Who Are the Favorites to Win the Euro 2024 in Football?

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The spectacular event we were looking forward to, which was supposed to happen in 2024, but was delayed due to the pandemic that affected the whole world. A little over two weeks until the start of the Euro competition in men’s football where 24 national teams will test their skills and strength on the football field and will fight for the title of the best team in Europe for 2024. For true football fans and fanatics, this is one truly unforgettable experience and a phenomenal source of fun that will allow them to watch football matches with their friends throughout a month and guess which players will take the prize in their homeland. Who will take the trophy home and make his fellow citizens happy and proud of the group that plays for the country? They will have the opportunity to guess where the other rival teams would end up and bet in the online bookmakers on the score of the football matches.

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But let’s go back a little bit to the past and see how this story started, where its beginnings are. The first championship in football in Europe was held back in 1960 in Paris, where 4 out of 17 state teams competed for the final rounds to earn the Delaunay Trophy and win the European tournament. By the way, the trophy won at this tournament was named after the man who came up with the idea for this championship, Henry Delaunay, who was the Secretary-General of the French Football Federation. Unfortunately, he did not wait to see how his idea was realized in reality, because he died long before the start of the contest, so in his honor, the cup bears his name.

The winner of the first contest in men’s football in Europe is the Soviet Union, which defeats Yugoslavia in the final. The first year proved to be quite successful and there was interest in this format of competition for both the national teams that applied and the football fans. So the Union of European Football Associations or UEFA for short decided this to become a tradition and to hold such a competition every 4 years when a titleholder will be chosen.

Source: Football Makes History

Over the years, some rules have changed, such as the number of national teams competing in the finals. He increased from 4 teams to 8 in the sixth events held in 1980, later in 1996 the number of teams that can qualify for the final doubled to 16, and since 2016 24 national state groups of players have the right to enter the final games.

In the past, Spain and Germany, which have won three titles each, have won the most championships over the years. Currently, the title, from the play down in 2018, is with Portugal, but that does not mean that it will stay there or that Portugal will not take first place again. Let’s see now which of the national teams stand out as favorites for this year’s competition, do you think that they have deservedly come to where they are, and is your favorite team among them?

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In 2019, we had the opportunity to follow the qualifying rounds for the national crew to reach the finals, which was quite a fun and exciting experience. However, out of 55 UEFA national teams, only 24 national groups have secured their place in the final games, and only one of these 24 groups will take the victory in their republic. Here are the football players that will fight for the prize, arranged in six groups: Turkey, Italy, Wales, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Russia, Netherlands, Ukraine, Austria, North Macedonia, England, Croatia, Scotland, Czech Republic, Spain, Sweden, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Portugal, France, and Germany.

Speculation has already begun about who are the favorites for this season and who will lift the trophy on July 11, 2024, in London. Among the favorites are Spain and Germany, who have won the continental contest in football three times so far, France, which also has experience of winning the competition in the past, and Belgium and England, which are on the list as favorites, but this would be the first time to be the winners of this competition.

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What makes these countries favorites in the competition? Maybe how they showed themselves in the sport matches in the reducing rounds, their readiness, and commitment to the sport, the team play between the players in the team that is crucial in these end playoffs. Each of these characteristics plays a key role in helping them achieve the long-awaited title.

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One of the latest pieces of information that shook the sports news and scene is the joining of Karim Benzema to the French homeland squad, which means an increase in the chances for France to win the trophy this year as well. But we will wait a little longer for the end result.

Have you decided who will be your favorite for this phenomenal match, and to whom will you place your bet? If you have your favorite, follow the directions given to you and rejoice in the result. And if you have not collected the album of stickers for Euro 2024, hurry up, because the mania is still going on and time is slowly running out and the number of self-adhesive stickers is decreasing and stocks are running out quickly.