Electing a Convenient Banking Method When Gambling at an Online Australian Casino?

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Aussies and their fellow Kiwis are known for their love of video pokies/slots, which are only outranked by lottery games. This has meant the demand for online casinos has been high, especially when it comes to finding locally vetted platforms. As such real money sites are the highest appeal when considering the speed of registration and playing a variety of online gambling games.

What then are these real money casinos? Online platforms that offer gambling services are  website-based online casinos that make it easy to deposit and withdraw cash. Various transaction methods are provided for players to use, which can be prepaid cards, debit/credit cards, vouchers, e-wallets and even crypto.

Along with being digital platforms they also attract customers through various promotional deals spanning from welcome bonuses to regular cashback, lotteries or other equally successful loyalty scheme methods.

If you would like to try your luck at an online casino in Australia for real money, keep on reading as we take a look at the various ways players can transact when adding funds to their bankroll.

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Common player account top-up payment methods

Besides an easy-to-navigate website, and clear terms and conditions, a casino needs to offer all the right banking methods for Aussie players. Of all considerations to be made when choosing a digital gambling platform, accommodation to your preferred way of topping up your player account is essential. Additionally, ensuring these meet your requirements and that you’re able to transact safely and without exorbitant fees is part of the due diligence.

With plenty of choices comes the responsibility of actually finding a site that meets these needs. This could easily take many hours of crawling, searching, and scanning the web. However, there are plenty of comparison sites that dedicate themselves to ensuring all this information resides in one place. Gambling site reviewers have assessed a wide variety of online casinos and have centralised them. Through a transparent display of the sites, you can easily see which casino is worthy of a try, especially when it comes to the type of payment options provided.

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  1. e-Wallets: An electronic wallet enables users to load money digitally or transfer money out. The funds in the wallet can be used for purchases or services. Some examples of the most popular e-wallets are PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, etc. When setting up an e-wallet you would need to link a credit card or bank account to transfer money into the wallet. An upside to using such services helps in speeding the transaction time. It’s safer compared to physically having your card information on the Internet.
  2. Prepaid cards: Some players are very cautious or just prefer not to use their credit cards online because of safety reasons. Another reason could be that some banks block transactions made to casinos via credit cards. That’s when the convenience of prepaid cards comes in handy. It’s a product that is not linked to a bank account or credit card. Money is deposited into it and can be used like any other card. It’s much safer as the player’s information is secure and there are limited funds on the card.
  3. Vouchers: Vouchers are a safe method for making deposits at online casinos. These are safe and easy alternatives to use, as no personal information is linked to the voucher. They can be purchased at convenience stores or from other players on casino communities or forums. They allow for speedy almost instant transactions. PaySafeCard and Neosurf are some of the most popular vouchers used. The voucher will have a code that is used for depositing the funds into your casino account.

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  4. Debit cards: According to a report by rba.gov.au, the use of debit cards in Australia has increased greatly over the years. Also known as plastic money, these cards are directly linked to a bank account, unlike credit cards. Using debit cards for online casinos is an easy process and deposits are instant. With this method, winnings can be paid directly into your bank account. Transacting with a debit card online has authentication steps that should be followed before approval. The biggest downside of using a debit card at online casinos is the easy access to funds in your account. Vulnerable players might not know when to stop.
  5. Credit cards: Plastic credit has been a way of reliable payment for many years and remains one of the most popular payment methods. Credit cards are accepted worldwide with hardly any issues because of the issuer be it Amex, Visa or MasterCard. Credit card deposits into an online casino account are simple and the money is available instantly. There are no fees when depositing from a credit card unless otherwise stated. Recently card issuers and gambling authorities are banning the use of credit cards at real money casinos.
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Choosing your casino deposit/withdraw methods

Being able to deposit into your casino account is how you begin playing. There are many aspects to bear in mind when selecting a payment method. Opting for a method and saving the information on the online casino will make it faster for the next transactions. e-Wallets are the fastest payment options and some credit cards have speedy transactions too. What type of information are you willing to share online?

Transaction fees play a big role, some casinos do not charge fees for credit and debit card transactions. With prepaid cards, the withdrawal fees are covered by the operator and not the player. Further features that should be considered is the withdrawal process for instance you cannot withdraw your winnings back into a voucher. Withdrawing winnings into an e-wallet is a fairly simple process and is also fast and secure.

To conclude

Ultimately, finding the best online casino and payment method is determined by the player. By their territory, and how they access money. Most players want fast and easy access to their money be it into the casino account or their bank accounts. Choosing the correct methods mentioned will determine the transaction speeds not forgetting updated KYC profiles. Always make sure you play in safe and licensed casinos.