All About Fraudulent Online Casinos and How to Avoid Them


Virtual gambling is one of the most lucrative forms of entertainment and many are lured to try their luck. Wagering online is appealing to the gambling enthusiasts because of the convenience and the rewards that they offer. Physical casinos are still the top rate gambling amusement but because of the present health predicament that we are facing at this time, it is not safe to wager in land-based casinos.

Which gadgets are compatible?

All sorts of gadgets are compatible except for the vintage ones. Some users have phones that have no internet features or laptops with too low hard drive capacity or may have too low memory and cannot get access to any online casinos. That’s why mobile compatibility is essential in wagering online. So users can play on their smartphone, tablets, iPhone, laptop or personal computer.

Which gambling site should we register for?


This is the tricky part because not all sites are trustworthy and some of them can be members of the Rogue or Fraudulent Casinos sites which we will discuss later.

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As mentioned, not all sites found on the internet are genuine. Some of them exist online, advertise their wares and even market their industry but are merely interested in the deposit of the client.

How can we tell if the online casino is legit or not?

What is a Rogue Casino?

A rogue is a casino site which practices unfair behavior towards their clients and often gives misleading advertisements to tease customers into making a deposit to the site. When their client was about to get their winnings, they give many reasons and sometimes not indicated in the terms and conditions which at times frustrates their clients.

1. Online Reviews


It is not that easy especially if you are a neophyte to the virtual gambling world. One cannot tell if they are playing in a legit or fraud gaming site.

There are some gambling forum sites that discuss these issues and it is highly recommended for you to check them out before making a registration. Check the forums and find out if the site that you are vying for has a questionable reputation.

2. Look for a license

It is imperative that you check the site if they’re licensed or not. Decent online casinos normally file for a renewal of license months before it will expire in order for them to maintain their good name. Here are the following entities which are authorized to provide licenses to an online gaming.

  •       UKGC License
  •       Curacao Gambling License
  •       Malta Gaming Authority License
  •       Antigua and Barbuda Gambling License
  •       Gibraltar Regulatory Authority License

3. Check the Terms and Conditions


All online casinos have terms and conditions and they are not lenient with it. It is indicated here about almost everything that the prospective player has to know before making a deposit. Indicated below are their major T&C.


All casino sites indicate the deposit amount that the player has to give after making a registration. As a responsible player, it is recommended that you should make small deposits first. Later as you progress and once you realize that it is honest with their transaction to you as their customer and they are fair in their dealings then it is up to you if you may want to increase the amount of your deposit to them .

The bonuses and rewards

The odds and cashback benefits are also clearly indicated in the T&C as well as the many bonuses that the player can enjoy.

Online casinos also indicate the requirements that the player has to comply before getting the winning money for them to have a clear picture before crossing the Rubicon.

Time Frame

It is also indicated in the T&C the time limit that the player can use the bonus and the requirements to get the winnings before it becomes null and void.

4. Check for Gambling Addiction Awareness from the site


If you are still scouting a casino site and one piques your interest, feel free to ask the customer service representative if the operator gives protection to their wagers by controlling them of their gambling habit. Most decent online gaming sites offer awareness programs and even go as far as reminding the online bettor of their habit and even limit their spending. Most online gaming sites show concern to their players.

5. Check their software

Chances are, once you are already in the site when you realize that you are in the site that all players fear. If the software doesn’t play well or seems blurry, check your internet connection or your device. But if there is nothing wrong at your end, most likely that you are into a casino which is considered as fraud.

6. Unfair Practice

If you are already on the gaming site, and your RTP (Return to Player percentage) is too low, call the customer representative of the site. All major online gaming sites provide RTP.

7. If the customer service representative

Does not respond to your queries but they keep on sending you spam emails and/or you find them very active in false advertising there’s a big possibility that you are into a rogue casino.

8. Payment


This may seem sad because players will only realize that they are playing in a Fraud Casino and have reached as far as the payment level. Fraud gaming sites usually delay the player’s winnings and sometimes they simply ignore the player and they don’t give them their winnings. Worse case is if the site will remove your account along with your winnings.


It is frustrating on the part of the player to realize that you have been deceived. Unfortunately these gaming sites do exist. To avoid them, always check the necessary items such as the gaming license if it is updated, the software audit of the site, reviews and forums.