Haunted Casinos in the World

Casinos are known for offering one of the most intriguing experiences available to us in the entertainment area. Lavishing nights spent around passionate players, at big casino tables that feed our need for mystery. Wearing fancy attire, with Lady Luck by your side, you have certain expectations when you set foot in your favourite casino.

Glamorous gambling charms you and the thrill of the unknown behind the desired outcome makes you never want to leave. As the urban legends say, some gamblers don’t ever leave the casino, not even after their death. Most of the gambling venues documenting ghost encounters are located in Sin City. Regardless of your after-life beliefs, if you’re looking for an exhilarating adventure, go on a guided tour of some of the most haunted casinos in the world.

But why are casinos a place for ghosts to roam around? As exciting as it might be for some people to visit haunted venues, some others prefer a usual casino kind of fun, choosing to gamble online, using platforms like India-Casino.in. Nonetheless, we put together a list of casinos known for their ghost stories. So if you’re looking for some supernatural fun, these are the places to visit.

Flamingo Las Vegas

Source: Trivago

Most of the time, casinos are associated with fun, gambling to win big and a lot of glamour. Evidently, there are countless stories to talk about disappointment, great losses and less legal activities. And since we’re starting our list with one very famous casino in Las Vegas, we must admit that Flamingo Casino has a pretty interesting vibe about it.

Back in 1946, Billy Wilkerson decided to build Flamingo Casino with the help of an infamous gangster, Bugsy Siegel. He took part in the development and design of the casino, but one year later, Bugsy was murdered. The story goes on, on the premise of Bugsy not wanting to leave his casino, ever again.

Casino guests and employees described strange encounters with the ghost of Bugsy, hanging around the chapel gardens – his own Memorial. Just as well, his ghost was allegedly seen throughout the hotel and casino premises, causing the birth of these thrilling stories.

Tropicana Las Vegas

Source: Las Vegas

Tropicana Casino in Las Vegas was well known for its famous landmark, the huge tiki mask that guarded the entrance. Although intended to protect people from maleficent forces, the tiki mask is connected to higher spiritual powers. The reason why the tiki mask was removed some time ago by the management comes from the mystique around it.

Over the years, visitors and employees stated there’s something strange about the mask. Allegedly, the sculpture was believed to be possessed by an unknown entity. This spirit caused a purple haze appearing in the photos guests took in front of the mask, blurring them. Some others claim that touching the statue would actually cause an inexplicable purple rash. Rumors or truth, it’s hard to tell, but since the iconic statue was removed, somehow the legend keeps on attracting visitors’ interest.

Luxor Las Vegas

Source: Las Vegas

Egyptian mythology is filled with odd stories and symbols that stick to our memory to this day. But a series of unfortunate events based on supernatural forces would not be something to actually expect witnessing in a casino. Nonetheless, the Luxor casino in Las Vegas is recognized as the perfect place for weird events to occur.

Everything started during the construction period, back in 1993, when odd accidents took place, followed by a murder. Along its active years, quite an important number of suicides – by jumping off the balconies – has been reported. Hopefully, the row of unfortunate events ended in 2006, with a car bomb casualty.

In all fairness, suicide stories happening in a casino are pretty common around the globe. What makes Luxor Casino scary is the inexplicable randomness of the events that occurred on the premises, leading people to believe in the presence of supernatural forces.

The Canfield Casino

Source: Saratoga Today

Established in the late 1800s, the Canfield Casino opened its doors to entertainment seekers, passionate about gambling. The stories that put this place on the map of haunted casinos are countless and existing ever since. Paranormal presences have been seen roaming across the casino halls, starting the rumor of the place being haunted.

One of the most famous stories comes from the 90s, when the ghost of a Victorian woman was seen around the casino. Some years later, her presence was witnessed again, approaching a group of people and then disappearing without a trace.

To this day, numerous incidents have been proving the existence of ghost activity at the Canfield Casino. Objects moving through air, fluctuation in temperature, ghost encounters and many other inexplicable events.

Bally’s Resort & Casino, Las Vegas

Source: Caesars Entertainment

Bally’s Resort & Casino started its story on the premises of a human tragedy, which eventually turned to be pretty haunting. The second largest hotel fire in the history of United States took place on 21 November 1980, at MGM Grand. Caused by faulty wiring, the fire led to 80 people losing their lives, most of the hotel guests jumping off their windows in despair.

The extremely unfortunate event turned Bally’s Resort & Casino into one of the most famous haunted casinos in the world. It is believed that the spirits of those who died in the great fire are still around. Lots of stories come from visitors and guests, describing abnormal activities located at the higher floors of Bally’s. Ghostly encounters allegedly happen throughout the casino, connecting this house of fun to a scary background.


Legends involving haunting spirits are always perceived as intriguing and out of the ordinary. If you’re looking for a spooky experience or just some supernatural intervention when gambling, don’t hesitate to put these casinos on your destination list.

Confirmed or not, these ghost stories are part of the culture, history and the identity of each casino. And a bit of spice always leads to the most adventurous gambling experience. So if you’re looking for a bit of supernatural luck on your side, try out one of these haunted casinos for your next gambling session.