Global Unemployment: Causes, Economic Effect, and Buying Degrees as a Possible Solution

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Somehow, there seems to be a direct relationship between the economy and its workforce. When people become unemployed, and their job positions remain empty for a long period, the company loses human resources. Losing the workforce can cause the company to underperform, resulting in lower sales interaction within their industry. And when there is not enough money going around, the economy slows down.

Last year, the International Labor Organization (ILO) saw a slight increase in the unemployment rate worldwide, where they recorded an estimate of 188 million people of working age who are unemployed. The last time there was a significant increase in unemployment was in 2008, which was due to a global economic recession causing people to be laid off from their jobs. As economic conditions stabilize, so does the rate of employment. Therefore, a downward trend in the non-working individuals from 2009 to 2018.

Reasons for unemployment

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There are a lot of contributing factors that affect employment like age, skills, and credentials. Amongst these, credentials are usually the first thing employers look at. The general requirements falling under this category is your highest educational attainment and years of work experience.

Just having a look at these factors eradicates the confusion on why unemployment continues to be a global problem. As everyone knows, education is only enjoyed by a few people, and not all of them can finish school.

For some professions, finishing your undergraduate program and getting a college degree may not be enough. As a result, the number of people who are to get hired possibly becomes less. With this problem, some job seekers resort to buying college degrees from websites like where you can obtain degrees from any university.

Benefits of higher education

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With all the hard work and money a person invests in their education, it is no wonder that finishing school provides a rewarding feeling. Having a degree is like having a key that will open a lot of doors for you to achieve your career goals. That being said, it is advantageous when you have multiple degrees of different levels. Below are the top three ways degrees can benefit you:

  1. When you have various degrees, you are most likely to be favored by your employer. This means that with the right skills to back up your diplomas and certifications, you are most likely to get promoted and get a raise on your paycheck.
  2. Degrees also help you get paid more since they determine the level of your expertise in your field. If you have degrees of varying levels in different industries, you are a jack of all trades in the eyes of clients, bosses, and customers. This could help generate higher sales if you are a business owner.
  3. Most importantly, when you have several degrees, you are least likely to get fired or laid off despite your age. Employers will treat you as an asset to the company. This is because they see you as someone who will always have something new to contribute to the company, as every time you study, you gain more knowledge.

Degree dilemma and online markets

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The problem with degrees is that not everyone has access to them. Plus, it is not easy to get, whereas it requires a lot of effort to earn. There are also people who are naturally highly-skilled, yet they do not have diplomas making it hard for them to land a job. This is where websites that sell degrees come into the picture.

Online degree selling websites are under companies that can help you get a degree fast and easy, with just a few simple steps. Usually, they are deemed cheaper than actually enrolling in a full course. Buying degrees from them is also a time-saver, especially if you do not have enough space in your schedule to squeeze in a few classes.

Although degrees sold on these websites are instant, they still have a couple of requirements before they can start assisting you. Some may require you to give out your educational background as well as your work experience and list of skills. In this way, they can assess whether your university and degree of choice suit your career. The least they want is for your employer to suspect you of faking your documents.

Real or fake?

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So, are degrees bought online fake? The answer is no. Not all online degrees are fake. In fact, universities themselves sell degrees in their official sites. Here, they offer online classes that you can take for at least a month or so. If your preferred university does not take part in selling online degrees, you can always find an online degree selling site that is partnered with them.

Also, when choosing where to buy your degrees—in case you will be needing one in a hurry—take note that these should be from accredited and real universities only and are accompanied by the right supporting documents that can be verified by your employer. This means that your diploma is legit and certified and not just a simple piece of paper.

To know whether the degree you are about to buy is legit or not, examine the website you are purchasing it from. Cross-check with the government’s list of universities and institutions that are authorized to sell and grant degrees. Remember that the grounds for using fake diplomas are dangerous. Plus, you would not want people running away with your money.

The antidote

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Since a few parts of unemployment is attributed to a lack of educational attainment from jobseekers, buying degrees could be the possible solution. More people will be enjoying the benefits of a degree holder and will be encouraged to apply for a job.

Also, with more naturally skilled personnel having degrees, more people will most likely get hired. Living conditions can also improve as everyone will have the means to earn money for their needs. And with enough money going around and being distributed, the economy stabilizes and develops over time.

But this does not mean that people should overlook the importance of finishing school personally if you can. Buying degrees should only be your last resort, especially when you are facing troubles that are of significant threat to your career and when you genuinely do not have enough time to comply with the requirements. Therefore, buying degrees is not a complete solution.

A lot of factors truly take a toll on the global rate of employment. Even if everyone earns a degree and meets the company’s long list of credentials, if an employer does not know how to take care of their people, employees will voluntarily leave. Sometimes, it all boils down to luck and circumstances.