How Many Likes Does It Take To Go Viral On TikTok?


Tiktok has become a favorite social media app for youngsters. People are spending so much time creating interesting content and likewise, spending time watching the created content. However, not anyone can get famous, and not anyone will get many likes. Even the famous ones might get fewer likes on some videos and more on others.

How can you become famous on TikTok? There are multiple ways to do so.

Having a viral video and being famous are two different things. You can be famous but won’t have any viral videos. And sometimes there are people whose videos get viral for no reason at all. We all have observed one such thing in our lives.

So how many likes does it take to go viral?

Although there is no fixed number to say that if you get this many likes or views, your video will become viral. But according to the results that we have got after analyzing many different viral videos, if you get more than 250,000 views, there is a high chance that your video can become viral.

And here are some other ways to get more likes.


1. Buying likes

One of the ways that you can get more likes is by buying them. And where can you find this option? It is nothing difficult, you can buy TikTok views at The good thing is that you do not have to pay anything. They are offering around 50 likes for free. So if you are not sure whether you will get the likes after paying them the money, you can try the free ones first.

After you get 50 likes, you can easily go for more likes. This will let you purchase as many likes as you like. The more likes you have on your videos, the higher will be the chance for you to become famous.

2. Creating quality content

This is one of the authentic ways of becoming famous. You can always buy likes and views. However, for how long will you purchase them? Purchasing can work once or twice but not always. Because if you are always purchasing likes, it means that you are spending money instead of earning it.

Therefore, you need something that brings long-term results. And the only way to get authentic and long-term results is through creating quality content. That is why you need to work on new ideas with a fresh mindset. Creating fresh content will bring you better followers. They will be new and will also follow you because of the quality of your content.


The number of views you need to become famous

The number of views varies from country to country too. In some regions, your video might get viral at 250,000 views. On the other hand, in some regions, the number of views that you will need is 500,000. Likewise, sometimes, 500,000 is only for semi-viral videos. And for viral ones, you will need more than one million views.

How much time will it take for you to become famous?

In addition to the number of likes and views, you will also need some time to become famous. So how much time will it need?

In reality, the time varies. Sometimes, years-old videos become viral suddenly. On the other hand, some videos can become viral in 2 to 4 hours. The main reason for this is the algorithm of TikTok. Your video will be shown to a limited number of users at first. If it gets more likes, the number of viewers increases with time. After analyzing the performance of your videos, their audience will increase.

So to become famous, you will need to understand the algorithm of TikTok.


And how does this algorithm work?

According to the algorithm of TikTok, you do not have to be someone with millions of followers. Even a new or rising star can become famous in no time. This is also the thing that makes this platform attractive for content creators.

But this does not mean that the stages are easy and simple. Your video should go through some stages before it becomes viral on the web. However, this does not mean that people know about this algorithm. This is a secret that not many know about.

But don’t worry.

We know some too.

The first thing is that the platform will never show your video to millions of people at the initial stage. Furthermore, these initial followers might be your followers and might not be. And this small number of people is usually 100 and around that.

In addition to this, the initial number of followers also depends on the performance of your previous videos. If they were performing well, your initial number might not be 100. Moreover, this number will also increase if you have a huge following. Therefore, there is not any exact figure and there are multiple varying factors.


After the initial period, the algorithm will assess the performance of your video before initializing the second stage. This analysis will determine your next target audience number. The number will increase if your video performed well in the first round. And the criteria to check that is the number of likes, comments, and also downloads.

In addition to this, the algorithm will also check if the video was skipped and how many times it was skipped. Also, for how long people watched the video? If people were watching it only for the first few seconds and then skipping it, this means that the content was not very attractive.

However, if your content was good and the view time is also good with more likes, comments, and downloads, your audience will increase.

Likewise, after the second stage, the third stage will begin. This stage will also begin after the analysis of the results from the second stage. Thus, after each stage, the results will be analyzed and the audience will increase.