Interesting Facts About the Game Apex Legends


Apex Legends is a battle royale in the Titanfall universe with first-person perspective gameplay, different characters with unique abilities, and the ability to be reborn in a single game session.

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Basic facts about the game


Apex Legends was born out of a little experiment. After the release of Titanfall 2, developers from Respawn Entertainment began testing ideas for new modes and campaigns. Two designers put together a small prototype, which they dubbed Survival, which became the precursor to Apex. Survival had only eight squads of three men each, but the battles involved not only pilots, but also titans – combat vehicles from Titanfall. For several months the developers were trying to find a place for robots in battle royale, but finally gave up on them. Also, in the early version it was possible to run along the walls – later this feature was removed to reduce the gameplay.

  • Apex Legends is an online first-person shooter in the Titanfall universe in the “battle royale” genre.
  • The game had no advertising campaign at all. The project was announced and launched on the same day – February 4, 2019.
  • More people played Apex Legends in the first 7 days than played Fortnite in the first 2 months! 25 million vs. 20 million.
  • Apex Legends’ combat system and combat flow is reminiscent of Overwatch gameplay.
  • The Titans themselves are not in the game, because the developers have not yet managed to balance them in battle royale gameplay.
  • The main game mode is a 60-person game, where players are divided into teams of 3.
  • Since the game has a respawn, in order to reduce the number of opponents and win, you must completely destroy the enemy teams before they respawn.
  • Rebirth is not automatic. You are reborn by your partners, and you return to the game without loot, landing from the shuttle as you did at the beginning of the roll.
  • There are currently 8 characters available in the game, each with their own unique abilities that help your team survive and make life difficult for your opponent.
  • In-game donation can be spent on cosmetics and buying new characters, but all of this is also sold for in-game currency.
  • In-game currency is earned by pumping the hero, who gets experience for every battle and raises his level.
  • In the game you can heal, and the fighter has two scales: armor and HP. Cure right in the battle partners can be characters with the class of “medic.
  • Area of disembarkation team chooses its own random captain, but partners can specify the point of the desired disembarkation.
  • In combat, you can highlight enemy locations for your partners.
  • There is a set of pattern phrases useful in combat that you can use to communicate with your partners.

In Apex Legends, the emphasis is on team play. In fact, you can’t play alone, and the match takes place in threes. If you don’t have company ready, the game will find partners by itself. Duplicate classes are not allowed in the same group, and each team has a leader, who, for example, decides at what point the squad will jump out of the shuttle at the start of the match and where it will fly. If you wish, you can separate from your comrades and change the direction of the flight, but there is almost no chance of surviving as a loner.

Each line is voiced in several ways

This is especially noticeable in the hero line selection screen. When you click on the same line, the intonation changes slightly. However, the phrase itself remains the same.

Doors can be opened by shooting the handle


Doors can be opened in three different ways: you can just open them, knock them out with your fist or a grenade (many people often forget this), or you can shoot the handle, leaving the door untouched. Sometimes this can be useful.

Character dialogues change depending on the situation

It’s been noticed on Reddit that if all of Mirage’s partners die, his dialogues change. He will start talking to himself, while visibly nervous. Near the end of the game, Mirage is clearly annoyed by this fact, and his dialogues become sarcastic.

Memories of a list of teammates appear when shooting


Another little thing that will be useful when playing with randoms who don’t like to communicate. If a teammate shoots off enemies, their shots appear in flashes next to their name on the teammate list.

Unlike most other notable games, which are announced months before release and provided with a mass of trailers, Apex Legends came out at the same time it was announced. According to the developers, they took this step so as not to create a negative information background around the shooter. Judge for yourself – Respawn, which by that time had already become part of Electronic Arts, announces a conditionally free-to-play battle royale with lootboxes. Of course, the community expected the release of such a game with a fair amount of skepticism. Instead, the authors simply released an action game and let it “speak for itself”.

The game had a great start – for the first day after the launch it was visited by over 2.5 million users. The online peak for the same period was 600 thousand people.

One of the features of Apex Legends is a convenient communication system that allows you to communicate with allies using tags. To fine-tune this mechanic, the developers played Apex for a month with the microphones turned off, relying only on in-game pointers and character lines.

In its first month of release, Apex Legends attracted more than 50 million users (by comparison, another super-popular game, Fortnite, gained 45 million players in four months). In those 30 days, Apex visitors completed 158 million achievements, activated Ultima 1.23 billion times, regenerated 170 million times, and placed 31 billion pointer tags.