How Fast Can You Get a Divorce in Las Vegas – 2024 Guide


When you get married, you plan to do it once and spend the rest of your life with the person you love but sometimes things just don’t work out. The reasons for divorce are many but the process of doing so can be grueling. That’s why everybody would prefer to get done with it fast. Multiple problems may occur and each state has their own set of rules and legal measures for divorce. That’s why today we are explaining how fast you can get a divorce in Las Vegas.


Uncontested Divorce

The easiest way to split is to get an uncontested divorce. The divorce between two people is usually complicated and long due to their disagreements about what goes to whom after the split.

The discussions over different bits and pieces that are being split can often take quite a long time. Especially if we get into a situation where the split that’s being presented isn’t being taken by one of the people. Lack of compromise can make the process much more difficult, leading to overlong procedures in courts.

By having an uncontested divorce, you both accept to part on your own terms. These types do not require the Las Vegas court to do anything and as such are way faster. It will save everybody a ton of issues while making sure everybody is satisfied. There are other forms of court cases that can be simply cleared by engaging in uncontested agreements. The closest one to divorce is child custody. By agreeing between each other, it’s possible to avoid overlong experiences in court.


The importance of good lawyers in quick resolutions

The second way of speeding up the process is to have a very good lawyer. No matter who you are, divorce leaves a lot of questions to be filled on the table. Those willing to go through with it will learn a lot about the required details during a court case.

However, it’s much more expedient to simply hire a lawyer. Lawyers can make the divorce easier to manage and make sure everything is done through properly. You’ll find that skipping on any of them can potentially lead to worsening of the situation and potentially catastrophic costs.

It’s good to find an experienced lawyer. Somebody who specializes in this area is even better due to the close knowledge of the subject. According to, if you are looking for a divorce lawyer in Texas, make sure you do your research thoroughly, compare the costs and then make the final decision.

With lawyers, you can get all the important information about the case and consult them on the next course of action. With right lawyers specifically, you get to enjoy a fixed fee for their services, which is important if something goes wrong and the process lasts longer than you initially planned. This will allow you to calculate the required cash early and efficiently, without sudden sparks in cost that aren’t apparent.

With the aid of your lawyers, you should be able to have a clean and easy divorce as far as the law side of things is concerned. Don’t underestimate the overall efficiency of such lawyers or the importance. Otherwise, you may get outdone by the other party who hired one.


Fast divorce in Las Vegas

As we’ve said, the uncontested divorce can be fast. With no disputes to be had, it’s simple to go through with it. Now, for Las Vegas specifically you can expect to finish everything within 3 weeks. It can take as little as a single week but this all depends on the current activity of the courthouse.

This also assumes that you don’t have any children together. If you do, the whole deal becomes a bit more complicated. Obviously, you can still resolve it with uncontested child custody but it will take a bit more time to figure it out.

To illustrate the difference between an uncontested divorce and a contested one, it bears mentioning that the latter can take as long as 2 to 3 months. So despite the ability to wrap up papers within a week, cooperation between the two people on the opposite sides is paramount. It’s best to ease the overall burden of engaging with the court as much as possible. If you two aren’t sure about the proceedings, lawyers can come in handy even more than usual.

Getting direct advice and help in wrapping up a contract is the best way to achieving a fast divorce that will fit all criteria for a legally finished marriage.



Exiting out of a marriage is never a fun or desired thing. But at times it is required. No matter what the reason for separation is, everybody wants to settle things and continue with their lives. After all, meandering through a divorce can be stressful in a multitude of ways. The divorce already takes an emotional toll on the person so keeping it snappy and short is usually good.

To complete it quickly, you need to collaborate with your spouse. Hearing out their needs and wants while showcasing yours is a great way to quickly get to an agreement. Any type of compromise on the already set agreement should be done before the actual proceedings.

By doing so you are able to engage in a resolution that may take merely a week in Las Vegas. This type of divorce goes by fast but it can be enhanced. By having lawyers ready for consultation and proper conduct of the entire process, you eliminate potential extra hassle that could come into play as a consequence of badly conducted paperwork. Engaging with a lawyer also makes the whole experience easier to navigate so it’s suggested.

Regardless, getting to an agreement is key. You want to get it all done in the easiest way possible for both of you. Hopefully, this is achievable as the alternative can take multiple months or even longer if disputes occur.