Eyelash Extension Care Routine – 2024 Guide

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The beauty industry went already far-far away from iconic standards. Today we have plenty of variations of what “Beauty means”. Women all over the world do different types of procedures to look fresh, sexy, young, and glory. Our eyes are the mirror of our soul, so it is pretty important to make them look splendid.

Eyelash extension has become an answer to millions of women who were looking for the answer on how to make their look even more attractive. It has become a monthly routine that most women do. The technique of application of false eyelashes that create a bold look and helps women to get cat eyes, baby doll face and etc, lately has become a cosmetic trend all over the world. Long eyelashes are considered a sign of feminity in many cultures. As a result, many women are looking to enhance their eyelash length artificially. Eyelash extension is now common practice for enhancing beauty among women on occasions such as family or friends’ events, weddings, romantic dates, and other social gatherings.

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False lashes can be used by women who have thin and short eyelashes, who want their appearance to look more attractive. Many women say that a beautiful and flirtatious look helps them to feel confident and in power.

The beauty industry offers millions and millions of beauty kits for eyelash extension. If you ever were browsing online the word: eyelash extension kits, you might found more than 10mln of result on this topic. The industry is so big and progressive that you can use verities of services of plenty of professionals.

The idea of eyelash extension is may seem simple, but it is not. It is a revolutionary way to extend the length and thickness of your eyelashes. The false eyelashes used in the extension are synthetic and tapered from thick to thin to resemble a real eyelash. It is applied on a hair by hair basis to one’s lashes for a completely natural look.

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Besides the idea of being beautiful, there are still some restrictions. As much as we would love to make every person happy with eyelash extensions, it is pretty important to recognize that not all customers may have the application of eyelash extensions.  Very important to have your own healthy eyelashes and skin around your eyes. Also, your eyes themselves have to be healthy and look fresh, because if there is already any infections inside, the eyelash adhesive in result might cause some discomfort to your eyes. If you do not want to deal with potential issues before going to the beautician check everything. Otherwise, if your technician will see appearing problems, he/she might send you to the doctor for a checkup. Do not be negligent about your health!

As you might know, many technicians will recommend you schedule your extension every two or three weeks in order to maintain the aesthetics and health of your natural lashes. Please, after the procedure does not rub or touch your lashes until at least 1-2 days pass. You should remember that lash extension is attached to the natural lashes, so if you do not want to stay without them, please follow the recommendations.

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After some time of wearing the lash extension you might sometimes pull out the lashes that disturb you but remember that by pulling out your lashes, you are prematurely and forcefully pulling out the natural lash. If you do it too often it might cause that your natural lash will stop growing from the follicle.

You also should be careful and better skip perming, tinting, or curling the lash extensions.  Please do not panic if you see that your natural lashes are shedding. As your natural lashes shed at the end of their growth cycle, the lash extension will fall out with it.  If you notice that your it fall out with your natural one, it is a good sign of retention. It means that the lash cycle is going healthy.

Do not be shy if you have any questions, ask them your technician, because it is important if you know all recommendations in order to have long-lasting lashes and healthy your natural ones. It is important to be educated on that topic if you do this procedure.

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In pursuit of beauty, we forget to enjoy the moment and live in the moment. We are chasing trends, not understanding at times whether they really suit us and how we feel when applying this or that remedy and having done this or that procedure.

Please, do not forget that the most important is to love yourself. The beauty industry today makes the dream of a perfect look to come true. It helps in many ways to feel better, but in general, your resentments, fears, and self-abasement may stay with you. Cosmetics and beauty procedures probably make you look better; however, it will never change your inner side. To be sure that you get the result you want, you should work both on your out and inner sides.

Each woman is beautiful in her own way. We just need to skillfully and competently emphasize beauty, creating a great mood for ourselves and love ourselves.