Everything You Must Know About Google’s December 2024 Core Update

Google has been the messiah of several digital media marketing companies. All the blooming digital media services and companies in some way owe their success to Google’s elaborate marketing tools like:

  • Keyword planners
  • AdWords
  • SEO

And recently, Google just added the most wonderful cherry to this beautiful cake of technical marketing support. It was the announcement of a new core algorithm update called the December 2024 Core Update.

Source: SEMrush

The December 2024 Google Core Update

On December 3rd, Google announced its new core update; just like every other update, this update was universal. Google releases updates on quarterly cycles, the last one being released in May. Although, this update took time as compared to other classic three months updates, and that’s why people expect something completely unique this time.

Most digital marketing agencies like MagnifyLab claim that this update is likely to have substantial impacts on digital media marketing. As this update is relatively new in the market, it is a subject of various debates. So until there are visible impacts, let us see what this update has in store for its customers.

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SERP volatility mark after the update

This update has triggered some major volatility marks since its launch. The update raised the volatility marks to 9.4 on its second day alone. The most affected industries here:

  • Real Estate
  • Health and care
  • Law and government
  • Travel
  • Finance

All these sectors observed an exponential spike in their volatility rate as and when the update went on.

If we consider, who won or lost the battle here, there would be no specific answer to it. It seems like the domains that surpassed 1 million in their traffic logs saw drastic changes; either they spiked their search volumes or visibly dropped their rankings; there was nothing in between. The digital marketing agencies are yet to conclude their reasons for such invariant results.

Source: Searchmetrics

Response to this update

As previously discussed, this update caused invariable results; it was advantageous to some domains while it completely downgraded the others. The members of the SEO Community navigated this update as a 2024 jinx, observing its strange results.

The timing that this update covered could be deadly dangerous to some businesses. The Christmas season was around the corner, and many companies get their biggest sales during this time of the year. However, this invariable algorithm of the December 2024 Google core update can be the most significant loss businesses have to go through because of some inconsistent algorithm updates.

So, if your digital progress has been horribly hindered by the new update, follow what Google’s core community advises you to.

How to check if your webpage’s content qualifies as Google quality content?

Here’s a checklist for you to check the same:

  • Does the content provide relevant, reliable, researched and original information on the query searched?
  • Does the content substantially justify the topic it holds?
  • Does the content hold information that is unique and differs from the original dull content found everywhere?
  • Does the content avoid exaggerating facts or fiddling up statistics and overall reflects a natural and engaging tone.
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Suggestions to overcome the negative consequences of the 2024 Google core update

  • Keep your content high quality and offer the best possible service extensions.
  • Check your SEO systems for issues. If they have any, get them fixed immediately.
  • Use structured data so Google can uncover the relevant aspects of your content with each search query.
  • Run site audits to fix SEO related glitches and detect any potential problems.
  • Brainstorm for advertising and algorithm improvements.
  • Monitor your online visibility stats; this will give you the exact idea regarding your current status.

Google’s December 2024 Core Update in numbers: Every insight you need to know

The current update of Google has unexpectedly changed the ranking orders and SEO standards.

  • Insights suggest that this very update of Google did not target the ranking factors. In fact, it targeted query extraction methods.
  • The current Google update focused on how to solve search queries efficiently.
  • The changes brought by Google’s December 2024 Core Update were initially inscrutable and insignificant.
  • However, insights suggest that many websites can be excluded from the raking privileges once the update rolls out.
  • Therefore, one thing remains clear that the current update is associated with webpage signal cascades.
  • The signal cascade means alterations in results once the changes roll up and hit the system.
  • Also it has been expected that this new December update has something to do with the update of May 2024. In other words, this update is the foundation layer for the May 2024 core update.
  • Google’s May 2024 core update has promised to introduce the Core Web Vitals feature to the algorithm.
  • So it can be expected that this current December 2024 Core Update has elements concerning the core vital update of May 2024.
  • Although that is possible, it would not be correct to conclude that the possession of these vital core elements is what the December 2024 Core Update is all about.
  • This is because the core web vitals element tends to be inert, but the 2024 update has caused some significant changes in the website rankings.
Source: BluShark Digital

Takeaways from Google’s 2024 Core Update

  • Complies to the standards of expertise, authority, and also trustworthiness (E.A.T.)
  • The update is seemingly content-oriented and focuses more on content quality.
  • The update might result in the loss of keywords, loss of traffic, loss of rich snippets and overall global ranking.
  • Fluctuation in ranking positions can be witnessed globally in search queries due to weak backlinks.
  • The update improves contextual results for search queries.
  • There seems no specific shielding methods against the current update. However, if you enhanced your website’s content and backlinks, maybe you can be back in the ranking game.


The update is yet to roll out and display changes fully. However, if you think this update has negatively struck your business, follow what the Google community advised you to. Moreover, you can hire professional digital media marketing services to help you get rid of such algorithm bugs and help you rise through the webs of digital volatility. Plus, Google did say that the update would take time to capture the digital area and filter websites entirely.