10 Cool Gadgets Every Millennial Should Get This Year

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Generation Y refers to the demographic group that is between generation X and Z. In its original concept, it includes people born between the years 1980 and 2000.

Gen Y is also called the “millennial generation” or Millennial, and it is named because it specifically referred to the generation that was going to graduate during and after the year of the change of millennium: the year 2001.

Gen Y was mentioned for the first time in a North American magazine in 1993 to differentiate the new generation of children under 11 from Generation X, which are those of the previous one born between the years 1960 and 1979.

There are no fixed birth dates for different generations or demographic groups. The name given to each new generation is used mostly for the study of associated phenomena and to define a time line between generations.


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The characteristics of any generation in their adolescence is usually controversial and incomprehensible for previous generations. Despite this, some generalized characteristics have been defined in Gen Y, such as:

-They have less everyday life skills like cooking, cleaning, etc.

-They have a strong sense of community, both local and global.

-They are considered “digital natives”.

-They are committed to their work, but it must have a meaning, which is why they tend to be entrepreneurs.

-They have a strong focus on studies, career and work, rather than on family, partner or children.

-They are the most educated generation known.

-They are the most multicultural and multiracial generation known.

-They are more open-minded, therefore they are more inclusive.

-They are versatile in their way of thinking and working.

-They have high expectations about everything.

They are also nonconformists. They no longer settle for a house, a good job and raising a family. They want to transform the world. This leads them to be much more entrepreneurial. In fact, the average age to start a business has been reduced from 35 to 24 in this generation.

So if you are thinking of buying a gift for a millennial or if you are simply one of them, we know that technology is always a safe bet. You just have to choose the right gadget and success will be assured. Here are some suggestions:

1. Drones

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Unmanned vehicles are one of those gadgets that will catch every millennial. You will find them with very different characteristics and prices. Some allow recording or photographing at high altitudes and there are also compatible with tablets and smartphones. Many also allow content to be shared almost instantly. And is not a millennial always want to keep their social networks up to date? If that doesn’t interest you, you can always choose to participate in the drone racing.

2. Smartphones

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Every self-respecting millennial will already have a smartphone, without which he cannot possibly live – that is to say. Still, whether it is the desire to be up to date or for wanting to improve the potential of their current mobiles, they will always gladly receive a new phone, preferably with a good camera. The market offers a world of possibilities, you just have to choose the one that best suits our needs.

3. Hoverboard

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Also known as a self-balancing scooter, it is a very fun, personal vehicle. The basis of this vehicle is two motorized wheels, positioned left and right, interconnected by the surfaces on which the driver stands and is controlled by the device. The speed of movement is controlled by simply tilting the body forward and backward, while the direction of movement is controlled by the slight inclination of the surfaces on which the driver is standing.

At first glance, it may seem that haverboarding requires an above-average skill, but it is not. It’s really easy to master the ride, and in just a few days you will become a true master.

Before buying a hoverboard, note its size. You don’t need a hoverboard that is too narrow or too wide. Choose the hoverboard that best suits your natural divide. If you are considering buying one, check detailed reviews on the hoverboardforu.

4. Virtual reality glasses

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It’s hard for a millennial not to be interested in trying virtual reality glasses, which allow them to get the most out of their screens. You can find different kinds of devices of this type in the market. Thus, there are them to use with mobiles, such as the Samsung Gear VR or the Woster Neo VR, and also to use them with consoles, such as the Playstation VR, compatible with the PlayStation 4 and that help you to live the games in a more intense way.

5. Retro Consoles

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Many of the childhood memories of this generation are linked to video game consoles and the games they played with their friends and brothers. So, if you really want to enthuse a millennial, you just have to get a console, but not just any one: look for one of those retro consoles that are so fashionable lately and choose the one that evokes the video games of his childhood. NES Classic Mini, PS1, Sega Mega Classic Mini, Master System Arcade Garmer portable or Pqube Games by Atari are the retro ones that you have now on the market.

6. Headphones

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Is there something a millennial likes more than being permanently connected to their mobile devices? So to facilitate this task, there are wireless headphones. They are specially designed for sports or listening to music, which connect wirelessly with Bluetooth to mobiles and include noise cancellation for a feeling of total isolation. For millennial gamers, there are headphones to connect to the PC, Mac or smartphone that include a microphone.

7. Wearables

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Technology applied to clothing or accessories is also a good option for a millennial. Although there are already meshes that help us perform exercises, such as the Nadix, and also smart glasses, such as Google Glass, perhaps the most introduced bracelets and smart watches are the wearables on the market. A cool way to monitor our daily activity and even the quality of sleep, among many other things.

8. GoPro

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Millennials love to immortalize what they do, their friends and even themselves, so a camera of this type – be it GoPro or another brand – is perfectly adapted to your needs. They will love being able to record or photograph themselves in any situation, even when they play sports or are underwater. Some of these cameras can even record up to 360 degrees.

9. Wireless speakers

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Any technology lover will consider it essential to have wireless speakers that amplify and improve the sound of their mobile phones or tablets. And, as we have said, millennials are fans of gadgets, so this may be a good option to surprise them. There are all kinds and prices, but if you aim for the best, make sure it is waterproof and shock resistant.

10. Convertible laptops

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Do I buy a laptop or a tablet? Did you know that now you no longer have to choose? Also called 2-in-1 laptops are light, thin and have a removable screen, which can be used as a tablet. As with the traditional laptop market, convertibles also have a wide variety of prices and features. “You also have the option to buy a case to turn your tablet similar to a laptop, check out customlogocases.com for more info.”


Luckily for millennials, technology does not stop advancing and practically every year new gadgets or updates to existing ones appear that will pique your curiosity and make them want to have one.