Interesting Facts About The NFL

Did you know that there are four NFL teams with at least one Super Bowl victory that have never won a Super Bowl since? Or that the Cleveland Browns have never won a Super Bowl in their franchise’s history? If you’re planning on making NFL picks this year, click here nfl picks to help you make better picks!

1) The Cincinnati Bengals are the only team with a perfect season


The Cincinnati Bengals are currently one of the most successful teams in the NFL. They’ve won four Super Bowls and have had only five losing seasons. The team has never gone more than two consecutive seasons without making a playoff appearance, and they’ve made it at least as far as their conference championship game on seven occasions.

The Cincinnati Reds have never lost a season opener with Andy Dalton at quarterback, which is good considering he’s been there for all but one of them.

2) The Detroit Lions have never won a playoff game

The Detroit Lions have never won a playoff game, but they were very close in 1957. They lost to the Cleveland Browns by a score of 17-16. The Lions have not been playing for all that long, as they were founded in 1929. The team was originally known as the Portsmouth Spartans and then renamed in 1934 to the Detroit Lions.

3) Only 1 player has played on all 6 New York teams (Dante Stallworth, wide receiver)


Dante Stallworth is an American football wide receiver who last played for the Philadelphia Eagles. He was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in the second round of the 2005 NFL Draft. Dante Stallworth has played on all six New York teams, having played for both New York teams and also playing for two different New York-area college teams (South Florida and Miami).

He is currently tied with Terrance Copper as being one of only two players to have played on all six New York teams.

4) The Rams are from Los Angeles. The Raiders are from Oakland. Their next meeting will be in London

The Los Angeles Rams and Oakland Raiders are two of the most iconic teams in American football, but they have a complicated relationship. The two teams have met only nine times in their history, with LA holding a 7-2 advantage over Oakland. They last played in 2014, with LA winning 34-13.

This weekend, they’ll meet again for the first time since then, at London’s Twickenham Stadium. Their next meeting will be on November 19th at Wembley Stadium in London.

5) Robert Griffin III once had three touchdown passes and four interceptions in a single game

No one can say that Robert Griffin III is not a threat to opposing defenses. He has developed a reputation of having an explosive first few steps, which allow him to scramble for yardage when he’s in trouble. His athleticism often leads to him running plays from the quarterback position, where he can give defenses nightmares with his arm and legs.

One memorable game occurred on September 11th, 2012 when RGIII had three touchdown passes and four interceptions in a single game. The four interceptions are still a career-high for Griffin III who has been playing since 2011.

6) Tom Brady holds an unlikely record


Tom Brady holds an unlikely record of being a five-time Super Bowl champion, two-time Super Bowl MVP, and three-time league MVP. His career started in 2000 after being drafted by the New England Patriots. He is also one of only two QBs to have won five Super Bowls. Brady has achieved many firsts for his team including winning all four division titles from 2001-2004.

In 2008, he became the first player to throw for 50 touchdowns and rush for 10 more in a single season.

He set another record in 2012 when he passed for 5,235 yards with 50 touchdowns and just eight interceptions en route to winning his second Super Bowl title as well as his third League MVP award.

In 2014 he was elected into his fourth Pro Bowl (one of only 12 players ever)

7) Joe Namath, who guaranteed victory for his New York Jets over the heavily favored Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III, was at one time an Alabama football legend

Joe Namath is a former professional football player who became the first quarterback to pass for more than 4,000 yards in one season and was named to four Pro Bowls. He is also famous for being a two-time Super Bowl champion and being at one time an Alabama football legend. As a senior, he led his team to back-to-back state championships in 1962 and 1963, winning MVP honors both times.

Namath was born on May 31, 1943 in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. His family moved when he was three years old and settled outside of Pittsburgh in Monongahela. As a child Joe’s mother forbade him from playing other sports like baseball or soccer so he could focus on football all year round.

8) Seattle Seahawks fans are loud because there’s nowhere to hide


Seattle Seahawks fans are loud because there’s nowhere to hide. The 12th Man is so well known that they have a whole page on Wikipedia. Their fans are so loud it has been documented as one of the top ten stadium experiences in the country by ESPN. This past year, when they beat Carolina 31-17, their fans hit 137.6 decibels, breaking the Guinness World Record for crowd noise levels in an outdoor stadium. But just because they’re loud doesn’t mean it’s always good news for them – Seattle is 2-4 at home this season and 3-6 overall, thanks in part to a defense ranked 29th out of 32 teams against the pass and 31st out of 32 against the run.


The National Football League is one of the most popular sports leagues in America. With so many games being played each week, it can be difficult to know what information to focus on when making your picks. To save you some time, you can read these 8 interesting facts to help you make more informed decisions.