How To Engage And Grow Your Audience Faster On Social Media


Social media presence in today’s day and age is as important as one thing could be – especially for businesses and brands.

Regular people could go on about their day not caring about their social media profiles, but businesses and brands need to put a little bit of effort into their pages. After all, the audience is not going to grow on its own.

Today, we’re going to teach you how to engage and grow your audience on social media – quickly.

Sounds good? Let’s go then!


1. Post Quality Content

You could apply every audience-engaging tactic in the world, but if you don’t post quality content – nothing’s going to happen.

It all starts with you. If your following is not growing and the people already there are not engaging with your content, the harsh truth is that your content isn’t good enough. It’s that simple.

First, step up your content. Only then you can move on to more intricate things.

2. Respond To Comments

Don’t let the number of comments get to your head. You are not a celebrity or a diva if you get ten comments under each Instagram post or a couple of replies under a tweet. Getting several comments does not mean you don’t respond to them!

For as long as you’re on social media – responding to comments should be a priority.

Now, don’t get us wrong. We’re not saying answer each and every comment. That would be impossible if you’re moderately big on social. However, a few replies a day won’t kill you. In fact, it’ll go a long way.


3. “Don’t Forget To Comment, Like, And Share!”

You should make it a habit to remind your audience to take action with your content. It doesn’t matter which platform you’re on – you have to do this. This is not optional.

People will often just forget to like, share, comment, or subscribe – so you have to remind them.

“Did you like what you saw? Like, share or comment your thoughts! I’ll appreciate it!”

Don’t be shy to be blunt with it.

4. Make Every Post Visual

If, for some weird reason, your social media of choice is still Facebook or Twitter – it would serve you right to make every (or at least every other) post visual.

Now, we’re not saying just share a photo or video with your post. We’re saying to actually take the time to make that piece of visual content into something uniquely yours.


5. Post At Least Once A Day

You could go out and boost your social media profile with all you like, but if you don’t go out and post at least once a day – those boosts will only go so far.

Social media algorithms love activity, but they absolutely adore daily activity. Not missing a day is a sure way to get your audience growing.

However, don’t just spam. You still have to offer value. Check number one again!

6. Ask Engaging Questions

Want to get people to comment? Ask them a question they’ll want to answer.

While writing “Leave a like and a comment” at the end of each post might get you some engagement – you’ll get a lot more if you just ask the question that “needs” to be answered. Here are a few examples.

“Which of these outfits do you like the best?” – if you’re a fashion blogger. “Which stock are you buying today?” – if you’re a social media financial guru.


7. Hook Your Audience

Whether you’re relying on written or visual content – you have to lure your audience in.

Write a captivating hook. Use eye-catching headlines. Sprinkle some attention-grabbing words early on. Use witty humour. Do that kind of stuff.

Make your intros and headings – POP!

8. Hold Contests

So, here’s a top-secret recipe for growing your following – host a contest or a giveaway. You already knew that? Well, we guess it’s not a top secret anymore.

Nothing will get people to leave comments and tag other people like free stuff.

Offer something meaningful. Offer something worth commenting on. And then, just ask your audience to comment and tag two people in their comment for a chance to win. Easy-peasy!


9. Add More Video To Your Page

Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, or even Twitter – you need video.

People would much rather watch a 30-second long video and listen to someone talk than actually read 10 seconds worth of content – even though the latter is much faster.

So, if you can – film a video. It’ll help.

10. Don’t Change Your Avatar Too Often

People are torn on this one, but we’re advocating that you don’t mess around with your avatar or profile picture too often.

Once people get to know you by your profile picture, especially on Twitter – that’s the way they’ll remember you.

They will instinctively react to a post with your avatar. Even if they’re just scrolling through – a familiar face might get them to stop and engage.

So, find your avatar and stick to it.


11. Encourage Tagging

Holding contests is the best way to ensure people get tagged in your comments, but that’s not the only way to do it.

Encourage tagging!

Just write things like “Tag a friend that might like this! Tag a friend who needs this today!” and you should be good.

12. Use Emojis

This one’s also kind of controversial, but we would encourage you to use emojis.

However, don’t overdo it! Stuffing your content with emojis will just look messy, unreadable, and too silly.

Instead, use emojis to communicate emotion, add some pizzazz to your post, or get your point more clearly for example you can use shrug emoji to convey confusion or emphasize a question, thumbs-up emoji to express assent or approval.


13. Don’t Be Boring

If you want people to engage and you want your audience to grow – you can’t be boring!

Even if you were offering a potion for eternal beauty – absolutely for free – nobody would want it if you were boring.

While you can’t do much about your personality – you can do a lot about your content. So, make it interesting!


If you’ve stopped reading this at least a few times because you just got an idea from one of these tips – we’ve done a good job.

These thirteen audience-growing and engaging practices, tips, or however else you’d like to call them, are without a doubt going to help you extend your reach and build your following.

If you know another trick that we haven’t mentioned – let us know. We’re always willing to learn more!