Eco Travel: Greener Ways For Travel And Adventure Trips

The number of people booking ‘green’ eco-friendly accommodation has increased more than ever. While many people tend to think that eco-friendly travel is expensive, the truth is that eco-friendly travel can be quite cheap.

In this article we are using the help of the adventure travel experts at Malle, to analyze why you should opt for eco-friendly travel for your next adventure and how you can actually do this while enjoying.

Why should you opt for an eco-friendly trip?

So, why should you opt for eco-friendly travel? Well, the main reason why people opt for eco-friendly traveling is to save the planet. C02 that is emitted from cars, planes, and other modes of transport contributes substantially to global warming. And, of course, the effects of global warming are pretty devastating. From higher temperatures which can cause floods to dirtier air and even higher wildlife extinction rates. The effects of global warming are just terrible, that’s why we need to prevent it.

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Ways to travel eco-friendly

Here are ways you can achieve an eco-friendly trip:

1. Choose green destinations

Your holiday destination really matters if you are looking forward to an eco-friendly trip. That’s why you need to choose it carefully. Although it is typically eco-friendly to travel locally or to nearby countries, you don’t have to limit yourself to what is in your region. You can still explore other countries that are classified as “green destinations.”

By visiting these green destinations, you are basically infusing money into economies that promote environmentalism. You are essentially rewarding them for their act of protecting the universe and encouraging them to continue doing so. Examples of greener destinations include Costa Rica, Alaska, African wildlife reserves, green cities such as Copenhagen, U.S. national parks, and so much more.

2. Pack lightly

You should only pack the items that you need, and the environment will thank you. Having less luggage means that you will avoid exaggerated baggage fees. In addition to that, taking with you a few bags and fewer items means that the car, plane, or train will be lighter, hence producing fewer carbon emissions.

When it comes to packing your holiday items, you need to prepare a list of all the essential items you will need for the trip. This can help you lighten your load since you will be able to identify items that aren’t important.

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3. Use greener transportation and offset your carbon footprint

One of the best modes of transportation that is eco-friendly is the train. They are very efficient in terms of energy per person, though they take time. Certainly, planes, trains, and cars all emit carbon. There is nothing you can do about it, but you can certainly reduce it.

When you opt to fly, you can choose a nonstop instead of connecting flights. That’s because most fuel consumption happens during takeoff and landing. However, nonstops are generally more expensive than connecting flights. But if your comfort, time, and sanity are a priority and not the few dollars saved, then you can go for it.

While not perfect, carbon offsets are an effective way to ease the impact of travel. Several airports have made it easier for travelers by selling offsets at airport kiosks. Moreover, several airlines also sell offsets during the booking process.

4. Stay at Green hotels

You can also consider staying in a green hotel if you are opting for an eco-friendly trip. However, there are so many hotels that claim to be green, while in the real sense, they aren’t. So, you need to be wary of such hotels. The best way to determine whether a hotel is green or not is to pay attention to third-party certifications like Green Key, ISO 14001, Green Globe, etc.

Additionally, look for the kind of products the hotel is using to clean their rooms. Of course, the last thing you want is to stay in a hotel room with toxic chemicals that may irritate your skin.

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5. Walk, bike, or use public transportation

Using public transportation is not only cheap, but it can also allow you to explore your destination like a local. Buses and shuttles, especially those that are electric or are alternatively fueled are very green. Besides, many cities in various countries offer bicycles for rent. You can also opt to walk around. You will not only be able to save money, but you will also be able to explore the area you are visiting.

There are instances when it is impossible to get around without a car. In that case, you can rent a hybrid car or any fuel-efficient car.

6. Eat local

While it may be quite tempting to eat in a classy, 5-star restaurant that is 5,000 miles away, it is advisable to eat the food that is prepared where you are. Most of these 5-star restaurants tend to use preservatives and waste plenty of fuel, shipping, and packing the materials.

Instead, just grab a bite at local, independently owned diners, and choose the right foods. These kinds of restaurants usually prepare meals that are healthier and taste better. So, you will not only save money but the fuel that you could have used to drive to the chain restaurant.


7. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Finally, you should never forget to follow the three R’s of the environment when going for a trip. For instance, you can reuse your towels and sheets rather than changing them daily so that you can reduce loads of laundry at the hotel, hence saving energy and water. You can reuse your water bottle so that you can reduce plastic consumption as well as keep hydrated. You can also bring your own shower products with you in reusable bottles so that you don’t use the hotels’ shampoos and body lotions. This will help prevent adding to the pile of waste at the hotel.