Evolution of Online Gambling – What Has Changed in 20 Years

When we look at the period before the spread of the Internet and digital technologies that we have today, gambling was a completely different experience. First online gambling platforms were introduced during the 90s, but they were still not so developed to attract many people like that is the case today. However, with eh development of technology, we can see a great evolution in gambling. The most popular method for betting today is over online casinos. There is still a lot of people who would rather choose to visit some land-based casino because it is entertaining, and they are offering various promotions to keep their visitors. On the other hand, the online method is much more convenient since you can gamble from the comfort of your home.

There are numerous online casinos today, and most of them are offering great bonuses, especially when you register for the first time and place your deposit. In most cases, you will get at least 100% in free funds that you can use for the spins or playing hands in other games. Some online casinos went a step further by taking care of people who have issues with addiction, which is not a rare case since gambling can be quite addictive. Therefore, some online casinos have introduced an option to unsubscribe from a platform and never be able to register on that website again. On the other hand, if you are not interested in websites with this option, you can check CasinoNotonGamstop, where you can find a full list of online casinos with amazing welcome bonuses.

When it comes to the evolution of gambling, technology played the biggest role by providing people to play whenever they want and wherever they are. Here is the introduction to the advancement of online casinos from the period of the early stage of widespread internet to the modern digital services that we have today.

Early Days

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There were many challenges related to online gambling when it was introduced during the mid-90s. The main issue was with the speed of the internet, which was very slow in that period when everyone was using a dial-up connection. Also, computers had poor hardware, and the website had to be simple to not cause them to be even slower. Because of that, people were mostly interested in placing bets on sports events since every casino game had poor graphics and gameplay. On the other hand, many people were not so sure about the security of giving their bank accounts to some website and gamble online. Therefore, traditional casinos still had a huge advantage over online platforms during the 90s.

Period During the mid-2000s

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During the first decade of the 2000s, we can see a huge step forward in hardware and internet speed. Internet companies developed faster internet connection, which allowed people to search the internet much faster and download music, videos, games, and other content in a significantly shorter time. That had a huge effect on the casino industry since many companies became interested in creating online platforms. During this period, we had online slots with decent gameplay and speed, while land casinos introduced a Live Dealer option, where you could bet on any game from your home. During the mid-2000s, online casinos got the form they have today and continued to develop better graphics, gameplay, and overall experience.

The Evolution with Smartphones

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Before the existence of iPhone and Android devices, there were already many phones with the ability to use an Internet connection and download some apps and enter websites. However, after the release of the first iPhone in 2007, and the wide use of Android devices, many companies started making apps that you can use to gamble online. On the other side, the experience was still much better on computers, and that lasted until developers managed to create modern devices and online services that we have today.

Improvement of Digital Technology

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Smartphones and digital services that we have today allow us to download an app within seconds, which has a positive effect on the popularity of online casinos. With the evolution of smartphones, online gambling became more popular than traditional land-based casinos. Today, we have thousands of online slots, poker tables, roulette, and many other games that we can play from our homes. Online betting became especially popular among people who prefer playing slot machines since most modern apps are offering a much better experience than machines you can find in most land casinos. Still, nothing could overcome the experience of gambling in Las Vegas, but there are advantages like the ability to play from home and getting newbie and loyalty bonuses.

Blockchain Technology and Online Casinos

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The most recent advancements in online gambling are related to blockchain technology and the popularity of cryptocurrencies. Developers started creating platforms that allow people to use their digital currencies to gamble online. The main benefit of using Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies are that you can have much faster transactions of money, which is especially important when you want to withdraw your funds, which requires around 2 days in most online casinos. Moreover, this option is much more secure because you don’t have to provide any of your data, and your funds are secure on the e-wallet.


While there were many struggles in the first period when online gambling was introduced as an option, mostly because of the slow connection and poor hardware solutions, developers of gambling websites kept their track with the evolution of technology, which led to such popularity of online gambling today. Choosing to play some games online is much more popular than going to some resort. Also, you can invest less money and still have a chance to win some great prizes.

When it comes to devices and platforms, most people would choose to gamble on some smartphone app, which is seen as the most comfortable and convenient option. The expectations for the future of online gambling are also closely related to advancements in the speed of the internet and the quality of devices.