10 Tips for Finding Your Student Accommodation in the Netherlands – 2024 Guide

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The Netherlands is a perfect place for students to pursue different courses. Moving from one place to another is relatively challenging because you do not know much about that place. Accommodation is necessary to find before you step into a new destination. When it comes to the Netherlands, you can get plenty of accommodations, but you have to be cautious while picking the right place.

Huurstunt can help you in finding the best accommodation in the Netherlands. You must follow some tips to find and confirm the desired place. You have to find a peaceful place to study well and enjoy your graduation time with your friends. The area must be safe for you to avoid any crime or mishappening. In the following write-up, we will discuss a few tips to find the best student accommodation in the Netherlands.

1. Know Your Requirements

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Every student knows what he wants when it comes to choosing a perfect place to live. Consider your requirements and prepare a list of them. Ask several questions about yourself before taking any decision.

It is necessary to know your budget, area safety, the infrastructure of the apartment, and much more. When you know about your requirements, it is easy for you to search for the perfect accommodation as per your taste. In this way, you will invest your money in the right place.

2. Do Not Expect Much

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Many people mistake having high expectations. In reality, you will get simple and small rooms. Ensure that the place is peaceful and you can study without any disturbance. If you think you will get a huge space to keep everything you want, you are expecting more.

There are chances that you have to share your room with others to meet your budget. Therefore, keep your expectations low while finding any accommodation in the Netherlands.

3. Search Online

Nowadays, a student can get plenty of accommodation options on various online platforms. It is better to search online instead of going to different places. You can search on many social media platforms or ask your family or friends. There are chances that you can contact various people simultaneously and get the necessary information. But you have to be careful of scammers and avoid being fooled by them.

4. Never Sign Any Contract Before You See the Property

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Many people make the common mistake that they sign a contract before checking out the property. In this way, the landlord can ask for the money, which you have to pay anyhow. You cannot escape through it, and it causes massive loss to you.

When anyone shows a contract and asks for your sign, ensure that you read it properly. Anyone can make you fool and let you sign the contract without any idea.

5. Take Care of the Deposit Amount

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Many scammers can ask to deposit money for more than one month. The landlord may ask for the cash, but you should prefer a bank transfer. You must choose a safe payment mode like PayPal. If things look perfect to you, it can be a scam. Negotiation can be challenging for you, but it is the best solution to save your money.

6. Consider Your Budget

Every student has a budget, and different accommodations are available at different prices. You have to check how much your pocket allows and then you can spend your money. The fully-furnished apartments are relatively more expensive than small and simple ones. It is crucial to stick to your budget and buy a pocket-friendly place to live in the Netherlands.

7. Get Reference

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You can take references for the accommodation from your friends and family. You can take a bit of advice and find a suitable place for you. Discuss your budget with them so that they can find the best accommodation for you. As a student, you can get many references from your contacts. You can check and finalize the desired apartment in the Netherlands.

8. Get Help from Your University

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You can take accommodation advice from the university in which you have taken the admission. The university shares the list of all the possible accommodations available for different students. You can choose the nearby apartments and negotiate the price. Make sure that you visit the place and check whether it is suitable for you or not.

9. Consider Good Neighbor

Wherever you stay in the Netherlands for your studies, ensure that you have good neighbors. If you are in trouble, it is easy to call anyone for help. If you stay at a good place, then there will be fewer chances of crimes.

You will be safe, and this is what everyone wants. Go through all the facilities near your apartment like hospital, chemist, stationary, restaurants, and much more. In case of emergency, you can rush to the desired place.

10. Amenities

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Whenever you look for accommodation, it is necessary to check what amenities you are getting from the landlord. You can also demand any essential item to make yourself comfortable. You can negotiate the price for the available facilities. It is crucial to create a list of things that you need on your property. Shortlist some flats and finalize the best one.

The Bottom Line

Every year, many students come to the Netherlands to achieve their dreams and study different courses. It is necessary to find a place where you can live and study in peace. It can be challenging for you to get to such a place. You need to research well and look for the best property that fulfills your requirements.

It may take some time but, in the end, you will live where you want in reality. Therefore, you should follow all the mentioned tips in this write-up. Never rush whenever you look for accommodation in the Netherlands. Take advice from your family and friends who live there. The best things take time and effort. Therefore, you have to keep searching for the best property until you get it.