two of you have been stressed with work and life in general, spend Valentine’s Day having a video game marathon at home.

Aside from being a great stress-reliever, playing video games together can improve communication in the relationship and encourage teamwork. This activity will also test each other’s patience, which can benefit the relationship in the long run.

If you’re leaning towards this direction, spend some time deciding which video games to play weeks before Valentine’s Day. You can let your significant other choose which video games to play or if you know your partner well, pick for them and surprise them with your choices. The more prepared you two are, the more games you can play on that day!

3. Plan a Board Game or Card Game Night

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Not all couples love to play video games. Some would prefer to play board games as this can effectively stimulate the mind and soothe anxiety. If you and your partner belong to the latter, spend Valentine’s Day at home by playing several board games.

With the number of board games available today, talk to your partner in advance to determine what you’re going to play together. For example, if the two of you are fond of playing card games, decide whether you’re going to have a few rounds of Monopoly Deal, Jaipur, or Machi Koro on Valentine’s Day. If you want to have fun playing board games, decide between Pandemic Iberia, Fog of Love, or Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion.

Plan out what you’re going to play on Valentine’s Day, so both of you can practice. You can even make the date more interesting by letting the loser accomplish a dare. It’s time to let out each other’s competitive side on this unique and very fun date!

4. Netflix and Chill

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Even if you need to stick to a budget, you and your significant other can still have the best Valentine’s Day date at home. As long as planned properly, “Netflix and chill” can be a fun and romantic date idea for couples.

To make the date more special, consider rewatching a movie or a series that were sentimental in the relationship. Did your partner say “yes” when the two of you were watching 50 First Dates in the theater? Do you and your partner love to binge-watch horror movies? Think about the movies that have meaning in the relationship and watch them again on Valentine’s Day.

And what’s a movie date without some popcorn? Make sure to make your upcoming date special by preparing some fresh popcorn at home. You can buy easy-to-prepare popcorn almost anywhere and choose among several flavors.

5. Learn a Dance Together

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If you can’t remember the last time you and your partner danced together, spend Valentine’s Day learning some dance moves. Play some videos online and copy steps from the dancers. Learning a dance together isn’t easy, but being able to stay close to your partner will surely keep you motivated. Besides, nothing could get better than hugging your partner for long during the most romantic time of the year!

If you want to have more fun, record yourselves as you’re dancing together. This is a great way to determine the mistakes you two are making as you’re dancing (if there are any) and then improve as you go along. You can even post videos online, so you’ll have a memory of how the two of you celebrated this year’s Valentine’s.

You can even take the date up a notch by throwing on your formal wear as the two of you are dancing. So, go on and find that formal dress or suit you’ve been keeping for so long. And because you won’t have an audience, spend as much time as you need to learn a dance together!

It’s Easy When You Know How

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to shell out thousands of dollars just to have a perfectly entertained Valentine’s Day at home. By exerting a little effort to follow all of the tips presented in this article, you and your special someone can have the best Valentine’s Day together!