Gambling and Casino History 

Online Gambling Sites

Gambling is also known as betting is the waging of money or anything with value in the hope of winning according to one’s luck. The result of gambling games may be determined by chance, in the random activity of a tossed pair of dice or of the ball on a roulette wheel, or by athletic contests, or by a combination of strategy and chance.

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It is one of mankind’s oldest activities which manifested in writings and instruments found in tombs, ancient ruins, and other places. Countries such as China, Egypt, some Muslim and Buddhist countries, and Rome stated that habitual gamblers should be sentenced to hard labor in the quarries in ancient times.

The origin of gambling seemed to be theoretical and prophetic. People in the past cast marked sticks and other objects and interpreting the outcome, man sought knowledge of the future and the intentions of the gods. From this, it was a very short step to betting on the outcome of the throws. The Bible contains many references to the casting of lots to divide the property. One well-known instance is the casting of lots by Roman guards which meant that they threw knucklebones for the garment of Jesus Christ during the Crucifixion.

In ancient times, casting lots was not considered to be gambling in the modern sense but instead was connected with inevitable destiny or fate. Anthropologists indicated that gambling was pervasive in societies where there are common beliefs in gods and spirits whose compassion was greatly sought.

Cleromancy or casting of lots is a form of sortation in which an outcome is determined by random luck or chance, such as the rolling of dice, but was believed to reveal the will of God, or other universal forces and deities. It is believed that Scholars during the time of Jesus Christ cast lots and they used sticks and stones to help them make decisions. In Sweden a long time ago, casting lots was used to dispense justice and point out criminals at trials. The Greek word for justice, dike, comes from a word that means “to throw” thus later we come to know the expression, “throw the dice”.


Modern Gambling

Gambling has been fascinating people since ancient times until at present. From simple slots to rolling the dice. Some of them play for fun, some for experience, and majority for socialization. Even at present that we’re having a pandemic, gambling thrives. Online casinos, sports, slots are introduced for the players’ entertainment and leisure. Playing online games is a way to escape reality and it is also a form of socialization to meet people both local and internationally online. In some games, they work as a team. Some, they can play by themselves but there’s an interaction to others even as simple as watchers of the game or people behind the online Gambling Site. CasinoVibez introduces a wide variety of online games which are friendly to neophytes and professional bettors alike. On this site, one can easily find different categories, prices, legalities, and the best online gambling sites in the US.

Online casinos and all forms of online gambling are in demand due to the pandemic. It became a major outlet for the players to vent out their stress and anxiety thru playing online. Another factor is its convenience and availability. One can play at home thru their PC, laptops, or even smartphones. Though Covid 19 vaccines are already introduced, still many people are not taking their chances so, they just stay home and work. No need for trips to traditional Casinos so instead, they opt for registering to their trusted online casinos like Casino Vibez. Competiton is truly great so many operators offer welcome bonus incentives and promotional offers. What’s good with Casino Vibez is the reliability and legalities of the casino sites that they offer. They empathize with the customers’ needs so they offer the best.

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Choosing a Suitable Online Casino

There are various ways of choosing an online casino that fits your discriminating taste. Before we gamble, we have to ask ourselves first which games we would like to try first? You may want to try the less complicated slot machine. How about Poker or Black Jack or Baccarat? Surely the casino operators will be very glad for you to try and explore their system and the games that they offer.

Choosing a suitable casino can be tricky. We have a list of things that might help you out in choosing a good gambling site.

First, check for its Security and Licensing. Customers rely on the technology and all transactions have to be done online. Clients have to trust their cards and another private online system that they use to transact business and money therefore, they have to disclose some private details. It is indeed essential that sites have adequate protection in the form of SSL certificates, data protection schemes, and firewalls.

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Second, use Catalogues of online games. Check what catches your interest and piques your curiosity. Players check games, and game titles, they are familiar with. Punters introduce the playability of a game and its payout. With that in mind, it is also important to select a casino site that openly makes available its game statistics and has then certified by the gaming boards.

Third, Bonuses and Promos. Online casino’s introductory market is usually free bets and in-play bonuses as a sign-up offer. This marketing strategy entices the player to play more especially if they win thus making them play more and eventually pay for the real game.

Fourth, Payment Methods. A keen player should check the kind of payment method and online casino offers. Though a credit card is still the best option in payment method, there are also other options such as e-wallets and some are now offering cryptocurrencies as a funding option.

Punters should look at the withdrawal terms for the different options as they usually differ. E-wallets offer instant withdrawals, while 1-3 days is common for debit cards, and up to 5 business days for wire transfers.

And fifth, Customer Support. Customer service is another area when a player is looking for a reliable gambling site. Email and live chat are the most popular, but other consumers like the traditional way of calling on the mobile phone and talk to a customer representative.