How to Find the Face Serum for your Skin Type

Serums are the secret weapon of the skincare world – very powerful and often misunderstood. You’ve probably glossed over serums in the past, choosing to focus on your cleanser and moisturizer instead, and your skin is missing out because of it. It’s time to step that skincare routine up a notch with a sumptuous serum that works perfectly with your skin and your routine. But how do we find this perfect product? You need to shop according to your skin type, of course! Read on to discover your skin’s perfect match…


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Combination skin should look for a balancing serum that’s going to bring some harmony and balance to your face. Look for light serums that pack a nutritional punch with ingredients such as rosehip oil, lavender, and chamomile if you veer more on the oilier side. If your skin is particularly unbalanced, you might want to consider using two different serums for the different types of texture on your face. This is going to give you the results that you’re looking for and although you are investing in two serums instead of one, they’re both going to last you twice as long as just buying one.


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Those who have oily skin often don’t think to add a serum to their routine to avoid adding to the slip-on their face, however, sebum (or oil) is actually encouraged to ramp up production when you’re not moisturizing your skin properly. Minimize midday shine by selecting a serum with ingredients such as eucalyptus, jojoba oil or avocado extract. These will feed your skin without overloading you with rich essential oils.

Blemish or Acne-Prone

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Those with skin that’s prone to blemishes or acne can really benefit by introducing a serum into their routine. The right serum will work to replenish skin and treat imperfections whilst you’re wearing your makeup throughout the day – not bad, right? You’ll need to find a face serum with cleansing seaweed extract, tea tree, charcoal, and exfoliating salicylic acid. If you’re really struggling with build-up, you might want to look for a product with Alpha H or retinol in it, this will kick up your cell renewal and exfoliate away the dead skin and grime that tends to cause blemishes.


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Sensitive skin needs some serious calming and your serum is the perfect place to look for sumptuous ingredients that can bring any sensitivity or redness right down. Choose a serum with glycolic and alpha hydroxy acids to exfoliate in an incredibly gentle and sensitivity friendly fashion. If you feel you need an extra kick of hydration look for soothing camellia seed oil, just be sure to avoid any fragrances and alcohol as these can be bad irritants for sensitive skin.

Dry or Mature

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Dry or mature skin both need nourishing oils and moisturizing properties to bring some glow. The right serum will smooth your face and create the perfectly prepped base for makeup, so it’s well worth investing in. Keep an eye out for serums with rosehip oil, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and botanical water, all of these ingredients will feed your skin and add a lively, youthful, lit from within look to your face, with or without makeup.


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Anyone with skin that’s suffered scarring, light or otherwise, should absolutely have a serum in their skin routine. Vitamin E is essential for repairing damaged skin, whilst a light 2% salicylic acid content will gently encourage your scarred skin to renew throughout the night.

Dermatologist-approved Face serums, like ones from, are the ideal step in your skin routine to perfect your base and get the skin you’ve always dreamt of. Just choose the right ingredients and you’re good to go.