7 Global Gaming Industry Trends in 2024

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Global gaming trends don’t change too much compared to the previous years, because that process is going smoothly and without distractions. But, if we go back 10-12 years, we can see how the whole gaming experience is dramatically improved. Today we have better graphic solutions, next-generation computers, and a lot of helping tools and equipment.

Also, one of the greatest steps the gaming industry took, is making these games more competitive and challenging. As a result, this industry is one of the fastest-growing in the whole market. Gamers often organize championships, encouraging new players to invest in their online career, and also use their premium services. Today’s gamers have a lot of different and affordable options, boosts, and improved methods to gain more experience during the game and set great scores.

The trends are changing and improving every year, and these are the most popular gaming industry trends for 2024:

1. Cloud-based games are becoming more and more popular

Cloud technology is pretty useful for every business and profession. As we know, cloud-based systems allow us to reach our important files and media using any device we have, as long as we know the login details. Some game companies are dedicated to improving their gaming services using this technology. Most gamers are willing to pay some fee for this type of service, knowing that they don’t need to download the game or use a CD to play. This trend is popular between the young adults aged 25-34 because statistically, they own more devices that are eligible for gaming, but also they often work and have money to pay for such a service.

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2. Gamers are nostalgic for the old good times

The developers and creators are creating excellent new games every day, so gamers can choose what they want. But, there is still a big group that always feel some nostalgia, and they are more likely to play some reboot or improved version of the games that were popular a few years ago. Also, game companies are aware of this fact, and together with the new creations, they release new chapters and upgrades to the old and popular games. The nostalgia is even bigger when some game was discontinued in the past, and the owners decide to re-release a new version. These upgrades also make the game more acceptable for the new generation of remastered gamers.

3. The comeback of the consoles

In the last decade, many developers adapted their games for smartphones and tablets. But, the gaming enthusiast knows that there is no better device than the standard PC configuration, your TV, and a good console, such as Xbox or PlayStation. These companies are always trying to improve their consoles and stay competitive in the gaming market. When people got bored with small screens and gave up on smartphones and tablets, they reached the old and gold gaming consoles. That also inspired the manufacturers to develop more advanced versions of the current consoles, so they can attract even the young group of gamers in the world. According to some recent surveys, the current gamers are more interested in consoles like never before.

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4. There is nothing wrong with a little boost

These “boosts” exist since the first game in the world was invented. In the past, they were known as “cheats” and were illegal to use, especially when the gamers are trying to win some prize, by reaching a good result. But, many people discovered that there is an open door for a profitable business. So, if you want instant success in some game, you can hire a professional that will “boost” your experience, passing the boring steps and levels for you. Many gamers are willing to spend money on the game they play. For example, let’s take Call of Duty as one of the most popular games in the world. Boosting services like lfcarry.com offer you fast passing through the levels so you can collect your weapons arsenal. CoD Modern Warfare weapons camo is a term that is used for a weapon camouflage for this game. This boost will help you “flex” with a good looking weapon that will make all your competitors jealous.

5. Social activities and broadcasting

Many gamers decide to stream their game, which leads to socializing and meeting new people with the same interest. As we know, this may lead to real-life meetings and organizing championships and tournaments. But, since the world is in a global health crisis caused by the coronavirus, all gaming social activities are reserved for these broadcasting channels. Also, there is nothing better than watching how your opponent is losing some battle you are in together.

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6. Mobile gaming is not a joke

The most experienced gamers will always choose their console or computer before the smartphone. But, smart devices are good to maintain your score when you are not able to bring the console with you. So, you may prefer your PC over the smartphone, but you should never underestimate its power when it comes to games because, by the time you are avoiding it, smart gamers are using their phones to play and win.

7. Safety is always a priority

When you choose to play video games, you always need to stay safe and protect yourself from scams. You can use antivirus systems so you can avoid breaches and hacking attacks. Always buy licensed and original games, so you can protect your devices from viruses and harmful malware. Many inexperienced gamers “infected” their consoles or computers while using untrusted sources and illegal game copies.

Gaming trends maybe aren’t changing very fast, but we are all able to see the differences in so many ways. It’s clear that this industry is growing rapidly, especially when new games are released every now and then. It’s estimated that the gaming industry is worth a few billions of dollars, which clearly shows us how many people play these games. These trends are helping them to always be happy and satisfied but also challenged by the new versions and features.