5 Ways to Freshen Your Dog’s Breath Naturally – 2024 Guide

Everyone who has a dog as a pet knows one and the same story by heart, and it reads the following … You have been away from home for a long time and your pet has not seen you for a while, then you finally come back and you are both overjoyed to finally see each other after a hard day. However, from excessive excitement, your pet suddenly starts jumping on you and from happiness it is right at your face, and you only notice that when you realize that his saliva is all around you.

Then comes the worst – your dog’s breath! How many times has this happened to you … Although we love to receive kisses from our pets, you will probably agree with us that it is often not a pleasant smell at all. On the contrary, your dog ate everything during the day and certainly did not maintain oral hygiene as a human would do after every meal. That is why you are here as its owner to help him with that.

Why should your pet, like you, not have a pleasant breath? Today, it is not difficult to achieve at all, you have a lot of alternative ways in which you can achieve it. We’ll describe a few ways below that can help you with that.

1. Regular brushing of dog teeth

Source: Daily Paws

Like a human, a dog must also have proper oral hygiene. That is, his jaw will be 100% healthy only if it is properly maintained. If you regularly brush your dog’s teeth, you take preventive measures against bad breath, but also against many diseases.

Bad breath is not only unpleasant for the sense of smell, but it can also be an indicator of various diseases or appear as one of the symptoms of the same, so it is necessary to further examine the veterinarian and his overall health. If the teeth are poorly treated, they can slowly get sick and soon lead to the mentioned diseases.

This is especially important for those dog owners whose dogs are a breed that is very small in appearance. Small dogs have miniature muzzles that need proper brushing every day without exception. This is because their jaws decay faster due to their extra small size. Choose a toothpaste that tastes good to you and you think that your dog will like it, and let this become a daily routine with which your dog will have healthy teeth and fresh breath.

2. Dental chewing gum for dogs

Source: Pet Life Today

These chewing gums help a lot in case of an awkward problem with your pet’s bad breath. It is important to make a good choice when it comes to them and his breath will completely change for the better. They work by squeezing the gum with their jaw, and your dog releases certain odors that the gum has and they spread in the mouth. This way they do not allow the bad breath to come out of the mouth.

When I say that the choice of chewing gum is very important, it is because not all chewing gums are the same. There are various flavors and appearances, but don’t be intimidated by some strange color such as green. It is even a great choice since such chewing gums contain chlorophyll which is ideal for doing a good job when it comes to your pet’s bad breath.
If we are talking about green things that are good for this occasion, then we must not forget about wheatgrass as another type of prevention because it can be a good alternative. At the same time, it is very accessible at every step, so it is not difficult to reach it, some even have it in their house. So very little grass is enough to take and give to your dog for this raw source of chlorophyll to have a positive effect on your dog’s breath.

3. Dental water

Source: Top Dog Tips

Dogs do not have to get the effect of polished teeth and great smell exclusively by chewing, but now they can do it with the help of miraculous water that does exactly the same job. The difference is that most dogs will like this more and every dog ​​drinks water, while some will not want to chew. In any case, try both and understand what suits your dog best.

This type of water usually involves a mixture of a large number of ingredients such as various enzymes, chlorophyll, etc. They are made to automatically drive away any bad odors coming from your dog’s mouth. All you need to do to make your dog accept this is to replace regular water with this and the difference will appear even after just a few days, because all the bad bacteria will disappear immediately after just a few consumes.

4. Probiotics

Source: Agatha’s Pet Wellness

This is another line of resistance that goes along as you fight your dog’s bad breath and do a great job. In the previous part of the text, we mentioned bad bacteria, when it comes to them, we must also mention which is the main weapon in this fight. It is just the above mentioned probiotic.

You all know well how this medicine works in the fight against any intestinal bacteria, so you can be sure that it works well when it comes to your dog. No matter how well you maintain your pet’s oral hygiene, sometimes due to an excessive number of useful batteries, halitosis occurs. Then the best choice is a probiotic.

Of course, when we recommend this medicine, we mean only the one that is intended specifically for dogs.

5. Coconut oil

Source: The Labrador Site

Coconut oil has so many benefits that we can’t even list them all. How to make the best use of coconut oil at naturalremedyideas.com, and we will tell you how to use it for your pet. This traditional medicine can help you if your dog has a problem with the immune system or digestion, and it is most effective when it comes to eliminating bad breath. If your little friend has a problem with that, you don’t have to worry anymore but feed him with one spoonful of this and his breath will change a lot for the better.

In addition, this will please your dog as well, since it has a very nice taste and smell. Dogs will simply adore this because no one is immune to such a sweet treat as coconut oil.


We hope that we have managed to help all owners of super-affectionate dogs who, after our advice, will surely have better breath, as well as overall health. Now that you know what your pet needs, try experimenting with a few methods and find the ideal one that suits your pet.