Facts About Donation Box Form – How You Should Choose One

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If you want to get a reliable automated fundraising plugin or tool that could make your donors donate easily, then you have to check several things before choosing. Collecting funds and donations through your site should be easy and on a good budget. People come to your site to get the valuable content or service that you are providing free to them. But many of these people would want to pay the price for using the tool or getting information. That’s why there are donation boxes on the sites. You can even raise funds there using a donor box form at your website.

Using A Reliable Donation Management System

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You should use a secure system for your fundraising work. We know it’s not that easy to trust in this regard, you have to do a lot of checks and balances. There are too many options for it these days in the market. If you are having a WordPress site then you need to select a good plugin for this. WordPress donation form could provide a lot of benefits to you and do all the work itself.

Facts About WordPress Donor Form

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When you get a good reliable form for yourself, it would take a few minutes to set up. You have to do it according to the work you want to do with it. You do have to take care of the language in which region you are setting up your campaign. But some donor box plugins do take care of those themselves by having an automated system to check the language of the visitor. The payment method does also counts in the facts of these donor systems.

1. Payment Options

The most important thing with a donor form is to provide the payment gateway and checkout option to the audience coming in there. We know there are many payment methods working online but people trust PayPal and Stripe more. Moreover, Apple pay is also a good payment method. But most of the people have Stripe and PayPal.

2. Clarification Is Necessary

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Your visitors coming to your campaign do need clarification of where their money is going to be spent. You need to get a donor box form that would also tell you about the donation. This will also let you get more fundraising. Even if a single person gives some amount of money he will spend more money than he thought to give. Moreover, if you don’t tell where their money is going, maybe you would not get even a single donation.

3. Custom Amount Option

There should be a custom amount option for donating in your donor box. It shouldn’t be specific for fast cash like ATMs do have. There could be both of these features as well. They can donate whatever they want, even options for $1 should also be available. You don’t know how many people are coming there.

4. You Can Show How Much You Get

You can also give an insight look to the audience how much you have got. You can also set it to what a person has given to you recently. It will encourage people to raise funds more and get an idea of what they could donate here.

All In One Donor Box

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You should get a donor box form that has been providing all these features all in one. Just embedding code on your website of the donor box and getting all of it will make everything easy. Setting your form within twenty minutes and not hectic settings that you couldn’t understand is the thing you need. Easy to understand by the donors and they could easily fill that. Quick to work, don’t get them to wait too much.

You should make a brand donation and everyone could recognize that even after sometime when they had paid. The form should also be stylish and having a good logo of the brand is a plus point. Having forms of custom fields to set the value whatever donors want.

Getting Feedbacks

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People do get feedback these days on their services to encourage new people coming to you, trust you. For making this nonprofit work you can have an option for the donors to give you feedback on your page. There should be a form for writing for them or a button to do that easily for them. Then in the review response, you can also send appreciation messages to them.

If Someone Wants To Donate Again

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There could be an automated system to allow the donors to donate again if they wish to do it. They could be set up after a few days passed of donations. People can set the schedule to their payment banks to donate after some time has passed. It would not need any manual action to come and donate again. They could also change the value if they want to get their own logins. Maybe a donor wants to decrease the value or increase it. There could also a situation come where a donor wants to stop the donation.

Good Support

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Good support is also necessary to get a donor box system. They should provide every possible guide you need to know. Moreover, in tough times there would also be someone available to you. The service should be for 24 hours as issues could come at any time. Though the staff should be polite and humble and talk. They would not get aggressive on any basic question to be asked.


Getting a good fundraising donor box is not easy these days as there are a lot of providers out there. You would get to know the features these forms could provide and then choose the best one. Also having knowledge about what possibilities could appear in front of you when starting the fundraising and choosing the perfect one after that is a wise thing. You can get all payment gateway options, language barriers, making form easy and making it easy to return and giving funds again. It should also get the donor’s phone number, name and other necessary information about him. The payment method and the website should be secure in this regard that his personal information shouldn’t go anywhere. A fine support system is also necessary and filling the forms input should be quick and easy.