5 Habits to Get Into in 2024

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We are a few months into the new year now, and it is time to create a few new good habits that you can take into the new spring season that is just around the corner. The following are five healthy habits you can consider to better your life and create patterns that will last you throughout the year and beyond. You don’t have to take them up all at once, but see if any feel right and make you a happier, healthier person.

Start right now, and work toward adding a new habit into your life at least once a month. The benefits will compound and make you an overall better person.

1. Mental Health Focus

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Mental health isn’t always given the attention it deserves, it’s often one of the most forgotten and overlooked aspect of taking care of yourself. Being on top of your mental state is good for you in a number of ways, like it helps you be in control of your emotions, helps you understand yourself better and shape the future that you want for yourself. Optimizing your health helps you cope with the astringent aspects of life that can hit you at unforeseen times. There are a number of things you can do to keep your mental health in a positive state, such as taking up meditation or yoga or simply being mindful of the simple things in life that center you and make you feel grateful.

Both yoga and meditation ask you to be introspective and bring you inward to learn how to be at peace with your decisions and the forces that come at you everyday. You could also develop a habit of writing in your journal where you can talk about things that bother you or things that make you happy. Writing out your thoughts help you sort through them, make peace with them, come to terms with them, and ultimately allow you to move forward with any negative or tough to handle thought that have been on your mind. Open the book, put a pen in your hand, and just let the words flow out of you without regard for if they are making sense. Work on affirming your choices by saying what you are grateful for each morning out loud. These are just a few ideas, but it is really up to you to see what resonates and makes you happy.

2. Work on Debt Pay Off

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It may be a good idea to work on a plan to pay off your debt. There are a lot of people dealing with mortgages, car payments, student loan debt, and much more. You should sit down, and work on an actionable plan to help you get out of debt. It will alleviate some stress and make you feel confident about your financial situation

A good way to do this is to take a financial literacy class or to contact a financial adviser who can help you develop this plan. You could also listen to financial and lifestyle podcasts or read books on the subject that help you understand the financial landscape and how to make your finances work for you. The reason you want to do this is because debt has a way of debilitating you, making it harder for you to accomplish what you want in life.

3. Adjust Your Budget

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An important habit you should pay attention to is your ability to adjust your budget constantly. A lot people develop one budget and don’t deviate much from it. You do not want to do this because circumstances change all the time, and what you were spending before might be too much now or you have a new car purchase and need to adjust in other ways to prevent stressful money situations from popping up unknowingly.

If you readjust your budget constantly, you might be able to do a little more with that extra bit of cash every month. If you had taken an online loan with a company like MoneyKey or other common loans like auto or home, consider adjusting your budget to pay them down faster and put a little away for a fun trip that you can look forward to. Remember that a good budget is one that you are that works for you in all areas of your life.

4. Get Into Audio Books

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Finding the time to read with all the plans you’ve got to accomplish this year can be hard, but that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the knowledge or the rich stories books have to offer.

Instead of reading, you can switch to hearing books out loud so that you can read while you are commuting to work by bus or while driving. You can also enjoy a book when you take flights. If you force yourself to do this, you may be able to start consuming more knowledge. Make a plan to listen to 30 minutes of audiobooks a day or listen to one audiobook a month. Give it some time, and you’ll see how this might develop into something you love.

5. Set a Physical Health Plan

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Your mental health is one thing, but your physical health is also important. You can learn to develop habits that could make you feel healthier than ever, like making sure you drink at least eight cups of water.

You can also change up your menu from time to time, which can be as easy as eating a vegetable-packed breakfast instead of a sugary breakfast like pancakes or cereal. Another option is to make one of your weekdays a meatless day and incorporate more vegetarian meals into your diet. Consider avoiding fast food or packaged prepared food, which can be packed with preservatives and sodium. All of these little changes can help you become healthier this year.

Some of these may take some time to get used to, but they are worth your time, and do not forget to pass the habits to friends or family members.