Things to Know Before Using Graffiti Markers For The First Time


Right from rags and tags, graffiti markers are used for a variety of applications and give the best results. However, when beginning using them, there are a few things you should know to make the most of the markers available. If you are looking to draw a thick line that can easily cover anything present on the surface or underneath it, you will need to use markers. There are a few things that you should know before using graffiti markers so that you obtain the best results.

When you look forward to buying graffiti paint markers, there are several options available for you to choose from. When making a choice, you should always go for the best one available to make sure that the investment made is worth it. That said, before buying a graffiti marker or before you choose to invest in one, you should ask yourself a few questions, what surface you will use them on, the background will be of what colour, how strong will the buff be in the city, etc. Read more to have a clear idea of graffiti markers and their uses.


The Best Type of Marker for Graffiti

There are several different options of markers available. If you are looking to get thicker lines, larger tags, and the ones that perform the best on smooth surfaces, then we recommend using felt-tip markers. Well, the felt-tip options are the most commonly used marker pens that are used by many for graffiti pens.

You can also choose to use the mop markers on extra smooth surfaces since they are the best option for the addition of dripping, large tags.

Marker is proven to be the best tool that helps in the creation of art. However, if one is not aware of how to use them adequately, then there are chances that the drawing may acquire streaks. Streaks are referred to as the extra lines that are added to the drawings and get dried up when enough water is not poured into the drawing. This causes graininess along with streaks in the drawing. Some artists purposely get the streaks done since they believe they are after acquiring streaks and also believe that it is part of the process.


Different Graffiti Marker Options Available

  • White Out Pens: Such pens are the mini versions of the paint pens that have steel tips on them and are the best choice for smaller areas. Also, if you are looking for extremely thinner lines, then white-out pens are the best choice and also enables dripping out tags while moving slowly.
  • Steel Tips: Such tips are the best option for securing thinner lines, painting and drips on rough and tough surfaces. The tips of such markers are usually filled with the help of thicker paints.
  • Map Markers: Such markers are the best option for dripping and bigger tags and are the best option for smoother surfaces. The tips of such markers are in the shape of mops that are squeezable and this will help you ooze out only the required amount of paint.
  • Felt-Tip Markers: Such markers are the best choice for thicker lines, larger tags and also does best on smooth surfaces. These are the most commonly used markers are the typical graffiti paint pens.

What Are The Steel Tip Paint Markers?

The steel tip paint markers have rough tips that don’t break down even when they are scraped over rough or wooden surfaces. That said they are the best option to be used on rough surfaces. They provide thinner, perfect lines and can be squeezed as well. This makes the drip of the marker extremely easy. This enables the object to control not to drip in excess.



Steel tips are the best option for working on rough surfaces that include wood. This is the marker for you if you are looking for fine lines and too many drips.


If you are after bigger thicker lines then this one is not for you. However, while you throw your tag, you need to remain silent. The lid has higher chances of leaking and hence stays prone to the condition.

Felt Tip Paint Markers

If you are looking for a classic tag then felt tip ones offer the required results on smooth surfaces. For smoother surfaces, you will not find an option better than this one. The markers are available in different sizes, however, in general, the medium, wide and ultra-wide are used for graffiti.

The paint pens last longer than expected because the amount of paint that comes out is regulated by the felt tip. Felt tips are available in chisel and broad tips. Hence, based on the style of the tag, you need to make sure that you are buying just the right pen.



Graffiti markers are great for silent use, and indoor tags as well. They are the best choice for acquiring consistent width in your design and also for cleaner tags with minimum drips. This option is often refillable and is also a sturdy tip that doesn’t leak.


Will not perform as expected on rough surfaces. The pen tips may feel rigid and not provide adequate results when used for the first time. The felt tips are buffed easily.

The graffiti markers are used to make styles in the art and also make the tags and other elements more attractive. The graffiti artists often use such tools to get the scope of their drawing and art expansion.

The paint pens made from acrylic materials produce great quality work, i.e provide mirror-like finish on plastic surfaces and also on the light-coloured surfaces as soon as they get dried up. The graffiti markers are widely used for street arts and can also be used on a variety of other surfaces that include soft and hard surfaces that include paper, metal and canvas. The paint markers are best when used on all kinds of non-porous surfaces besides on the other surfaces mentioned above.

If you are looking to make graffiti or any other art, markers are the best choice for acquiring desired results.