Everything About Young Indian Model Sheena Malwani: Age, Career, Husband, And More 

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Sheena Malwani is an attractive young model from India with a rising career in the modeling industry. This 39-year-old model has established herself as an emerging artist and upcoming actress in the big Bollywood industry of India. However, her talent is not limited to acting or modeling only. Sheena is also a great single dancer and a person with a lot of enthusiasm for life.

There are many incidents when Sheena is spotted having a great time playing soccer and badminton. However, her fans are interested in finding more intriguing details about her personal life, including Sheena Melwani’s husband, career, and body features. If you are one such fan looking to know her better, we got you covered here.

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Early Life & Career

Sheena Malwani was born on 1st September 1983 to an Indian businessman family. Sheena is dedicated to her family and always looks after them while she is not modeling. Sheena completed her Bachelor’s in Biochemistry in 2010 before starting her career as a model. There was a time when she was more into music, and she pursued her interest with full enthusiasm for a few years. However, when things didn’t work out in music, she went back to live with her parents for a few years.

Now, Sheena is popular on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, with more than 1.2 million followers on the Twitter page alone and more than 1 million followers on the Facebook page. Of course, her life was full of ups-downs, and there was a time her parents wanted her to pursue her career in pharmacy.

Who Is Sheena Malwani’s Husband?

Sheen is married to Dinesh Malwani, who is 43 years old Canadian entrepreneur. Born on 30th June 1978, he just celebrated his 43rd birthday. However, those heavy workout routines and perfectly maintained bodies give him the looks of a 30 years old man. His height is nearly about 5 feet and 7 inches, which is shorter than the average height of a Canadian male. His roots go back to India, where his parents belonged, and the average height in India is much shorter than 5’7″!. With a body of 65 kilograms, Dinesh is certainly a man who cares about his body.

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Career & Projects

While Sheena worked hard to pursue all her interests, including music and modeling, with full dedication, YouTube worked out for her in the end. Currently, she is running a YouTube channel with over 1.12 million followers, which is a pretty decent number. Her fans continue to show support for her work, and she is still putting her best to provide the best content for her fans. Her fan following can be understood by the fact that there are 800 million-plus total views on her YouTube account.

Major Achievements In Sheena’s Career

  • Sheen has represented eBay in their legal case filed against Walmart. Also, her husband, Dinesh, has represented eBay India in a business trade of e-commerce with Flipkart.
  • Dinesh also took a case for the world’s largest database company Oracle corp in a legal case. In addition, he has grabbed decent opportunities from companies across the globe.
  • Once Dinesh got a chance to represent BioNpharma Inc for their case.
  • He also got a chance to work with Merck Animal Health Company and represented their case in court.
  • With his skills in representing legal cases, Dinesh has helped many firms to secure positive results in their cases.
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As A Model

Sheena started her modeling career after she did her best to make her career in the field of music. When things were not going great with her music career, Sheena started her career as a model. She joined many competitions and tried her best to establish a name in the fashion industry. But fate had planned something different for her, and every turn she took led her to start a YouTube channel and share her creativity with her fans. This Website is dedicated to providing the best information about the lifestyle of some famous personalities in this field.

Her Personal Life

Sheena Malwani is a dedicated daughter to her family. She likes spending time with them rather than focusing too much on modeling or acting. Her family members give her moral support and help her make tough decisions in life. Sheena is also fond of singing and playing musical instruments like drums and guitar, among other things. Now that she is married to Dinesh Malwani, this couple is putting their thoughts into planning their future. As of now, Sheena is focused on her modeling career, which means we should not expect any new members of the Malwani family few such years.

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Dinesh Malwani Net Worth

As per reports, Dinesh has a net worth of around $4 million through his hard work and sheer dedication as a lawyer. Throughout the years of working as a lawyer, he made a decent reputation in his profession, and along with it, he earned some heavy paychecks and an extraordinary lifestyle. In an interview, Dinesh expressed his views that everyone should have fun in life in even the smallest of things. He further added that the key to a happy life is to enjoy what you are doing and trust the process. While his net worth may sound fascinating but Dinesh is a person who has worked hard to reach this point in his life.

What Future Holds For Sheena?

There is no doubt that Sheena Malwani has a bright future ahead. She is still in her 20s and has maybe a decade more to go. However, Sheena has the potential to become one of the top actresses in India. She looks good and reportedly has some decent acting skills. With her talent in modeling and acting, Sheena is likely to earn many awards and recognition.

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Sheen Malwani’s husband, Dinesh Malwani, is a lawyer with a decent level of talent and intelligence in him. Currently, this couple is living a happy life with his wife, Sheena Malwani, and looking forward to having more children in their family.