GTA 5 Gets Virtual Reality Revamp

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Already one of the bestselling games of all time, GTA 5 is breaking new boundaries with a virtual reality revamp. Usable in both missions and while exploring the open world, the new virtual reality mod offers gamers unrivalled immersion and a hyper-realistic experience of San Andreas.

Fans are already clamouring to try GTA 5 VR and demand is sure to increase in upcoming weeks as people spend more time indoors. While the third-party modification isn’t endorsed by Rockstar, it’s undoubtedly a gamechanger for anyone who plays regularly.

Of course, not everyone will have the hardware required to enjoy GTA 5 in virtual reality right away. Fortunately, you don’t need any extra hardware to enhance your gameplay.

Sites like GTABoom give you access to hidden features and keep the game feeling fresh.
If you do want to try GTA VR, you’ll need to get a hold of the right equipment and tools. Want to explore San Andreas in virtual reality? Find out how now…

Immerse Yourself in GTA VR Now

To experience Grand Theft Auto in virtual reality, you’ll need a VR headset. Based on OpenVR, GTA VR is compatible with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. GTA VR requires the following:

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• 64-bit version of Windows
• SteamVR
• VorpX
• ScriptHookV

However, the pre-alpha version which is also available doesn’t require VorpX. If you don’t already have a paid VorpX account, this might be the best version to start with. Modders recommend installing the GTA VR mod on a fresh installation of GTA V, as this can help to avoid mod conflicts and unnecessary bugs.

Once you’ve re-installed GTA 5 or disabled any other mods, you can get started installing the GTA virtual reality mod. With plenty of detailed instructions available from the developers, we won’t give you a step-by-step rundown here. Rest assured, installing the GTA VR mod is simple and straightforward – but don’t forget to update your window resolution!

Remember – there is more than one virtual reality mod for GTA. While GTA VR is the most widely used virtual reality mod, there are alternatives. Of course, there’s no official virtual reality upgrade for GTA 5 yet.

What Does GTA VR Offer?

Like all the best GTA 5 mods, VR brings a whole new dimension to your favourite game – or several, rather. If you already find yourself whiling away the hours exploring the open world, prepare to spend entire days in San Andreas. Virtual reality offers unparalleled immersion, but it doesn’t simply enhance what’s there; it presents the open world in a way you’ve never seen – or felt – before.


Since its release back in 2013, Rockstar Games have been under pressure to announce GTA 6. Given the spectacular graphics and gameplay, however, GTA 5 continues to impress today’s gamers. While there is no doubt a new incarnation is much anticipated, calls for an official virtual reality edition may soon outstrip demand for GTA 6.

Although Rockstar has yet to fully embrace VR, it is slowly combining the latest tech with its biggest titles, most notably L.A. Noire. This may be promising for fans who want to see their favourite game get the same treatment.

The very essence of Grand Theft Auto is ideal for the, arguably few, limitations of VR. While other titles have trouble overcoming the jarring impact of VR when walking or running, much of GTA 5’s gameplay occurs behind the wheel or in the cockpit. For developers, this makes GTA 5 a prime candidate for virtual reality. Of course, the sheer number of gamers who would shell out for an official version won’t do it any harm either.

Until an official version is announced, however, third-party VR mods are the closest you’ll get to speeding through San Andreas. Fortunately, they do a great job of incorporating the latest gaming tech into a beloved, somewhat vintage title.

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GTA 5: The Future

As one of the most popular entertainment series ever, Grand Theft Auto is routinely played by millions of people all over the world. For a title released in 2013, the on-going popularity of GTA 5 speaks for itself. Despite no official new releases, third-party developers have always ensured that GTA 5 remains fresh and exciting.

Similarly, the use of GTA 5 cheat codes has revolutionised gameplay for millions of players around the world. Giving people the option to enhance their own powers, unlock hidden features and alter gameplay, using the right GTA 5 cheats ensures the game stays as fresh as the day it was launched.

Whether or not you’ll be trying GTA VR, you’ll certainly want to make the most of the cheat codes that are available for GTA 5. No matter what platform you choose to play on, be it console or PC, all offline versions can be enhanced by cheats. Some of the best include:

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• All weapons
• Super Jump
• Invincibility
• Explosive Ammo Rounds
• Parachute

As well as using GTA 5 cheats to enhance your capabilities and performance, one of the most useful elements of using trusted GTA 5 cheats is spawning new vehicles. No matter what you want to drive, you’ll find the perfect way to get around! Whether you want to experience San Andreas on two wheels or four, or even in the sky, you can choose from a range of vehicles, including:

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• BMX Bike
• Stretch Limo
• Golf Cart
• Attack Helicopter
• Trashmaster
• Stunt Plane
• Submarine
• Sea Plane

Is GTA 5 Still the Best Game Out There?

Every gamer has their favourite title and they’ll defend their preferred open world to the death. However, GTA 5 has broken boundaries – and records – for a reason. Upon release, GTA 5 became the fastest-selling entertainment product of all time and it hasn’t stopped setting records in the last seven years.

While re-releases inevitably draw renewed interest in a title, the success of GTA 5 hasn’t arisen merely because of innovative marketing campaigns or viral advertising content. The numerous accolades it has received are due entirely to the exceptional development and design of the open world. Whether you’re an avid gamer or a casual player; a wanderer or mission-oriented; a multiplayer participant or a solitary single-player, there’s no doubt that GTA 5 remains one of the best titles out there.