9 Handy Tools To Have Around The House – Both For Professionals And Amateurs

Every home needs a couple of handy tools to have around whenever an emergency repair or a DIY project is needed. Regardless if you’re a professional handyman or a complete amateur, various tools will allow you to start and finish any house repair.

Luckily for you, you only need about a dozen in your kit. So, that begs the question, what are the best ones to have around? Well, we’ll talk about that in this article.

1. Multi-Bit Screwdriver

Source: Amazon.com

The reason why you need a multi-bit screwdriver is that it allows you to screw any type. This tool comes in different variations, but the main thing in common is the ability to perform numerous tasks.

For your DIY home projects, and professional use, we suggest a multi-bit screwdriver called “auto-loader”, which essentially fits both Philips heads and various other head screws. These mostly come with up to six different variations that can be used on literary anything.

2. Power Drills

Source: Tool King

When buying power drills, going cordless is the way forward. It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert on the subject, or a complete newbie, going cordless has multiple benefits.

For starters, there is no cord so that won’t get in the way of your work; this is a highly praised feature of cordless drills. Another thing to note is that they’re quite portable and convenient for usage.

Cordless power drills are powered though a designated battery. This battery can be charged through a specific charger that you get with your purchase.

But for the ordinary handyman, a cordless power drill is an important piece of machinery that performs several tasks. This will be the most expensive purchase in your kit, so do your research on the one that suits you the most.

3. Claw Hammer

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A claw hammer performs two tasks. The first is to hammer things down, while the other is to drive or pull nails and various other things.

Simply put, this is a type of tool that every DIY enthusiast, professional handyman, and amateur loves. Also, owning this tool is nothing short of convenience, as you’ll be using it quite a bit for your projects.

4. Adjustable Wrench

Source: The Home Depot

When it comes to flexibility and convenience, none beats the adjustable wrench; a tool that can perform numerous tasks.

An adjustable wrench is such a good tool that you’ll keep it by your side at all times while working. This tool is quite handy and does an excellent job with nuts and bolts.

The main thing to note before buying one is to determine how much use you’ll have of one. The bigger the wrench, the more areas it can cover. Also, another thing to note, always go for a wrench between 8 and 12 inches.

5. Retractable Tape Measure

Source: Shilling Sales, Inc.

Everyone knows what a tape measure is, and everyone should have one lying around the house. Tape measure performs a very unique and very important task.

You use a tape measure to measure things before starting on the project. Measuring is a very important process that no one should skip on.

When it comes to buying a tape measure, your options are plenty. The main distinctive thing of a tape measure is the size of it, but a 25’ x 1 model is the perfect choice for any DIY enthusiast.

6. Borescope

image source: fiberscope.net

Sometimes we have to get into areas that might be too small or too narrow for our hands and heads. That’s why you can use a borescope to reach those areas.

A borescope is nothing but a simple gadget that has a mounted camera on the tip, small enough to fit on the end of the scope, which allows you to see the contents on the other side.

It goes perfectly well in small and narrow areas of your home that might need checking up that otherwise would be very difficult to do.

This optic device is very handy, very convenient, and you will have some use of it regardless if you’re a professional or an amateur.
For more information regarding these gadgets, make sure to visit Fiberscope and get yourself a borescope for your needs.

7. Long Nose Pliers

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When it comes to the world of pliers, there are so many variations out there but we’ve settled on the long nose ones.

While these ones excel in some areas, they are quite poor in others. when it comes to the perfect plier addition to your kit, the long nose ones are excellent since they perform something that no other tool does.

Longnose pliers are excellent for twisting wire. But more than that, these pliers have a longer reach that allows you to get into those smaller areas where the need for twisting smaller objects is necessary. They are amazing in these situations but always look for the ones that have a longer reach than usual. But do you know what the best thing about these is? They cost nothing and you can even find them for as little as $15.

8. Retractable Utility Knife

Source: eBay

Yet another tool for your standard tool kit, a retractable utility knife is a convenience you’ve always looked for.

Again, the options are plenty when it comes to the retractable utility knife, and you should make the purchasing decision based on your needs. As a general rule, this knife has to be sharp enough to cut through various materials such as wallpaper, vinyl, carpet, wood veneer, etc.

Professional handymen use this knife to sharpen their pencils before a project, and you too.

However, safety should be your number one priority when it comes to buying a retractable utility knife. It’s safe to say that you should do a bit of thinking on this subject and always buy the one that is safer than the rest.

9. Hacksaw

Source: Wikipedia

Okay, before you get at us at least hear us out.

A hacksaw isn’t a necessity by all means, but neither is any other type of saw if you look at it from that perspective.

A saw excels in cutting wood, while a hacksaw can be pretty average it. Where hacksaws excel is at cutting plastic and metal, and it cuts through these materials pretty great. And although it can be pretty bad at cutting wood, it can still do it; let’s see you try and cut metal with an ordinary saw.

Regardless, it is because of its multi-functionality that we suggest you get a hacksaw in your kit. It might clog the teeth when going over wood, but it beats having only the option of cutting wood.

Many of you might not agree with this, but a hacksaw is a tool that every handyman, professional or amateur, needs. When buying the perfect one, go for one that has fewer teeth to inches; a good example would be for 14 teeth per inch, as opposed to 32.

These tools and much more are available for online purchase on sites like precioushandyman.com.