Hamster-Powered Marble Races And Other Unusual Forms Of Gambling

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Gambling has been around for over 2000 years now, and it is much more than just casino games. There are various forms of gambling present in the market. However, the newest addition came in the form of a hamster powered marble race.

This race is led by Mia, who is a female winter white dwarf hamster. She runs on her trustworthy hamster wheel, and this project is called “Mia and her Marbles” It is an automated marble racing game and has recently attracted a lot of attention. A group of independent developers came together to develop this masterpiece.

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Highlights Of This Game From The Developers’ Point Of View:

Fair GamePlay: The developers were quite driven by their passion for developing blockchain gambling projects. Due to the numerous scams occurring, they decided to develop a game that safeguarded the gamers’ interest. Eventually, they began brainstorming ideas to create fair gameplay at its roots, which was equally fun to play.

Although the concept may seem weird, the developer team has recently told in an interview that they have carefully thought about the racing platform before developing it. The game is developed to deliver highly fair results that are generally released on a live platform. Also, the gamblers can easily verify these results to check their authenticity.

Takes Place On Real-Time Basis: The development team talked about how the races occur on a real-time basis and are not pre-recorded. This is done with a live streaming platform, and the video displays the first eight bits of the current Ethereum block hash. It is present on the race track along with eight movable pegs. A low peg represents zero, whereas a high peg represents one.

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Refund Option Available: The game features a refund function for the games that do not reveal their results within two days. Many people think of Mia and Marbles as a thought experiment or even some type of hackathon. However, the developers say that their passion for fair gambling gameplay has inspired them.

No Worries About Talent Poaching: Back in the day when she was a baby, Mia had quite a rough patch. She loved to nibble on Dev’s fingers. However, today things have quite changed. Nowadays, Mia is really productive. Hence, the chances of winning this game are relatively high now. Also, the developers follow all the protocols laid down by the DAOs. Thus, they need not worry about another protocol poaching their talent through a merger.

Good Future Prospects: Today, Mia can run up to eight km in a day. Hamsters are generally quite active and tend to wander long distances to arrange for their food. The dev team plans to introduce a better-developed track and use the “championship” bracket for the marbles. The developers intend to keep introducing new features to this game to make it quite fun and adventurous.

Other Unusual Forms Of Gambling

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Whenever we hear the word gambling, things like casinos, blackjack, and slots pop into our minds. However, there are numerous other unusual forms of gambling present worldwide. The majority of these unfamiliar gambling ways are illegal and usually pass the current state bans. Let us take a look at the unusual gambling activities that carry around the world.


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Betting on races is the new trendy thing among gamblers around the world. Not only does it allow them to win a lump sum amount, but it also helps them build good relations with fellow gamblers. We have heard about betting on car races and horse races, but many strange exotic races take place worldwide. Let us take a look at them.

A very traditional way of entertainment in Pakistan is the donkey race, which is quite an unusual form of betting. Trinidad and Tobago hosts crab and goat races. During Easter, these races are held annually, and tourists visit the island during this period to view the races. Even though racing is a fun thing to watch, it has become lucrative for Tobago’s residents.

Guinea Pigs Racing

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One way of street entertainment in Colombia is the guinea pig races. The guinea pig races’ rules are that there are numbered houses on the ground, and everyone around the street by which house the guinea pig will enter. The guinea pigs race works as a huge tourist attraction and a center of curiosity.

Racing Using Cockroaches

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In these races, Madagascar cockroaches, which are about 6 to 10 cm long, are used. The Madagascar cockroaches are considered to be the fastest insects out in the world. The racing of cockroaches usually takes up in Australia. The cockroach racing is held in Brisbane, where the students stage insect races.


It is a gaming machine, a combination of the one-armed bandit and vertical pinball in Pachinko. In this game, the metal balls are poured into the machine from the above, and with the help of a lever, the player will have to control the firing speed.

All the balls roll down the maze, and the majority of the balls go waste, and the balls that hit the target get the point. In Pachinko, the winners don’t get cash; the balls are exchanged for prizes like perfumes, lighter, etc. But, shops can exchange gifts for money.

Pigeon Racing

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Racing among birds originated in Taiwan. Such racing competitions are held in Taiwan all around the year. On average, five hundred races are organized weekly. Also, the island has more than two to three million sporting birds. People here love racing pigeons and betting on them. Once the pigeons are past the age of two months, they can participate in these races.

Final Words:

Casino gambling might get boring after a certain interval of time. However, you can always try your hands at these unusual forms of gambling for a refreshing change.