7 Essential Tips for First-time Cat Owners

A cat is more than just a pet. It is also a companion and a friend. Many people keep cats as pets and know just how to take care of them, but for those who want to get a pet cat for the first time, all of the things that they need to know beforehand might seem like too much. But in reality, it’s pretty simple to understand.

From choosing the right pet food to finding the perfect litterbox for your feline companion, there are many factors to consider for first-time cat owners. But with quality cat food products and affordable pet insurance options from providers like Bivvy, it has never been more convenient to be a pet parent!

Some tips could help you out if you are in this position, so in this article, we will be listing a few and explaining them.

1. Things to know before adopting

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A very important thing to know before choosing a pet is that there is always one that is perfect for you. If you feel unsure about your options with the ones you’ve looked at so far, then keep looking. You will find the one that is right for you. You don’t want to end up with a cat that might not be quite “compatible” with you.

Of course, with enough love, care, and bonding, any cat can become a loving companion.

But it helps if you choose one that might be better at that then the rest. Anyway, other than a cat’s personality, you should look at which breed is going to be best for you.

2. Be sure to buy a lot of toys

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Keeping your cat active and entertained is one of the biggest parts of raising it right. People seem to think of cats as “easy pets”. They think that they don’t need to be interacted with as much as, say, a dog.

Well, in reality, a cat needs just as much exercise and play to stay healthy as a dog does.

Unlike a dog, you won’t need to take it out for a walk, but that doesn’t mean that you should allow it to just sit at home all day. Use toys that invoke that inner predatory instinct that’s in all cats, and play with them often to keep them active and healthy. You can find all sorts of toys on sites like floppycats.com

3. Prepare a bathroom

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A litter box has become almost synonymous with owning a cat. Many people think that just getting one in your house is all it takes to set up a bathroom for their pet, but this is far from the case. These creatures are very picky about what part of the house they’re going to make their bathroom.

One of the most common problems that people have when getting a cat for the first time is related to their litter training. Well, there are a few general rules that would help you greatly. First of all, if you live in a particularly big home, you should have at least one extra litterbox. Also, avoid placing it in any part of the house that the cat has shown not like going to in the past. Always place litter boxes in safe and accessible places. Take care to keep them clean and unscented. Please provide at least one litter box per cat. For more details, you can visit  Cat Cave Co.

4. Plan out a feeding routine

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A cat, quite like a dog, will keep eating as long as you keep feeding them. Overfeeding is a huge issue with owners. You definitely shouldn’t feed your cat whenever it wants. Don’t keep refilling the bowl every time its empty eighter.

Instead, you should contact your local vet, and have them decide what kind of eating habits will work for your cat.

5. Verticality is important

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Cats like to climb trees. This is one of their most instinctive ways of having fun and playing.

But, they also do it to observe their surroundings and get out of the way of anything that they might see as a threat or anything that makes them uncomfortable.

Unless you somehow have a tree inside your house, it can be very difficult to let your cat fulfill this desire. Well, unless you want your pet to climb all over your shelves, tables, cupboards, etc., you should think about getting a special cat shelf that you can attach to the wall so that they can climb.

6. Get used to regular visits to the vet

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As with humans, regular visits to a medical center is vital to keeping your cat at peak health. Regular visits to the vet are a must. You will be doing your friend a huge favor by getting it checked up regularly. Other than taking preemptive measures for illnesses before the situation gets worse, you might also be informed of any injury that your cat has received without you knowing.

Cats like to explore. They like to jump, run, and do all sorts of activities that could put them in harm’s way. This is something that you should one hundred percent allow, it’s a big part of being a cat after all. But, to make sure that your animal is getting hurt, take them to a vet regularly to see if something has happened to them, without you knowing.

7. Be ready for scratches

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They like to scratch, a lot. There is no cat out there that doesn’t scratch. Cats scratch for many reasons, but mainly, to release pressure and to leave their scent around the environment.

Some people declaw their cats. Although this is somewhat of a common thing to do, a lot of people are against it. If you don’t want to declaw your pet, then you should be ready to expect a lot of scratch marks all over your things.

One other way to relive this need that cats have is to get a piece of scratching furniture.

This can be anything, but usually, they are posts that have been designed especially to be scratched by cats. They love these things and will usually choose to scratch them instead of your other furniture, so, you won’t need to worry about anything else being damaged.