7 Reasons to Book a Fitness Holiday in Thailand Post-Covid

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Summer is already here and we all know what that means. Being fit is one of the best things in the world, especially when you can show it to others and get that extra boost of self-confidence. However, not everyone was working hard enough in the winter, so they’re not exactly where they want to be in terms of physical-performance now that the warm days are finally here. Thankfully, there are quite a few options available when it comes to getting in shape quickly, and today we’re here to tell you all about it.

Fitness Holidays are becoming a rising trend, especially when a destination is a place that has a very rich sport-related history such as Thailand. Today we’ll give you seven very good reasons to consider booking a fitness holiday yourself at any destination as soon as the pandemic quiets down, but we’ll focus on Thailand since there’s a lot of interest lately about that specific destination.

If you’re still not sure where to spend your free days after the pandemic, and you happen to be a fitness enthusiast, we feel like this guide will be very helpful for you. Without any further ado, let’s take a look at what you need to know.

1. Traveling is healthy

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Ask any health professional and they’ll tell you that traveling is one of the healthiest things that you can do, both for your body and your soul. It’s proven that exploring and visiting new places makes us feel better, and the same thing goes for meeting new people and creating friendships as well. All of this is possible when you go on a fitness holiday in Thailand. Why? Because you get to train with people that you’ve never met before, and we all know that friends who train together, stay together. Besides, it’s a fitness holiday, meaning that everything will be organized in a way that helps you become a healthier and physically-fit individual.

2. It is a unique experience

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In all honesty, ask yourself how often you get the chance to go on a fitness holiday in Thailand? For most people, this is a one-time opportunity, and when you get it, you shouldn’t waste it. Thailand is a place that offers so much. It has a great night-life, it has the absolute best Muay Thai gyms in the entire world, amazing food and so many interesting geographical locations. Even if you choose to go to another destination, you’ll still find many cool things to do there. For more information, you can always check out FitnessRetreatThailand and learn some more.

3. You’ll return in a fit shape

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The main point of a fitness holiday is to improve your fitness levels while enjoying some very cool and interesting activities. Who said that sport should be boring and dull? You can get in shape by swimming, surfing, learning self-defense skills by practicing Muay Thai, and tons of other things as well. The best thing about all this is the fact that you’ll return in much better shape, so get ready for all those compliments that’ll come from your friends and family. Besides, chances are that you’ll get a nice tan as well, making your body look even nicer than. Being fit means being healthy, but it’s always a nice plus if you look good as well. We all need some self-confidence boost now and then.

4. The home of Muay Thai

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If you’re not so much into sports, you are probably not familiar with the fact that one of the best forms of martial arts, called Muay Thai, originates from Thailand. This means that if you decide to visit here for a fitness holiday, you’ll be learning some self-defense from the very best trainers in the entire world. In our honest opinion, this is an opportunity that you should not be missing. When you’re training with the best, just a couple of days are more than enough to learn something that will possibly save your life in the future. Besides, you’ll have tons of fun because you’ll train in a group with other beginners as well.

5. More fitness knowledge

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Any type of sport that you’ll choose to do while on your fitness holiday is going to increase your experience in that field, making you much more sport-smart. By gathering more knowledge and experience, you’ll be able to reach better results yourself, and that’s what every athlete wants. It’s always great to learn some ways of training which are unknown to the people in your country. Who knows, maybe this alone will motivate you to begin a career as a trainer, which is our next thing on the list.

6. Ideas for a career in the future

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The number of people who went on a fitness holiday and returned home to become a fitness trainer themselves is pretty large, and there’s a very good reason for that. We all know that making a living out of training others and yourself is probably the best and most zero-stress way to live. If you learn something unique while visiting Thailand, you can use it to teach others and make a living out of it in your home country.

7. Affordable and fun

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Last but not least, fitness holidays are not expensive at all, meaning that even if you don’t have the largest budget, you can still have a great time and return home with so many improvements in different areas of life. You’ll be happier, more experienced, and most importantly healthier, without breaking your bank.


Whether it’s Muay Thai that you’ll try or any other type of sport, you must leave with an expanded knowledge horizon. Learning from professionals is something that will make you much better in what you’re doing yourself, which is why we feel that going on such a productive holiday is a great thing for you. If you specifically focus on Muay Thai, which is one of the main sports that originates from Thailand, we guarantee that you’ll notice some very positive changes with your body at the end of your training. Remember to stay safe and have fun.