Essentials You Need to Bring for Your First RV Camping Trip

Have you decided to go on your first ever RV camping trip finally? Are you excited yet nervous since you are a newbie camper? You may lack enough knowledge considering that it is your first RV camping trip, so let us fill you with the basics.

First things first, your RV won’t start without its RV battery. This particular battery supplies power to your electronics even when the engine is off. And to protect the RV battery and prolong its life, purchasing a battery box is a must. You can check here for more information about battery boxes and decide the best choice since it will benefit you in the long run, given that you are interested in RV camping.

Apart from that, this read will provide you with a list of the things you have to bring during your trip that will reduce or even get rid of your pre-camp nerves and anxiety.

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Why you should go RV Camping

Going on a camping trip is indeed fun and exciting. It makes you worry less about your day to day life and situations while enjoying more of your life, well, at least for a couple of days. You get to learn new things and open up yourself to more life possibilities in the comfort of your motorhome. RV camping gives you the ultimate experience of a camping trip like no other.

List of things to bring during your first RV camping trip

Sure, camping is full of thrill and excitement, but it is only like that when you have all the essential things you need throughout your trip.

Most of us might tend to be forgetful and fail to recall all the important stuff we have to bring in our trips. And because there are so many things to take note of since it is your very first RV trip, here is a list of must-haves to carry out a relaxing, successful, and fulfilling vacation.

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Emergency road kit

Since you will be on the road first before you can be at your desired camping destination, it is indeed a must to have your vehicle emergency road kit. An emergency road supply kit includes spare tires, flashlight, jumper cables, car oils and fluids, screwdrivers, pliers, wrench, and jack for flat tires. This stuff will help you when there is an unfortunate event that will get you out of any jams.

Fire extinguisher

You are not always sure what could happen during your vacation. It is still better safe than sorry, so take note of bringing a fire extinguisher in case of a fire emergency. Also, see to it that you are familiar with it and know how to use it properly to avoid further damage.

Food and drinks supply

Your list is not complete without including food and drinks supply in it. Make sure that it will suffice you and your companions for the duration of the whole trip. You can also consider creating a meal plan ahead with viands that are healthy and easy to prepare. This way, you will not spend time idly thinking about what you should cook for the next meal. You will also have an idea of how much of each ingredient and condiment you should bring.

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Cash or credit/debit cards

Bringing cash is a must in everyday life, most especially if you travel. And if your chosen camping site is a little near a convenience store, and you realize that there are items that you lack, your cash will be a great help. But if you are the type of person who is afraid of carrying cash with you, credit or debit cards will also do. It is safer and more convenient; however, it will be big trouble if the proximate stores do not accept cards.

Hygiene kit

Keeping your hygiene should not be forgotten even if you are camping outdoors; that is why a hygiene kit must be an adjunct of our list. You will be exposed and be dirty during your outdoor activities, so a refreshing wash up after it using your hygiene kit is very rewarding. A typical camping hygiene cut must consist of biodegradable soap and tissues, toothbrush, wet wipes, bath essentials, and alcohol-based sanitizers.

First aid kit

Injuries are inevitable when you are camping in the great outdoors, especially if you engage yourself in extreme activities. For that reason, you have to include a First aid kit in your checklist of must-haves. This kit must contain antiseptic gauze, alcohol, betadine, cotton, antibiotic cream, and other critical emergency treatment stuff.

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It is always exciting to go on a trip for the first time, particularly on an RV camping trip. Wouldn’t you want to capture stunning sunset and sunrise photos? Taking photos adds excitement and makes you appreciate nature’s beauty and serenity a whole lot more.

Additionally, you can also take shots of double-tap worthy Instagram photos of yourself. How overwhelming is it to have those striking photographs as memorabilia for your first RV trip!


If you decide to have your generator rest for a while from powering up your RV’s air conditioning unit and you also want a breath of fresh air, bringing a hammock is indeed a great idea. While you are lying on your hammock, you can experience the breathtaking nature’s scenery. You can just lay on it comfortably and think about nothing at all.


After you are done with your activities and looking for something less tiring yet worthwhile to do, you can try to read. That is why bringing a book on your trip is a useful and considerable option. Reading by the quiet, peaceful, and scenic views while relaxing enhances your outdoor experience and empowers your soul to a whole new level.

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Ideally, people go on a trip at least once a year to free themselves from city life: its noise, never-ending problems, and stressful environment. And since it is your first time going on an RV camping trip, we hope that the list of essential things we have listed above helped you ensure your first trip’s success. Pack these things up, and you’re good to go.

Please have a safe trip, and we are looking forward to seeing you on your next journey. Good luck!