Hair Salon Etiquette: What Your Stylist Wishes You Knew


A visit to the hair salon can be a relaxing and transformative experience, but it’s essential to be aware of proper salon etiquette. Knowing how to conduct yourself in a salon setting ensures a smooth experience for both you and your stylist.

This article will discuss several key aspects of hair salon etiquette that your stylist wishes you knew, from appointment scheduling to post-appointment care.


The importance of arriving on time for a hair appointment

Getting to your hair appointment on time is essential. It shows respect for your stylist’s time and ensures you get the best from the appointment. Being late disrupts their schedule and the outcome can be rushed.

Your appointment takes effort to organize, so being punctual reflects your commitment. It also shows your professionalism and gives your stylist enough time to understand your needs.

Respecting hair salon etiquette and arriving at the right time are key. If you are running late, let your stylist know and reschedule if needed. Punctuality sets the tone of the appointment and helps you leave looking your best.

What to do if you are running late

When you’re late for your appointment, phone the salon right away. Explain the delay and when you’ll arrive. Apologize. Understand that they may have to change your service to fit other appointments in. Don’t expect a full service if you’re late. By being considerate of the salon’s time and environment, you show respect.


Preparing for Your Appointment: Cleanliness and Detangling

Before your appointment, make sure your hair is clean and free of excessive styling products. This step helps your stylist accurately assess your hair’s texture and condition. Additionally, detangle your hair to ensure the stylist can work efficiently without causing discomfort during the combing process.

How to convey your hair preferences clearly to your stylist

For the hair you desire, effective communication with your stylist is key. Before your salon visit, remember these points for expressing your hair preferences:

  • Research and bring pictures of the style you want.
  • Discuss hair type, texture, face shape, and lifestyle with your stylist.
  • Be honest about your hair history, former treatments or damages, and allergies.
  • Express any concerns or issues and explain your expectations.
  • Finally, listen to your stylist’s recs and be open to their suggestions; they are the experts!

What to do if you’re unhappy with your haircut

If unhappy with your haircut, the best way to go is open communication with your stylist. Honest talking is key to a good relationship and getting what you want.

Here’s how to communicate well:

  • Be particular. Tell your stylist exactly what you don’t like – length, layers, style – so they can understand.
  • Be polite. Your stylist is trained and wants to make you happy. Don’t be rude or aggressive.
  • Be open. Listen to their ideas for fixing the problem or creating a new style.

Keeping your phone usage to a minimum

Excessive phone use in a hair salon can be distracting and ruin the peaceful atmosphere that the salon desires. To show respect and proper etiquette, it’s important to limit phone use during your appointment. Here are some tips:

Set your phone to silent or vibrate mode to avoid disturbing others. No phone calls during the appointment. If you have to answer, take the call outside the salon. Limit phone usage to only important texts or emails. Be present and talk with your stylist.

Following these guidelines will make for a more enjoyable and professional salon experience for both you and your stylist.

Avoiding eating or drinking in the salon chair

No eating or drinking in the salon chair! It can create a mess and damage the salon. It’s not your dining table. Other customers come here to get their hair done. The mess can make it unhygienic. Litter and disrespectful to other customers and staff. It can also stop hairstylists from doing their job.

Respect the salon’s environment. Don’t be hungry or thirsty in the salon. Eat before or outside the salon.

Keeping children and guests under control

A hair salon is a place to chill and treat yourself. But it can get messy quickly if kids and visitors aren’t kept in check. These tips will help you, your kids and your guests stay in control and respect the hair salon atmosphere.

  1. Keep your kids busy: Bring toys, books, or gadgets to keep them occupied while you get your hair done.
  2. Book when your kids are at their best: Schedule your appointment during their nap time or when they’re not too tired or hungry.
  3. Don’t bring too many people: A hair salon is not to party. Bringing lots of people can ruin the ambiance and annoy other customers.

How to calculate the right tip amount

Tipping is a customary practice in the hair salon industry to show your appreciation for your stylist’s hard work and expertise. As a general guideline, a tip of 15-20% of the total bill is appropriate for good service. If your stylist went above and beyond to accommodate your needs, consider tipping more generously.

Remember to tip additional salon staff members who contributed to your experiences, such as shampoo assistants or colorists. A tip of $3 to $5 for these services is generally appropriate.

When to cancel or reschedule an appointment

Canceling or rescheduling an appointment should only be done in certain cases. To stop your hair stylist or beauty salon from being inconvenienced.

Here are situations when it’s alright to cancel or reschedule:

  • When you, or someone living with you, have signs of illness, like fever, cough, or difficulty breathing.
  • When you, or someone near you, tested positive for a contagious disease, like COVID-19.
  • When you had contact with an infected person and await the results of a test.
  • When you have an emergency or a conflict that needs immediate focus.

Providing Feedback: Constructive Criticism and Positive Reinforcement

Your stylist values your feedback, as it helps them improve their skills and better serve their clients. If you’re unhappy with any aspect of your service, communicate your concerns calmly and respectfully. Offer specific details about what you’re dissatisfied with and provide constructive suggestions for improvement.

On the other hand, if you’re delighted with your service, don’t hesitate to share your positive feedback with your stylist. Compliments and words of appreciation can boost their confidence and motivation. Additionally, consider leaving a positive review online or recommending your stylist to friends and family to help support their business.



It’s important to remember that just like any other job, hair salons have their own unique set of etiquette. By following the tips mentioned above, you can ensure a pleasant experience for both yourself and your stylist as you get ready for a new look or just need some time away from it all. Your stylists will thank you for being respectful and courteous, so keep these helpful guidelines in mind when visiting your local salon!