7 Interesting Facts and Myths That You Should Know About Cyberday in Chile

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We’ve all heard of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday and they’re marked in our calendar as something not to be missed. If you are really a shopaholic then prepare to make a note of another very important date. It’s Cyberday. Even it is the youngest of them all, this day or these days threaten to surpass Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. The incredible response of the brands that want to participate, as well as the consumer, left the organizers speechless.

This is a really special event in Chile. We are used to those sales days lasting one single day. Here the substance is a little different. Cyberday is organized once a year but lasts as long as 3 days. So you have enough time to research the online market, collect impressions and then order selected pieces of technology, furniture, clothing, cosmetics, or whatever you need. But you should not think too much because the number of available items changes from second to second.

If you are still wondering how all this works, here are some facts, interesting ones, and myths related to these days.

1. What is the concept of Cyberday?

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The Santiago Chamber of Commerce has devised a great concept to promote online commerce. Hundreds of stores and various brands participate in this day and give certain online discounts and together with that great entertainment for consumers. And everyone is satisfied: the sellers, although they give good discounts, the amount of goods sold is really extraordinary; on the other hand, customers are satisfied as well because they managed to buy things at great prices. For most things, in a classic way and with standard prices, you would not dare to buy. The economy is also pleased as the growth of online commerce is more than fascinating, reactivating the country’s economy.

Consumers are already counting on these 3 days, and have already got used to stealing money from the side, waiting for the dates reserved for Cyberday to be announced. They are usually left for the spring-summer season. So if you need something, maybe you better be patient and buy at incredibly good discounts.

2. How you can do shopping on Cyberday?

There are many platforms online that bring together stores that want to participate in this massive online event. It is important to choose the platform that you like the most and that gives the best conditions. Our warm suggestion is to visit ebest.cl and then make a decision. This is a place where you can find a huge range of different stores, brands and exhibitors that will offer you amazing discounts. Some discounts go up to an incredible 40%. Access and registration on the platform are completely free. When you open the order, do not forget to enter the exact address of the delivery, and you have the option to pick up the goods at one of the branches.

Whichever platform you choose, before you click to buy, still check if it is an official site approved and supported by the Santiago Chamber of Commerce.

3. Cyberday 2024 exceeded all expectations

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In Chile, Cyberday in 2024 was held on May 31st, June 1st, and 2nd. There were many different expectations. It was known that the income would be higher than last year, due to the popularity and greater transparency of the event, and due to the pandemic and quarantine. Still, no one could have guessed that sales would increase by an incredible 57%. Yes, we are telling the truth! In 2024, for these 3 days alone, sales of 640 million dollars were realized. Statistics say that over 15 million items have been sold. 670 brands participated. Amazing isn’t it?

4. The Difference between Cyber Monday And Cyberday

Cyber Monday has a concept almost as designed as Cyberday. So their goal is the same: to increase e-commerce transactions. The biggest difference is in the duration and the period when it is maintained. As we have already seen, Cyberday lasts three days, while cyber Monday is limited to only one Monday. It is the Monday after Thanksgiving. So Miraculous Monday is in the fall, it usually falls at the end of November, while Cyberday can be said to be the first spring event.

5. What you order on Cyberday will not have a guarantee?

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This is truly a myth that we hope will be overcome. There is no need to be afraid of things like this. Shopping these days is identical to normal shopping in that you get discounts. Each warranty applies equally to a particular product, no matter when or how you purchase it. Cyberday aims to improve e-commerce and in no way deceive consumers.

6. How long can I think before I buy a product?

The answer to this question depends on many items, among which are certainly the popularity of the product but also the popularity of the brand that represents it. It is a really well-advertised product, is really needed and has a great discount, we suggest you do not think too long.

Don’t forget that these are slightly different terms of purchase, t from a psychological point of view you can fall into the trap of impulsive trade and thus spend a lot more money than you can imagine. So when you find something you like, we suggest you think twice before you buy it. Think about whether you really need the product and how often you will use it.

Experience from previous years shows that the best offers are sold out in the first 6 hours. In the best case, great goods with a good offer can wait for you at 12 o’clock, if you are lucky. So take time for these things, dig in and be quick.

Delivery will be slightly slower

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Can you imagine the delivery services that need to deliver 15 million different items across Chile in the shortest possible time? Huge sales require huge organization. Therefore, if you have previously received orders for a day or two, do not be upset if the product arrives at your address only after 4 or 5 days. Have an understanding of the people who deliver because they certainly have their hands full. After all, you get your favorite product at a great price, so it’s not a problem to wait a day longer for delivery.