8 Reasons Why You Must Get Your Car Detailed

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Having a car is not a small feat. They require maintenance just like anything else, that is, if you want it to serve you a long time, which we guess you do. Other than regular check-ups and annual services at a mechanic, oil changes and all that other important stuff on the inside, you have to take care of your car from the outside, too. What we mean by this is not just regularly washing and vacuuming your car, we’re talking about something a bit fancier. We’re talking about detailing your car.

Detailing can benefit both you and your car in several different ways and that is exactly what we’re going to talk about today. It doesn’t matter if your car is new or old – detailing will make it look better and younger. Which is important, because, let’s face it, we’re not switching cars every few weeks, those things tend to stay with us for a few years or decades even. If you’re still not sold on detailing, we suggest you stick around for a few more moments because we’ll show you more than a few reasons why you should get your car detailed every once in a while.

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1. Protect the investment

Like we’ve said, it doesn’t matter if you own a brand new car or an old one, either way, it should look good. Chances are, you’ve spent hard-earned money on it, and it probably wasn’t an insignificant amount, therefore, you should protect it. Think of it as an investment because that’s what it essentially is. You wouldn’t leave your money out in the rain or near the fireplace – you’d protect it and keep it safe.

The same thing applies to your car. It has value and that value is determined by the state of the car. If the paint job is faded and scratched or the leather on the dashboard is discoloured or cracked, it’ll affect the price of the car. That’s why it is important to protect this investment as you would any other and car detailing is a great way to do it.

2. Retaining the value

Naturally, the value of the vehicle is going to drop as time passes. However, it can be affected by the way you treat your car. Let’s say you’re about the sell the car. Do you think you’d get more money if the car was looking brand new instead of old and used? Of course, you would. That’s why it’s important to detail at least every six months or so. You wouldn’t want a potential buyer pointing out every single minor detail trying to lower the price. If your car looks good, it’ll sell better.

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3. Safety

If you’re not certain how coating your car to prevent the colour loss, scratches, fading and so on can benefit the safety of the vehicle, wonder no more. Even though it doesn’t sound like it could help, it honestly does. When you apply the coating to your windshield or headlights, you essentially make them more resistant. That means less dirt accumulation – therefore, cleaner windows. It can also improve wipers performance which will make driving in the rain easier. As far as headlights go, you can make them last longer. It’ll protect them from UV lightning and other outside factors, keeping them clear for better performance longer.

4. Keep your car smelling good

This one is kind of self-explanatory – if the vehicle is clean, it’ll smell better. You’ve certainly noticed that some cars have a specific smell. That’s because a lot of build-ups happens over time. We spend a lot of time in our cars, a lot of dirt and dust and all sorts of different stuff gets in and stay there for a long time. The good thing about detailing is that it can both prevent and remove those smells from your car. Professional services like Shiny.ca even offer mobile car detailing, meaning you can have your car detailed right on your driveway.

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5. Allergies

If you’re someone who suffers from allergies a clean car is very important to you. When the allergy season starts, all kinds of pollen and other kinds of allergens can be found in the air and it can be a real problem. So, how can detailing help you with this? Well, first of all, since you have the option of the mobile car wash, your car can be detailed and thoroughly cleaned just outside your house, so when you do get inside it, it’s completely allergen-free.

6. Overall health

We know how important keeping everything clean is, especially nowadays. Well, a car can become a very dirty environment. We’re not talking about coffee cups and bag of chips over your front seat, but actual bacterial build-up. How come, you might wonder? Well, every human carries a lot of germs, some harmless some harmful. We touch a lot of things during the day, just think about the door handles. A lot of these germs are transported by touch, so when you touch something you leave a trace and a lot of things inside your car are often touched and prone to build-up. Your seats, door handles, carpets and so on. Detailing all of this stuff can create a coating that can prevent germs and bacteria from building-up enough to cause issues to your health.

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7. It just feels better

You have to admit, when you enter a clean, good looking and smelling car you instantly feel better and more secure. It’s like a well-organized workspace – it’ll keep you focused and happy. And you’ll agree with me that being focused when driving is pretty important. You don’t want dirty or scratched windshield distracting you.

8. Longevity

Finally, we’ve come to arguably the most significant benefit of detailing and that’s keeping your car exterior looking younger. It’s inevitable, your car is going to suffer from a lot of outside factors such as water, heat, UV rays, snow, bugs, rocks and so on. All of these can cause damage to the outside of your car. If your car is regularly detailed, you shouldn’t worry about any of them. A protective coat will be applied and your vehicle protected.

After all is said and done, it’s obvious that car detailing is definitely beneficial to both you and your car in many ways.