Football Betting Offers: How to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck 

When it comes to betting on football, there are so many things for you to consider. With a variety of companies to choose from, and a vast array of new signup and current offers available, you need to conduct a bit of research to make sure you’re getting the most out of the excellent offers available to you. The Telegraph has done an excellent piece on the best football offers available at the start of 2024 and has provided precise instructions about extracting a profit from the various offers.

So with so many sites to choose from, and so many offers available, how do you make sure you get the most bang for your buck? Let’s introduce a few things you should consider when looking for football betting offers.

Use a comparison site to help you identify the best offers


With such an array of companies to choose from, it’s extremely difficult to find the best offers without a third party’s help. You can utilise a platform like, which introduces a variety of sites, explains their current offers, and details how much you need to deposit to qualify for the free bets. While many football bets are in the format of bet x, get y, sometimes they are a little more complicated, and it’s beneficial to have the intricacies of specific offers explained to you.

Some bookmakers require that you place a bet at certain odds to receive your bonus, while others limit what you can do with your free bonus. When it comes to welcome offers, reading the terms and conditions is essential, with some useful sites breaking these down into easier to understand the lingo, meaning you are less likely to lose out.

With the arrival of mobile phone technology, many betting sites allow you to “cash out” early during a match or event. This means that if you for example bet on Man utd vs Liverpool and picked Man UTD to win, a bookmaker might give you the option to cash out for more than the initial wager amount if Man UTD are winning at half time. This favours the bookmaker in the sense that they have predicted that the will lose more if you don’t cash out, but it may be in your favour if you are the type of person that thinks “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”.

Open multiple accounts


Although customer loyalty is a good thing, you shouldn’t put all of your eggs in one basket. The only way you’re going to maximise all of the football betting offers available is by signing up to several different sportsbooks. It’s important to note here, that you shouldn’t just sign up for multiple accounts without cause. You should only signup for a new account to qualify for a free bet, and you should ensure you place a bet within the specified time frame. If you don’t, you risk losing out on a free bet, and you won’t be able to reaccess it in the future.

With GDPR being commonplace now amongst betting websites, signing up for multiple accounts is not a problem; should they annoy you with marketing emails or SMS messages, you can always ask for the removal of your data. Legally these sites are required to send an “unsubscribe” link with every email and an opt out system with every SMS, aswell as that you can prevent websites from tracking you by submitting a request for data deletion.

Develop a system to monitor your bets


When you have numerous accounts and are placing several bets on different markets, it can get confusing quickly, and you can lose track of what you have bet on, as well as any signup and existing offers. With this in mind, you should develop a system through which you can monitor your bets so you can keep track of what you’re spending and how your bets develop. You can create your own documents or spreadsheets, or you can even use free templates created by websites like sportsbookscout, where you can download proven templates that enable you to monitor the progress and success of your bets in real-time.

Try and bet on a schedule and avoid random spreads


If you want to maximise your profits from football bets, it can be tempting to place bets on obscure markets that you’re unfamiliar with. We’ve all been tempted to bet on the Ukrainian third division, for example, but it is a risky ploy, particularly if you know nothing about the league. Generally speaking, the best offers will be available for the most high profile matches, and you should consider spreading your bets across markets that you’re familiar with. Not only does this reduce the risk associated with placing your bets, but it also increases the enjoyment, as you can keep track of and watch the matches as your bet unfolds.

Be thorough with your research


Although you might think you know football, as many of us do, to really enjoy an edge and give yourself the best chance of beating the bookmaker, you should conduct thorough research into the teams that are playing. Using a resource like Opta, you can find out when a particular team most commonly scores, how many corners they usually have in a specific segment of the game, and also which players contribute the most goals and assists. All of this information is crucial for you to know when building profitable football bets, as the more specific you get with your bets, the more money you stand to win.

Betting on football is great fun and is an extremely popular form of online betting. To make it as profitable as possible, you should be sure to sign up for as many sportsbooks as possible and extract as many free bets as you can, before researching the markets and placing bets that are likely to return a decent profit.