Gifting for Kids – Meaningful Presents That They’ll Truly Enjoy!


One of the biggest excitements of the holiday season, especially for kids, is the gifts they get. The antici[pation of ripping open the wrapping paper, opening shiny new boxes and comparing toys is unlike any other. But giving children gifts that they love, is no easy task! Nowadays kids have unique interests. Gone are the days when a barbie doll or spiderman toy would suffice!

As advanced as GenZ kids are, they’re still children and crave the same things that all children do- connection and belonging. So we decided to compile a list of the best presents you can give to your children, nephews and nieces- things that will make their holiday!

A common trend that we’ve seen online, is to buy kids gifts that

  • Either they want
  • They will wear
  • They need, or
  • Something to read.

Although these are practical options for someone looking to quickly cross-out gift-buying from their list, these options don’t help you find something that a child will truly value. Especially, if you’re buying presents for a kid who already has everything.


The unfortunate fact is that a youngster who already has all he needs (and perhaps much of what he desires as well) won’t fully appreciate presents of additional possessions.

This is why: According to research, the human brain adapts to new information over time. Adaptation is the fancy scientific name for this phenomena, which basically implies that when we are exposed to something frequently, we become accustomed to it.

In other words, as your youngster grows acclimated to the new things, they start to seem as exciting and noteworthy as the carpet in your home that he walks on every day. Or, not at all noteworthy or fascinating.

This is the reason why most presents wind up being hidden away in a closet or some other out-of-the-way place after a few days or weeks, forgotten and gathering dust.

One form of present, however, never disappears into the carpet, unlike physical gifts like toys and devices. In reality, this present creates memories that your youngster will cherish forever.

In the case of children, non-toy presents may also be referred to as activity gifts.

Whatever you choose to name them, experiential gifts are the ideal presents for children who already have everything since they will cherish them for weeks or even years.

This is what sets this list apart since the presents on it will cheer up kids.

Get the kids in your life these thoughtful presents that they’ll value long after the wrapping paper is gone rather than toys, baubles, and electronics.

Experience Gifts:

  • A DIY gardening kit

Kids just love an excuse to play in the dirt, so you may as well give them everything they need to start a garden and get some vegetables out of the bargain.

How to Package It: Give the youngster a couple packets of seeds so they may start a family garden (like this assortment that is ideal for youngsters). Use an all-in-one garden kit like this if you like the idea but have a black thumb (hey, that’s me!).

  • An Art & Craft Kit.

Find a creative kids’ project, craft, or activity, and then stock a basket with all the necessary materials.

How to Package It: Put everything they’ll require in a basket along with the written instructions. Or you can simply fill the basket with haphazard things you already have around the house, such as washi tape, festive stickers, and coloured Sharpies. (Good way to get rid of junk!)

  • A Playdough Kit

You only need homemade dough plus extras like buttons and toothpicks.


How to Package It: Gather an extra basket or box, and then put the play dough and various treats inside. If you don’t have any extras to provide, you can purchase a set of entertaining play dough equipment.

The best thing about experience gifts is that you can play with the children, using these kits. And the gift of time is the best of all.

Sweets and Chocolates:

The rich and chocolaty smells of chocolate and desserts bring back the happy memories of our youth. It’s no secret- children just luuurve chocolates and sweets.

Since holidays are the time to take a step back from strict diets and indulge a little, it’s the perfect time to give kids EXACTLY what they want. You really can’t go wrong with this one!
An option that you can’t go wrong with is Sweet Hampers.

From pick ‘n’ mix, retro candies, traditional candies, and American classics to chocolate bouquets and other favourites, has a delicious selection of sweet hampers, boxes, cones, bouquets, and more. Their sweet hampers, chocolate hampers, and gift packages are perfect for birthdays, Christmas, Easter and any other special occasion. They are packed to the top with delicious sweets that are guaranteed to please children and adults both.

And since children are a sucker for sweets, why not buy them a sweet & chocolate hamper to make their day?

How to make chocolate and sweet hampers healthier?


If you’re buying gifts for someone else’s children, it’s wise to consult their parents about any dietary guidelines that their child may be following- the children could have a nut allergy or the family could be vegan. The good news is they also offer specifically designed sweet hampers that are vegan and vegetarian.

Another option (if you don’t want the kids finishing a huge hamper of candy in one day, is to subscribe them to a medium or small size of goodies. These will be delivered every month and you’d be saving the parents money from their regular candy shopping! Not to mention that you’ll be remembered in good terms whenever the delivery arrives.

Books & Magazines:

Even if the child in question doesn’t like reading, you can get them activity books full of fun projects that they may enjoy doing. Just like experience gifts, you can do some of these projects with the child and build a stronger bond!

Activity books provide the youngster projects and crafts they may make or do, and they may discover they do, after all, enjoy literature. For example:

  • Easy science projects books (with materials that can be found in the kitchen
  • Art and Craft guides
  • Jewellery making ideas
  • Cardboard box projects (These have projects that children may create with used cardboard boxes. On Christmas morning, consider all the bare cardboard boxes they can turn into entertaining building projects!)

Magazine subscriptions:


Look for a kid-friendly magazine and purchase a subscription.

The youngsters will enjoy receiving mail that is specifically addressed to them, and they will unknowingly improve their reading abilities at the same time. This non-toy present avoids becoming a part of the usual clutter of gifts, thanks to the excitement of receiving a surprise in the mail once a month. Additionally, the majority of children’s publications provide craft and activity ideas. After finishing reading, children can lend the magazine to a friend.

How you can package It: Choose the current issue from a nearby bookshop, wrap it, and mention that they will receive a new issue in the mail each month when they open the present.

That’s all from our side folks! The gifts that work best for us, are a step apart from the usual dolls and racing cars that most people pick up. These gifts will last a long time and help you bond with the children you’re buying gifts for.

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What do you do when buying presents for children? Comment your ideas below! We’d love to hear!