Why Most Gambling Operators Don’t Have An App On Google Play? – 2024 Guide

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There was not that much good news this year, wasn’t it? So when we are inside the comfort of our own home, sometimes we want to relax and maybe play an intriguing game on our phone. If earning some money while playing is on the table, that is even better. But if you are trying to go through your Google Play app, you might find that finding what you wanted is not possible. The reason for that is that Google forbade real-money betting applications a while back. The original decision happened in 2013, and there were several reasons behind that, the principal reason being how difficult it was to be sure about the age of users. Since Google couldn’t verify it without any question, the ban had to happen.

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That ban is still active in most countries, but there are exceptions. Everything changed in 2017 when the news reached us that Google is going to admit Gambling apps to have access to their Play Store. Initial countries were the United Kingdom, France, and Ireland, and we hope you are among the lucky ones. That shift was a mystery to some. But their logic is not outside of our grasp. Contest of profit with Apple? Or perhaps they wanted to expand their profit generally? A change in their views on this type of apps is also a possibility. Or even a modification in their software that is more advanced now. Whatever it is, there are some among us that will have access to them, but the majority will still not.

So if that is true, that must mean that there are a plethora of options out there, right? Wrong. The application method is incredibly demanding and stern. Every single company that wants to put some apps in Google Play will have to satisfy several regulations. Each company must finish the application process. They must comply with all of the local laws and standards, have a proven gambling license for each country they want to operate. What we mention before still stands underage users still need to be restricted from accessing the apps, so rated AO (Adult Only). Downloading them from the store and installing must be free and there needs to be a distinct disclose of knowledge concerning reliable gambling. But some managed to do all of that.

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Maybe you are thinking, there sure are a lot of conditions there, but it is not that complicated. Google’s position is a bit distinct from what Apple has. Apple has a different development policy, and everyone who agrees to their policy is good to go, as long as it also follows all of the local standards, of course. But fully understanding the differentiation between Google and Apple is necessary to recognize the reasons why so many gambling operators don’t have their app on Google play. So let us analyze that a bit more, so to have a better understanding of the problem.

So the most simplistic answer would be that the Apple app store is a bit harsher on their policies, and if an app can pass their review and approval procedure, they are ready to go. Google, on the other hand, generally allows its developers to put anything in their store. Of course, they can always exclude any app they deem a problem, according to their own rules. So, where is the problem with gambling type of apps? Well, if Google would let just anyone publish their program in their store and then remove it only after violations, it would allow suspicious developers to put apps that are a pure scam and nothing else. After all, even the platforms themselves are showing us the problem. Google’s Android is using Linux, which is an example of an open-source. Apple is doing something contrary, using restrictive coding models.

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Another distinction separating the two giants is deriving from what we just mentioned. Apple has an option to apply geolocation barriers, and with that, they can guarantee that every app is active solely to those nations where the law is allowing online gambling. The same is not the case with Google. As we mentioned, their approval process is much milder, and therefore, they don’t possess access to the same actions as Apple. That is a problem that is keeping some of the best developers out of Google Play. After all, they want to bring their product to as many people as they can. And that is very hard with these regulations.

One more topic we should consider is how all of what we mentioned influences betting operators. Maybe you will be surprised that Google has slightly less limiting policies for operators from Apple. What this means in practice is that developers can program their apps with the Android platform without any problems. But bear in mind, they still can’t place them in Google Play outside of the countries where it is allowed. Therefore, all of these online gambling companies require a separate way to their customers. In many instances, you do this with a direct link between the developer and the user. You find a website of the developer you are interested in and proceed with downloading. So it is as simple as going to let’ say nostrabet.com and then proceeding with finding apps like Bet9ja, or what your heart actually desires.

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So maybe you are among the lucky few, and Google’s principles have not even affected you that much. But while we can honor their intentions of preventing scammers from tricking people or keeping minors away, we still have a need and an itch to scratch, don’t we? So since even some of the biggest developers are missing from their store, what should be our next move? It is truly not that difficult to go and find your favorite betting game out there on the internet, considering most of the big companies will have a way for you to download their product safely. So don’t let the pandemic keep us away from enjoying ourselves.