A Guide to Purchasing Moroccan Babouches

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If you ask any native Moroccans, what are the most popular traditional slippers found in morocco? I guess the first name they might say is the ‘Moroccan Babouches’. Some of the movie geeks might even say these are Aladdin’s most favorite shows. The term Babouche comes from French, which in fact comes from Persian (Papushie flat shoes). In Moroccan Arabic, here we are speaking of Balgha.

You’ll find an endless variety of souvenirs to purchase during your trip to Morocco, particularly in large souks such as Fes and Marrakech. The Moroccan leather slipper, a traditional Moroccan leather slipper, gives a fun gift to friends and relatives. You may also purchase a pair of babouches, because they are both sturdy and user-friendly.

The manufacture of Moroccan slippers is a continuous procedure, also known as ‘babouche.’ It starts when raw animal skins are collected and handled (cobbage skin, cow skin, and camel skin), cleaned, dried, and died until the right amount of softness for what is called ‘Balgha.’ There is thong that must be clarified here that there are two types of Babouches, the traditional Moroccan slippers that pass through the craftsmen ship of a talented artisan and the others are the ones made from the machines. Among these the hand made products find more popularity among purchasers because they perfectly fit.

Today, we are going to present to you the guide that we did with artisanat-shop, on how to purchase Moroccan Babouches, let’s get started.

The Best of the Sorts

Source: lonelyplanet

The first thing to remember while buying a pair of babouche is that you want to wear it outside or indoors. Indoor babouche is supposed to have a softer sole, while outdoor babouche is supposed to have a harder sole on the bottom.

Finding the Right Pair of Moroccan Babouche

A successful babouche may take a few years to replace. You will note that tourists not only love the babouche, but that many people take it indoors and out. If you don’t know the price of the babouche, you can ask local people or visit the shops where local residents sell.

A Perfect Suit

First, you’re going to want to try a couple of your beloved babouche. You cannot take the same steps as your sneakers or sandals as you pick the scale of your babouche. The main thing is to choose the correct style to choose a pair without any garbage, which blends comfortably into your shoes. Slings are meant to be stiff when first used, but gradually expand and over a period of time forms into the shape of the foot. A pair of babouches “worked-in” should look like personalized feet.

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The Best Theme Style

Second, find all the paint and design choices for your indoor / outdoor babouche. Many flat toes and some with toes pointed. Some of them have a simple matte color range, while others have rather complicated sticking and style.

The colors and designs of the slippers used by locals can even be analyzed in order to determine the current trends. On my last visit to Fes, I bought a pair of brown pointed babouches with a single stick on which I saw a new fashion trend among the citizens of Morocco. You’re going to decide whether you want to head down the design road or choose something that’s calling you! Shopping for the correct babouche pair can be a nice experience! We are guessing that you love shopping or even if it’s just going there to have look around!

Soft and Easy going

As slippers might be the most popularly used product at home. And because of them being comfortable, easy to move around with, and if you can find your self a pair that molds to your feet. This the best feeling of being at home and I think most of you might agree with me. And if you have to ask my opinion on this! I might suggest that the Moroccan Babouches are the choice in this aspect. A Babouche pair have a thick soul even adds to the comfort.

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Finding a good product distributer

I have already discussed it in the previous section that if you are making up your mind to buy a pair of Babouches then the hand made products from these talented artisans is the best choice but if you have to go about buying a product from some company’s then wee have some suggestions for you. Among all artisanal-shop, Fez and Marakesh. Moroccan Leather Babouche, is reinventing conventional Moroccan babouche slippers in a streamlined and modern theme. Hamid and his wonderful team have been making slippers for Bohemia for more than ten years at their workshop in the Medina in Marrakech. Each of their slippers is custom made with their aged techniques. Because this is need from every customer that they need to be made at home with these soft, supple leather slippers.

Their Odor

It is to be noted that a genuine traditional Babouche has been passed through a natural process of crafting and you might find a dreamlike odor to it. This is one of the most important selling points of this product.

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Get a measure of your foot

The first step is to measure your foot against your oriental slippers or your preferred Babouchescuir type. If you don’t have a pedometer at home, we have the best solution. First of all, it’s essential to wear socks or be bare feet. Then take a sheet of paper and position the foot flat below the big toe and one at the end of the heel.

That is then measured in centimeters, 1 cm added, and then 0.666 divided the gap between the two axes. You simply round up to the nearest millimeter with two measures in order to obtain the correct value with France/The European Union.

Please bear in mind that their oriental slippers, sandals and boots are crafted by craftsmen of good quality goatskin or calf leather in Morocco. It is likely that the leather would feel rigid at the first test, relax in time when wearing the pair.